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Sunday 30 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #21!

Hello lads and ladies!

Its Sunday and N.21! Today I did an inspired look "Hell" for halloween! Flames of fire and black prominent eyebrow...here it goes!

So I firstly outlined flames on my lid using a maxfactor kohl pencil. I then used my MUA poptastic palette and Accessorize palette. I used a light yellow shade all over my lid, then a darker shade of yellow from MUA palette in each flame area, then red to the edges of each flame and my crease. To create a stronger look I then defined my eyebrows making them bigger using my kohl pencil. I went over my outline again and then smudged a black shadow around the outline and below my eyebrow. What do you think? A xx


Saturday 29 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #20!

Golly 20 days!!! Thats flown past! Today I opted for a pink and grey look, sweet and slightly smokey!

Firstly I used my MUA Immaculate collection palette, a light sparkly pink for my lid and brow area, grey for the crease, edge and lower lash line. Then I added gel liner and lashings of mascara! There you have it a day look with a feminine sparkle.

A xx

Friday 28 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #19!

Hey lovelies!! So I thought about this long and hard and need your advice...do I carry on doing these posts or stop at 20?? Please comment!! Need your advice! As this is for you readers so you decide :).

Anyway, back to business! This look was a metallic green/bronze look, right up to the eyebrows like in the 80s! Firstly I used a Barry M shade of green, dont know the name as its rubbed off. I then applied a metallic bronze from the Immaculate MUA palette! A fab shade that compliments many colours! Would look fab with purple or blue! I also used this along my lower lash line to brighten my eyes. Mascara, gel liner and Benefit brow kit to complete the look! Hope you like it!

A xx


Thursday 27 September 2012

September Joliebox

Hi everyone! So today I will review my first ever September Joliebox! I had first heard of Joliebox on Beautycrush youtube video and was pleased with what I saw and heard, but I tried Glossybox first. After seeing previous Jolieboxs on there website I thought I would try them out. Wow was I a happy bunny when I opened the package to find a delightful box with each panel a different colour, red, orange, green, yellow and purple. It was so nice to open it and see delightful goodies! You also get a beauty magazine to read over a cuppa with tips, interviews and so much more!

So this is what I recieved.

So Susan Wide Awake Palette- a skin enhancing palette. It states it is "perfect for concealing imperfections and illuminating skin". Cant wait to try this. It has such pretty packaging! I love the look of So Susan products! This is full size!

Balmi Coconut Lip balm- a white ball of lip balm! Smells divine! I love the scent of coconut! It contains spf 15 and states it "moisturises your lips and provides protection from harmful UVA rays". Looking forward to trying this little white ball of loveliness!! Full size!

I Love Face Mask in Strawberry- this satchet is a cute face mask which will hopefully do what it says it will "moisturise and revive". I love strawberry and am going through an obsession with masks! So lets see what happens with this. Simple yet sweet packaging. Full size!

Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion- a hair product that is a bestseller. It is meant to "banish frizz" something I hope it can do! A silver tube that I hope shows results.

Twistband Hair Tie x2-these bands are supposedly meant to tie your hair without leaving bumps or kinks! This is interesting as I am not sure how that could work! Will definately put this to the test.

Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant- this states it is a"marine based exfoliant to smooth, cleanse, brighten and renew tired skin". Two little sachets, not sure how far they will go but will give them a go!

All in all an amazing box! The best beauty box I have ever had!!

Will review each product soon!



September Glossybox!

Hi everyone! Today I am going to review my September Glossybox.
This months Glossybox had mixed reviews, not my favourite box but still I was pleased!

The box was very pretty, pastel shades with a beauty themed pattern designed by freelance illustrator Maggie Li.

In my box I recieved the following.

Lady Gaga perfume- this perfume is a sweet scent, it states it is "an opulent, crushed floral fragrance thats black like the soul of fame but transparent once airborne". It is a black liquid that becomes clear, cant say I see this as the packaging is black! But the scent is lovely with the label stating its "tears of belladonna, crushed heart of Tiger Orchidea with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops". Wow what a description! thats one way of putting it! It definately smells of apricot and honey! I really like the scent but it didnt seem to last long at all.


Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream- this cream has a pretty pink formula that smells of roses. It left my skin radiant and soft! Love this! It feels silky and glides on easily. You only need a little which i applied in the morning, it appeared to make my skin glow and my foundation sat lasted with this cream, no need for finishing spray!

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 minute facial- these intrigued me as I had heard a lot about snake serum. I did not like the snake serum sample packaging with a black snake on it! Put me off! But when I applied it it was fine, nothing bit me!! It went on well and wasnt sticky, it made my skin feel taut and like I had recieved a spa treatment. Would I buy this again? No as it didnt wow considering the price tag of £29 for 10ml! But on the other hand the 5 minute facial did, it is a clay mask that you can apply once a week. It left my skin feeling soft like a babies bum! I need something quick and this literally was on and off in 10 minutes which suited me. My skin still felt smooth in the morning as i applied this before bed.

Serum= 5/10

Maghrabian oil- this states it is "nutrition, hydration, conditioning, softness, shine and long term vitality". It certainly smells divine! Morocco springs to mind when I smell this oil, spices and fruit! It was easy to use, yet I was worried it would make my hair oily! But instead it made it shiny and glossy, my hair looked in such good condition! It was as though i had just coloured it (my hair goes shiny and looks conditioned after its dyed!) I was impressed! It contains Argan oil which a lot of bloggers have said is fab so this was my first experience. I wonder if olive oil would be just as good? As this is £24 for 100ml! I will test it!


Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream- I am a fan of Balance me products after trying a lip salve. This eye cream did not let me down with a scent of flowers and oranges it was lovely to apply as I felt "clean" wierd statement I know! But the scent is fresh and the cream is refreshing. The cream is smooth and easy to dab on my bags! It made my eye area soft and cool. The packaging is easy to the eye and crisp. I loved this eye cream but it is a bit pricey for me £20 for 15ml.


So all in all I was pleased with these products. Have always loved my Glossyboxes lets hope nexts months is just as pleasing.

Do you get them? If so what do you think? And if not what other beauty boxes do you use?

A xx

Fifty Shades Of Colour #18!

Hello! Todays colour was a dark brown... a witch for halloween! I used a dark brown shade from my MAC palette, I used this all over my lid and around the edge of my eye. I used my Maxfactor kohl pencil for my lash line and to define my eyebrow, extending my brow a little, with one coat of mascara. Next I used my Barry M gold pot for the corner of my lid and under my brow. What do you think? Spooky?

A xx

Fifty Shades Of Colour #17!

Hi guys! I actually had this yesterday, was in drafts but forgot that I hadnt published! Oops! Right so yesterday I decided to do a purple haze look. I used my Accessorize palette, becoming a regular isnt it, I used a the top purple shade for my base all over and as under my lash line, I then used the metallic purple in my crease and edge. A flick of gel liner and mascara completed the look!

I have stopped going over my whole routine as for those that read each post would get so bored! As its the same all the time, so check out my older looks for the info :)

A xx

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #16!

Hello lovely ladies&gents! Here is my 16th look! A metallic gold/brown look for a day with my friend!

I used my Accessorize palette for this look. I used a metallic gold shade for my base and then a metallic brown shade for my crease and edge. My focus colour is the brown! Its a smokey metallic brown that adds a sultry sparkle to any look. For a highlighter below my brow I used a lighter gold shade. Finished with mascara and a two flick liner! Like this look? Hope so.

A xx

Monday 24 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #15!

Todays eye look was inspired by butterflies and summer festivals! Hope you like it!

So I firstly put concealer on my eye area, then I outlined the butterfly wing shape around my eye using a black eyeliner. I used my Accessorize palette and MAC palette for this look. I used a purples shade above my brow, metallic pink across my lid and worked blue and purple to the edge of my eyelid. I then used metallic green for below my lid and my MUA blue liner for around my lash line and white for in my lower lash line. Lashings of mascara and purple shadow for my eyebrow. Create this look with any shadesyou like!

What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts!

A xx

Sunday 23 September 2012

Vintage haul!

Hi lovelies! So today I am doing a vintage haul of the items I recently got on my holiday. As you all know I love vintage! From clothes, to home interiors! I love it! I frequently go to vintage fairs, so when I do from now on I will blog about them!

Me and my mama discovered a gorgeous little town near where we stayed, this is where I found these gems!

Gorgeous set of vintage knives £3.
Small teacup plate £1
Small plate with floral/brown pattern £3
Large plate with scalloped edge £3.50.
Box with divided sections £8.00.
Floral cushion £12.00.

I love these items! Will do a post on where I place them and what I create!

Hope you like these treasures as much as I do!

A xx

Domestic abuse/violence...

Hi guys, a serious topic here, one that is close to my heart and one I have wanted to blog to spread the word and inform society as its a subject people think they know about but actually there is a lot more then what hides behind the title.

A lot of people think its just physical...Domestic violence/abuse in Women's Aid's (a site for women affected by Domestic abuse) view domestic violence is physical, sexual, psychological or financial that takes place within an intimate or family-type relationship and that forms a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour


1 in 4 women experience this in there lifetime.
1 in 6 men experience this in there lifetime.

It was estimated that 1.2 million women experience Domestic Abuse each year. Most of these are not reported to the police.

The wheel

This wheel shows the types of Domestic violence, "Power and Control" is the key when it comes to abuse.

Domestic Abuse is broken into sections

Emotional/psychological = Putting someone down, making them feel unworthy. Having "power and control" over the victim. Making someone feel low and insecure. Isolating the victim, cutting them off from family and friends. Blaming someone to feel they are always in the "wrong".

Physical= Pushing, hitting, kicking, punching are just to name a few of the types of physical abuse you can experience.

Financial= Preventing the victim from having money, or getting a job. Making the victim ask for money, this gains the perpertrator "power".

Sexual= This could be rape, sexual assault. Making the victim do something they do not want to do. Some women/men are raped on a regular basis but would not think it to be "rape" as it is there partner, but that is not always the case.

Has this surprised you? Sound familiar or does it sound like someone you know? If so you can talk to me or there are contacts at the end of this post.

Lots of people never think its Domestic Abuse in there relationship due to it not being physical. Emotional is one overlooked, it can have long term effects, as I personally say bruises fade but the emotional scares stay. The perpretrator will put you down, then like jeykl and hyde switch and be super nice so you stay as it messes with your head and the good bits feel great. Then the bad bits end up being "your fault", you apologise and the cycle continues.

I have my own story of my own experience but will not go into it. Hope you have found this helpful! I have such a passion for helping men and women going through this or who have and left the abusive relationship! To those suffering in silence, speak out and get help, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am proof that life really does get better, you can move on with support. If you feel unsafe and unable to then please ring Womans Aid, a charity who you can talk to confidentially who can support you 0808 2000 247 its a 24/7 service. Here is there website www.womansaid.org.uk. Also, contact your local childrens centre if you have children , they can assist in helping you with relevant support and the police.

Hope this post has given people an insight in Domestic Abuse, as I feel this really needs highlighting. Remember it isnt always just a relationship, it can also happen within family settings too. I hope to reach out to those who may have gone through this or who are currently experiencing this. Do not be afraid, you have the strength, and if you feel you havent then reach out to those around you who can help lift you up through this difficult time.

A xx
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