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Sunday 31 March 2013

Easter FOTD Makeup Look! Tutorial!

Hey Loveys!

Heres a quick 10 minute tutorial for an Easter makeup look.

Step 1:

I applied Rimmel Wake Me up Foundation with my Real Techniques Stippling brush. MAC Select Cover Up for blemishes and as my eye base and bags!

Step 2:

Using my Vivo Unprotected palette, I used Forever as the base, with my MUA Shade 30- Pearl in my crease and in the centre of my lid. Finally from the Vivo palette I used Free on the edge an crease. As a highlighter on my brow bone I used my MAC Belightful Pressed Powder.

Step 3:

I used my Maybelline Gel Liner on my upper and lower lash line smudging it with my finger to create a smokey look on my lower lash line.

Step 4:

For lushcious lashes I used MeMeMe Fatcat mascara as a base and then Benefit They're Real mascara to add final va va voom!

Step 5:

For my eyebrows I used my Benefit Browzings. Filling in any gaps and defining them.

Step 6:

For contouring and bronzer I used my Sleek Face Form Palette, will do a review asap! For a flush of colour I used my N07 Natural Blush in Candy Pink.

Step 7:

For my lips I pressed on my cupids bow some of my MAC Belightful Pressed Powder to highlight with some Balmi Lipbalm for a natural lip.

Hope you like the look!

A xx


Friday 29 March 2013

MAC Lipstick Review Twig

Hello Loveys!

MAC Lipstick Twig Satin
MAC Twig Lipstick

As you all know I LOVE MAC lipsticks! I was super lucky to have six empty MAC items to give to the counter to get my free lipstick, known as "back to MAC". I was in a hurry to quickly chose the shade Twig. A satin finish lipstick that is a brown neutral that has a pink tinge.

What is satin finish?

Satin finish is a creamy slightly shear lipstick that is semi-matt. 

The lipstick is gorgeous, it applies well and gives my lips a lovely natural finish that doesnt leave my lips feeling dry. The shade is a slightly darker tone then my natural lip colour so is great to wear when I have created smokey eyes! It isnt as long lasting as MAC matte shades but still wore well and I didnt need to reapply repeatedly!

MAC Lipstick Swatch Twig Review
MAC Lipstick Swatch

Have you tried this lipstick? If so what were your thoughts?



Sunday 24 March 2013

DGJ Organics Hair Review

DGJ Organics Shampoo Review
DGJ Organics Shampoo
Hello Loveys!

I have been meaning to do this review for such a long time but kept forgetting! Things are going to get tricky in terms of blogging as I am returning back to work, my maternity is coming to an end. Time really has flown, I remember my baby being born and thinking the return to work was ages away, but here it is! So back to my review.

DGJ Organics Conditoner Review Hair
DGJ Organics Conditioner
*DGJ Organics Hangover Hair is a shampoo and conditioner by Daniel Galvin Junior, with organic lavender essential oils, an "intensive detox for dull, tired and stressed hair" certainly describes my hair so was excited to see the results. The great thing about DGJ is that they use essential oils/extracts and don't use harsh chemicals or contain parabens which can be harmful to our hair.

The shampoo and conditioner definately smell of lavender oils, you can tell the difference between the real deal and fake scents! I am not a fan of lavender but this isnt too overpowering so didnt put me off. The products have clear directions and a promise stating what they are about. An easy lid makes the product easy to use with eye catching packaging.
I enjoyed using these and felt my hair was lighter and not bogged down with product. I found I had to use a lot of the shampoo product to feel it washed my hair, but the conditioner didnt need as much. The products left my hair feeling clean and soft, though I wouldnt say I noticed a great difference from other products I have used. The conditioner did feel silky on application but I did not notice any great improvement from it for the ends of my hair. The hair loss I had been experiencing from the after math of pregnancy had reduced when using this product which was great, so the de-stressing theory is true. I wouldnt rush to repurchase this specific type of shampoo and conditioner but would love to try more from the range.

Have you tried this or any other product from the range?

A xx


Monday 18 March 2013

My birthday! Mmmm...

So its my birthday! Yay or more like mmm! Birthdays, a day when as a child it felt like christmas day! Waking up with excitment nice and early ready for your gifts. Presents wrapped in pretty paper envelopes filled with cards and people chanting happy birthday, well in my household it would be sung in italian, polish and english! Would take ages! I remember wanting a badge in a card so I could wear it to school and show people it was my birthday! Hometime couldnt come quick enough as I skipped off home ready to see my family and friends! A beautiful cake made by my mama with a different themed cake such as My Little Pony that she made! Was amazing!

As I got older birthdays became a time to go out with friends and get a little tipsey whilst dancing the night away! Then I hit 25 and I had a midlife crisis! I felt a surge of panic as I realised a quarter of my life had gone! Like a flash of lightening! I didnt want to celebrate, I started to question myself! What have I achieved? Have I done what I wanted to do? Have I been a good person? Oh boy all the questions! Each birthday since hasnt been the same, I never plan anything and the day comes and goes. Today I am 28, with a child and hoping to buy a house soon! I am getting older so quickly, grey hairs are coming through! How time flies and I honestly havent done what I had hoped- travelling. I thought I would be married by now and still going out with friends. But instead I am a mummy, a dream I never thought Id live, and engaged. I havent travelled or been particularly wild but I realise I have been blessed. I am so lucky to have the family I have, to have the most beautiful boy in the world and a man who makes it all possible. So this post is just to say live everyday the best you can, dont wish your life away because it honestly flies by, appreciate your blessings and be the best you can be.

A xx


Website of the week #9

Hello Loveys!

Heres another installment for you lovely lot!

This shop has everything from womens, to mens children and babies! They also sell many brands and designers!

Ted Baker Floral Wallpaper Volume Dress

Angel Eye Navy Polkadot Shirt

Melissa Wing Shoes

Hope you like my list!!

A xx

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Website of the week #8

Hello Loveys,

Its that time again! Website of the week!

Todays website is http://www.bras-galore.com/ a pretty online lingerie and swimwear shop with free P&P for UK buyers!

Freya Kansas Rio Bikini

Top is £34.00
Bottom is £27.50

Freya Just Flew In Padded Bra


Freya Padded Marina Bra

Freya Brief Marina

Such a pretty selection! Especially love the bralet, with the gorgeous birds on the print!!

A xx


Monday 11 March 2013

BBMeet Goody Bag Giveaway!

Hello Loveys,

After the BBmeet we had some products left over from the goody bags and thought what better way to use them then give them away to our lovely readers!! Three winners, so you are in with a chance! One winner will win option 1, one will win option 2 and one will win option 3. Winners will be selected using the rafflecopter. Fill in the box below and good luck guys!

A xx
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Goody Bag 1

Goody Bag 2

Goody Bag 3
Sorry everyone! Just seen my third picture is on its side, yet was correct when published!! Sorry everyone!

A xx


Thursday 7 March 2013

Website of the week #7

Hello Loveys!

So another installment to my series Website of the week! I am really enjoying finding new websites! Are you?

Todays website is from the store http://www.javelinonline.co.uk/

Heres my wishlist from this great site that sell  both women and mens clothing, accessories, a marketplace and gifts with free delivery with orders over £50!

2ND Day Lines Blazer

2ND Day Lines Blazer!

Darling Ashley Dress

Darling Ashley Dress

French Connection Manhattan Block Dress

French Connection Block Colour Dress

Cutie Swallows Print Dress

Cute Swallows Dress
Javelin Marketplace

Ted Baker Eller Make-Up Bag
Ted Baker Eller Makeup Bag

I love this wishlist, I loved so much on this site that this list would have been much longer!

A xx


Tuesday 5 March 2013

Beauty Swap!

Hi Loveys,

So I love a good beauty swap with a lovely blogger so was please when Kat said yay lets do a swap!! Kat blogs at tales of a pale face and is so lovely! I was super excited to get the package and couldnt believe my eyes when I saw what was wrapped beneath the beautiful tissue paper!

 I couldnt believe she got me this stunning lippy! Candy Yum Yum lipstick from MAC. Its such a perfect shade for spring summer!
Oh my!! Finally I have an item of Topshop makeup!! I was eyeing this up at the blogger meetup, its super creamy and pretty!! Thanks Kat! 

I also was lucky to get Carmex lipbalm, some samples, a concealer pen from Lacura, Rimmel lipstick in a gorgeous deep berry shade and a pretty purple eyeshadow! I am such a lucky girl, thanks so much Kat!!
Want to see what I sent Kat then check out her blog post
A xx

Sophia With Love Review Jewellery

Hello Loveys!

I had the priviledge of being sent some gorgeous pieces from the gorgeous Sophia! Sophia is a blogger I talk to and have followed on both her blog and twitter for some time now. Sophia has her own boutique selling gorgeous jewellery.

Here are the items that Sophia sent me.

 I received a gorgeous selection of rings, a black rose, a daisy with diamante detail and a gold turquoise stone detailed ring that lots of celebs are seen wearing. I also recieved two pairs of earrings. A red and gold detailed vintage style pair and a bright pink daisy pair. Lastly I was given a blue and pink friendship tie bracelet!

These are such pretty items and are super girley. What a great idea for friends gifts or mothers day!

A xx


Sunday 3 March 2013

Benefit Blogger Event

Hello Loveys!

I was invited to attend the Benefit Bloggers Event! How excited was I?! I attended with some gorgeous bloggers I knew from the bbmeet and was so excited to see what Benefit had to offer and to catch up with the lovely ladies!
We arrived at 6pm and was greeted with a gorgeous table full of treats, pink decorations and a glass of pink lemonade! I felt like I was at a princess party! Loved it! The Benefit ladies were so lovely and showed us a demonstration on the new palettes "World Famous Neutrals!" They are so pretty, each beautifully packaged box contains four matte eyeshadows and two cream eyeshadows. The box also has a mirror and how to style fold out leaflet! They come in three various shades "Easiest nudes ever soft flattering eyeshadows", "Sexiest nudes ever dramatic, daring eyeshadows" and "Most glamorous nudes ever, rich, illuminating eyeshadows". They are well pigmented and are such pretty shades that would look great day or night. Each palette kit is £23.50.

We then had a quiz, where I learnt that Benetit was the first product launched because a lady who was a dancer wanted colour for her nipples!we won a lipgloss each, I won Coralista! A peachy shade. We then had a raffle where Sasha won a bag of treats and then were treated to a nose around Boots! I loved this event, it was laid back, informative and exciting!! Thanks for the invite ladies!

Coralista Swatch

A xx

Friday 1 March 2013

#BBMEET Bristol Blogger Meet Up!

Me and the lovely Sasha!

Hello Lovelies,

So as some of may know I have been a super busy bee with the lovely Sasha from ramblingsofabeautybird. We have been like santas little elves researching, emailing, texting, tweeting and creating a bloggers meet for the south west bloggers. We started planning this way before christmas and became a part of our everyday routine! I would like to thank all of the companies/brands who helped be a part of our fabulous goody bags! I would also like to thank all the lovely bloggers who attended! I had such a good time and felt like it was my wedding day! I didnt stop and felt I didnt get to speak to everyone, but enjoyed it so much!

So firstly we met at Frankie&Bennys, I did ask for tables to not be in a line, but unfortunately they were in two long rows. We mingled, had a giveaway, ate and then gave out the goody bags. We all took plenty of photos! It was great seeing everyones excited faces when seeing what was inside the goody bags and we were like a group of paparazzis! Dont think the people in the restaurant knew what was going on! After the meal we all went off shopping and then met after for coffee in starbucks! This was probably my favourite part as I got to sit down and talk some gorgeous bloggers and have a good ol cup of coffee! We showed eachother what treats we had purchased and excitedly spoke about all things beauty and fashion! I really am so grateful to everyone who came and have made some lovely friends!

I will do a post on my goody bag soon!

Some beautiful bloggers!

Some of my layering bling!

More beautiful bloggers!

Giveaway prizes!!

And more beautiful bloggers!!

Goody bags!

The #bangcrew refering to our fringes!

Coffee after! Boy was I tired!!

Coffee all round!

                                                                             A xx
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