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Friday 14 September 2012

Review Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair!

Hi gorgeous people! So here is my review on the Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair with liquid keratin. I got this for 0.99p on offer in superdrug! And it WORKS!! Yay!!! Finally found something!

It states it is has a "repair-innovation with liquid keratin. The new formula specifically targets and repairs damaged areas on the surface and deep inside the hair."

I use this on damp hair and dry as normal or sometimes I let my hair dry naturally, as the product does not need to be washed out. The scent is a subtle floral scent, the product is not sticky or oily, it sprays with ease and makes my hair a lot less frizzy! It also makes my hair shiny! I am so pleased with this and would recommend to anyone! 10/10!!

A x


  1. I used this too when I had super short hair (afro) and it didn't do much but it did leave my hair almost tangle free (which is hard with my wild hair), it left my hair soft and it smelled soooooo goooodddddd
    Glad you like the product!


    1. Yea tangle free! I love it! And wasnt expensive! Bonus!! Ooh and im going to start your box this week :) xxxx

  2. Using this too and I'm just as pleased as you are :) Magical stuff xx

  3. I have used this as well :D

    I thought it was a really good product, and I got it on offer at the time as well.

    Lots of loveee xxxx

  4. It's so pretty I wanna get the entire range!


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