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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Compare the...Mascara!

Compare the Mascaras! Here is where I will be comparing three mascaras, reviewing them and picking a favourite.

MeMeMe Fat Cat Mascara. £7.99

Fat Cat Mascara by MeMeMe is available for £7.99, it was a mascara that I recieved in my February Glossybox. This mascara states it "creates lashes full of volume and alluring depth" this mascara has a large brush, which i personally prefer but does it do what it states? I wouldnt say it adds depth, but it sure seperates each lash and add length, I personally feel this mascara is great as a lash length primer then add a volumising mascara on top which would have great results. Also, if you want a natural look this is perfect for that, but the one thing that can be off puting is the smell, but only if you actually put it to your nose do you smell the odd scent!


Benefit They're Real Mascara retails at an expensive £18.50!! In my eyes for that price it needs to show results. This mascara has had some great reviews, I was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about, and at first I was not disapointed, it even made a favourite, but as time got on I became to not be best pleased. At first this mascara gave me long lashes with its thick brush yet small bristles, it has a handy ball at the end which helps seperate the bottom lashes and ive got to say it is effective, but as time went on I noticed more niggles, such as actually it doesnt thicken my lashes in a way that reflects the price and it clumps! It has started to annoy me a lot, I only got this december and within a month I noticed how badly it left clumps. I wouldnt repurchase this.

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express which retails at around £5.99. This bold packaged mascara has a large wand which as I have said is something I like. The mascara needs a lot of layering to create what you can see in the swatch picture. The mascara lengthens and seperates the lashes really well, but does not thicken as the name states. This mascara is a good price and has eye catching packaging but overall the results don't make me have an urge to repurchase. If you like a natural look then this is for you.


And the winner is....

Benefit They're Real! But not by a huge score!

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Website of the week #6

Hello Loveys!

So I have had a bit of a moan this week as just dont find that shops on the high street actually have much on there online shops like they do within there stores, so was pleased to find this website with some little gems!

Here are some of my favourites!

Studded Placket Blouse

Perfect with jeans and heels, or a pencil skirt!

Vintage Ditzy Floral Playsuit


Teamed with pretty pumps and touseled hair.

Ankle Deco Pointy Courts
Ankle Deco Pointy Shoes


I love the detail on the back, gorgeous pair of shoes!

Sweet as Candy Skinny Jeans

Sweet As Candy Skinny Jeans


A perfect shade for the spring/summer ahead!

Hope you like my collection of items, let me know what you think.

A xx

Sunday 24 February 2013

MAC Making Pretty Lustre Lipstick Review

Hello Beauties!
Here is a review for you gorgeous lot on the MAC Making Pretty 3N Lustre Lipstick from the Making Pretty Collection due out in spring. This gorgeous collection is literally in my opinion the best packaging MAC have created, it looks and feels luxurious! As well as two lipsticks the collection has a brush set,a mystery powder, eyeshadow set and another iridescent powder! I am looking forward to seeing this when it is released.  This lipstick has the signature pink blush lid and rose gold packaging. The shade is a gorgeous pink with a lustre finish. The shade applies well and gives me a natural colour to my lips. This lipstick doesnt last as long as other MAC lipsticks as it needed reapplying twice in a whole day which isnt great considering the price! I wouldnt buy this again due to the how long it lasts, but the packaging really does please the eye! I will definately be exploring more of this gorgeous collection.


See below a swatch. What do you think? A xx


Thursday 21 February 2013

Ebay Haul!

Hi Lovelies!

Here is a post on some gorgeous items I recently found on Ebay! I have included the links so you too can go get the gems that I have. I did find some of these via http://www.vipxo.co.uk/ who has a super blog! I have just started using a new camera so excuse the date in the bottom corner, cant seem to take it off! Will figure it out soon, hopefully! Hope the pictures are bigger and clearer! Let me know what you think.

I adore little Bambi items at the moment! I literally am feeling like I am about to embark on a new found love where I will start collecting all things Bambi/Fawn and Deer style! I was overjoyed when I found this little gem on Ebay. Its a tupperware box with the cutest picture on the front. The box is pink and the lid is white with a little fawn scene.


I have been looking for a diary/organiser for a good while and stumbled across this beauty! A gorgeous journal that also has pages to help me feel organised and a diary! Perfect! I love the pastel shade and design which is repeated throughout the journal on each page.

Weekly plan, organiser and monthly pages.


This is one of my fave new bags!!! A mint delight! A gorgeous clutch, shoulder strap bag that could fit in a tablet or large magazine! Its a handy size with a strap to change it to a shoulder strapped bag or a holder strap so you can hold it instead of carry it, if that makes sense! A studded beauty!


What has been your favourite Ebay finds?
Hope you all enjoyed this post!!

A xx

Wednesday 20 February 2013

OOTDs Fashion Flavour!

Hey fashionistas and Beauty Lovers!

Heres a post of a collection of OOTDs that i have recently been rocking! Bit of studded love and velvet passion to tease the eye! Hope you enjoy!

OOTD- outfits are....think pink....a dress from missguided! Monochromed strip by ASOS teamed with pink stilettos from new Look. A velvet number from Missguided teamed with flat boots and gold jewellery. Grey mist, a drop hem dress in the sale £10! Teamed with a vintage leather belt and studded bag. Finally, a blue deer jumper teamed with jeans. Enjoy!!

Dress MissGuided.
Necklace Bellessia Boutique

Dress ASOS
Shoes New Look

Dress MissGuided
Bag Urban Outfitters
Necklace Bellessia Boutique

Boots Debenhams

Belt Vintage
Bag Urban Outfitters

Dress Urban Outifitters
Boots Jones Bootmaker

Jumper Topshop
Hope you enjoyed my collection of OOTDs.
A xx

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Website Of The Week #5

Hello Loveys!
Heres my fifth post for the series, hope you are all enjoying it, personally I am loving these discoveries! Todays is a hair website. I have always wanted to have full gorgeous hair, and the only way I see of being able to get this look is by using hair extensions so I have been researching and looking at what is out there and heres a site that offers great value! All available is 100% human hair.

Here are some of the hair pieces available with prices.
10 Inch easiLayers HD by easihair

10" easiLayers HD by easihair

From £29.60 various shades available
100% Human Hair Extensions Clip In Streak Pack - CLEARANCE

100% Human Hair Extensions Clip In Streak Pack - CLEARANCE

A great way to create the current trend of adding a splash of colour.
£24.00 Various colours available.
AD Jasmine Clip-In Fringe QuickFix Collection

AD Jasmine Clip-In Fringe QuickFix Collection

Follow in Kim Kardashians footsteps and have a clip in fringe for an instant change!
£23.15 various colours available.
Also available on the site are various tools and accessories to create fabulous looks for any occasion.
Have you ever used this site?


Monday 18 February 2013

Mallzee- the new way to shop....

Hi Loveys,

Do you love shopping? I sure do and know most people do! The feeling of having that new item in your hand, the colours, the style, the fabric it all excites me so when I heard about Mallzee I honestly thought why had no one thought of this before, what a great idea!

What is Mallzee?

Mallzee is an online shopping experience, so no need to have to get out in the rain or walk amongst the bustling crowds of people, sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy! Online shopping is becoming a favourite for most people, but hang on, how annoying is it when you cant just click on a site and go to what you like, or how you have to scratch your head and try to figure out what bit to click on amongst all the fancy slide on pictures and music blaring out! Not with this one, Mallzee is literally your pink fluffy cloud of heaven, any shop or style you like you can find, this is your very own online boutique!! How amazing does that sound? Your place to click and buy as you please. The site allows you to go to your favourite shops/brands suited to what you like and not only is Mallzee a great place to shop its also a place to share with friends, allowing you to shop with friends, add things to eachothers wardrobes and get opinions on items by a poll! How great is that?! The positives of this site don't stop there, with Mallzee you also get paid to shop! What? Yes you heard right, you get paid to shop when using Mallzee. The money can either be given to a charity of your choice or with Mallzees partners. I am so looking forward to this site launching, I literally can not wait, I already have my list of shops and brands to add to my wardrobe, my very own website to click and buy!

Mallzee is launching later this year, so keep your eyes peeled and sign up!

Follow Mallzee on Twitter to stay updated!


Heard of Mallzee?

A xx


Sunday 17 February 2013

MAC Archie Girls Lipstick Review

Hello Beauties! As I am sure many of you have heard of the new
Mac Archie Girls Collection being released in March, no one is exactly clear on the exact date! But from what I gather its March time! This fun packaging is inspired by a comic with three characters, Archie, Veronica and Betty. This collection is limited edition and features stunning products such as blushers, nail varnish, eyeshadow, lipgloss and lipsticks under either the Veronica collection the deeper shades such as berry or the Betty collection with pastel shades such as dusky pink. I liked the look of the Girl Next Door lipstick from the Betty collection. This is a lustre finish in a sheer pink. When I first opened the lipstick I was so excited! But when applied I wasnt. I was so annoyed! I applied it onto my lips and found I had to apply layers before I even saw a glimpse of pink, now I know its a lustre finish so isnt as pigmented as other finished, but I at least expected some sort of colour. When the colour could be seen it was very pale and not what I expected from the bright pink I saw in front of me. The lipstick did not last either and so I was upset to find this going to the back of the queue!

See left a swatch of the lipstick after 5 layers applied! Its got quite a lilac tinge to it and isnt what I expected.


Have you found the same or is it just me?

A x


Saturday 16 February 2013

FD Avenue! A fashion Haven!

Hello Loveys!

Here is an exciting website with a discount just for you all to enjoy! This website offers a great selection of the latest in fashion, with jewellery, shoes and even Barry M nailvarnish! Here are some of my favourites for the season! So have a look at my favourites and enter the code ALESSIA20 to get a 20% discount!

Floral Lace Open Back Ra Ra Skater Dress In Pink

A gorgeous pink skater dress with a lace overlay! What a pretty dress for the spring/summer season.


Image 1
A beautiful mint green chiffon top with a scallop detailed collar. I love this top, such gorgeous detailing to team with jeans. This will look great to follow the pastel trend.


Chiffon Sleeve Tail back Shirt In Grey
Another trend to hit the hightstreet is monochrome! This is such a great shirt, with the drop hem, chiffon sleeves and grey body. I love this teamed with white trousers or shorts.


Turtle Polo Stripe Print Sleeveless Crop Top
A great cropped black and white striped top teamed with a black maxi skirt! What an eye catching outfit that would make!


Gold Cross Statement Necklace
Crosses have been on trend for a while now and this hits the right note!


To get these and other fantastic items click on the link at the top of the page and dont forget to enter the code ALESSIA20 for your 20% discount!

Let me know what you get

A xx

Monday 11 February 2013

Website of the week #4

Hi Loveys!

Heres my weekly website find! Todays is a watch website, I have had my watch a retro casio for around 7 years now and am on the look out for a new one so heres a website I thought I would share with you all.

Casio Classic LA670WEA-4EF Ladies Watch

Casio Classic Womans Watch
I love my gold Casio watch and havent seen this one around, I love the ox blood coloured screen.


Michael Kors MK5660 Ladies Watch
Michael Kors MK5660 Watch
I love MK watches! Heres one of them!


Michael Kors MK5494 Ladies Watch
Michael Kors MK5494 Rose Gold Watch
I love rose gold and this is super stunning!


Guess W0001L2 Ladies Watch
Guess W0001L2 Watch
Now you all know I love leopard print! This is certainly wild and wonder what it would look like in the flesh! I am intrigued!


What do you all think?

A xx

Thursday 7 February 2013

Blog Sale!!

Hey Loveys!

I have been meaning to do this for such a long time as have a lot of things to sell! So here it is! As some of you may know I am currently opening up an online boutique Bellessia Angels, I am looking at selling items that are to be sold on my shop as my website is taking a while so thought i would start to sell some of the stock.

Here are some points to consider.

All items are described honestly.
First come first serve.
You can make offers if you wish on the used items but not on the new items.
I dont accept refunds or returns, unless if items are not described correctly such as a tear or something, but all items are looked at closely before going on sale.
All clothing has been washed.
Postage is £2, unless more then 1 item, then postage will be a little more, can be discussed before you buy.
When you state you want to purchase please make payment through paypal and do so within 2 working days.
Any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

ASOS Grey Dress with Gold bird detail. Wrap over dress. Size Small. Worn only once. £5.00

Zara hot pink ruffle dress. Size 8/10. A gorgeous dress that I wore twice due to getting pregnant! As good as new! £7.00

New Look body con floral dress. Size 8. A beautiful dres that I wish I could still wear but I am not as small as I used to be. Worn a handful of times. £7. Good as new!

A beautiful Zara dress, never worn as you can see from tag! So sad this doesnt fit me. Size S. I became pregnant and my tummy got big quick so could never wear this. A gorgeous dress brand new! RRp £39.99. Selling for £25.

Miss Guided Jacket, never worn, tag still. on. Purple with detailed shoulder. £6.50. PENDING

Label Lab top, very similar to All Saints. Worn a couple of times, as good as new. £5

My favourite dress of all time! Miss Selfridge gold dress. Beautiful detail so upset to sell this but I have to, it doesnt fit. Size 8. £14.00

So Susan palette. Swatched once. £3.50.

Bellessia Angels spike waterfall necklace. An antique gold spiked necklace. Brand new. £5.99

Bellessia Angels Specs Necklace. Long chained necklace available in three colours. Silver, Gold or black. Brand new £3.00 each. Silver sold.

Bellessia Angels Spike bracelets. Available in gold and silver. Brand new. £2.99 each.

Three bangles, if you would like just one please ask. Used bangles individually £1.50 or all three for £2.50
MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder, swatched once using sponge. As seen above. If you dont want the sponge just say, not washed as wanted you to see that it was used to swatch. NW 30. In box. RRP £20.50. Selling for £17.00!

Bellessia Angels Spike Shoes. Sorry that I used my Instagram photo :S but I realised I forgot to photograph these for the sale! So New spiked Jeffrey Campbell inspired shoes. Amazing with any outfit! Sizes 4, 5 and 6 available. Limited stock. £25.99.

Bellessia Angels Bow Ring. A pretty little bow ring with sparkle gem detail. Adjustable ring. £1.50.

Bellessia Angel Stack Rings. Eight rings in each pack. Each ring has a word across the front, see picture for words. Silver, gold and rose gold/bronze colours. Each pack may vary. Size small.

Bellessia Gold Aztec Pyramid Ring. Adjustable £3.00             Bellessia Gold Long Chain Necklace £3.50

Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick, swatched only once on hand! Shade 04. £3.00

Vintage Cosmetics eyelash curlers. Never used, in box. £2.
Eyeshadow palette from swatched once on two shades to test. £2.00

Motel bodycon dress. Sz 8. Barely worn! £5.50.

Vintage Halterneck Polkadot dress. Bought from Portobello market for £35.00. Never worn by myself. Vintage items have wear and tear so please dont expect perfection. Gorgeous dress! £20.00

ASOS pencil dress in a coral shade. Worn a couple of times. Sz 8. £7.00

Urban Outfitters skirt vintage renewal. Sz 8. £7.00

Stunning H&M dress. Never worn. So upset this doesnt fit me anymore. Sz 8/10. Good as new. £10.00

ASOS bodycon dress. Midi length on me I am petite. Floral pattern. Never worn. £4.50 PENDING

Primark skirt. Red. Worn once. Sz 8/10. £1.00.

Lace panelled leggings with a shiny leather look. Sz 8. Never worn! £3.00.

New Look chino style trousers with black edging. Sz 10. £4.00. Worn a couple of times.

Leather look leggings. Worn once. £2.Sz 8.


Tweet, email or comment on here to reserve your item of choice.
Twitter: @lil_alessia
Many thanks! More items to be added so keep you lovely eyes peeled!!
A xx
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