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Friday 31 August 2012


Hey lovely gorgeous followers/readers! Heres my NOTD!! This is one of my favourite Nails Inc shade Warwick Avenue. Its a soft pastel shade of pink. I love it! Not only does it last but it goes with loads of outfits.

Thursday 30 August 2012

Vivo!! Makeup bargains review....pt 1.

Hey guys!

               So here is a Vivo haul! The newest addition to Tescos makeup aisle. I first saw this with my mama in Tesco, I was amazed at the price but wary about the quality....so I thought I would have a look. Heres part 1, the lipsticks.

Vivo Barely There lipstick £1.99

This lipstick is a light shade with a pinky hint. It doesnt really suit me and would probably need some lip gloss to give it a finished look as it didnt seem to sit well on my lips, if that makes sense! Its soft and applies well but doesnt last long, the packaging isnt finished well with some chips or scratches but then for this price the quality is what I was interested in rather then packaging. I dont think I would purchase this again, I would probably just save a bit more for another brand.

Vivo Very Berry lipstick £1.99

This is my favourite out of both shades!The colour is more suited to me, looks better on my lips as it doesnt go in my lines. It is rich and moisturising for my lips but yet again does not last long. Shame as it is a nice colour, yet again I wont be buying again as I would need to reapply loads throughout the day.


To the left is Very Berry and to the right is Barely there.

Will be doing a review on the Vivo eyeshadows! So watch this space

A xx

SOTD! Shoes!!

Something a little different...SOTD!! I love these nude skyscraper heels I got from New Look for only £22.99 a couple of years ago. Still look fab! I team them with jeans and a slouchy tee or a fabulous dress! Im so short that these make me know what it feels like to be tall!!

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Tuesday Inspiration!

Its that time again....inspiration through photos! Here it goes!

A pot of flowers from the garden...you cant beat that smell or feeling when you see flowers on the table....a simple pleasure of mine! We have some sweet peas and when I picked them for our living room the scent went through the house and the room lit up with the simple arrangement.
To make bunting is simple, I definately need to make some for my house...I feel a sewing day coming on!

A white room with splashes of colour, I love this room! Though its white it is warm and comfy. A french dresser is something I adore! I would love it adorned with my vintage crockery.
Some lushcious pink lips sprinkled with glitter...what a look! Does anyone know a good make of pink glitter lippy?? You can never have enough sparkle in your life...

Look at this camera!!!! WOAH!!! I would love this!! What a fab idea and how pretty does it look! I love the print.

Pretty fairy lights adorned with lace dollies! Who would've thought a simple look could look so pretty and romantic! Would love these! They would lovely at a wedding.

I want these nails!!! And check that bow ring out! What bling! I gather they are foils, leopard print is something I own a lot of! So these are great, would love to wear these! That ring is divine!
Pretty heels..yet again a picture of shoes, as you can guess I love shoes! These are so pretty! A pink rose to transform some silver strappy heels....would look great with a dress or pencil skirt!

So tuesdays inspiration through pictures.....hope you enjoyed :)

A x

Monday 27 August 2012

Staying positive....

Hi lovely people!
                          Well I was thinking about doing a post about being happy, positive, tell me what you think! Positive, what does that mean? well to me it means trying to look at the brighter side of life, not letting negative people or lifes hardships let you feel down, which can be really hard. Being positive is, in my eyes, a way of trying to maintain happiness, how can you be be happy when you feel negative? Happy, according to the dictionary means...

hap•pyˈhæp i(adj.)-pi•er, -pi•est.
  1. delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing.
  2. characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy:
    a happy mood.
  3. fortunate or lucky:
    a happy, fruitful land.
What makes me happy? I think as you grow older these things change, as you grow you realise life is not as easy as you once thought it could  be and your outlook changes to become what people might say as "realistic". Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and one thing to help me through is trying to have a positive outlook. My family and friends make me happy, memories such as family meals or lying down under the trees with my brother, mama and baby, having cuddles with my man, a nice cuppa!The things that make me happy are simple...what makes you happy?

Smiling is infectious! I remember as a child I would always smile at people, most of the time I would have a lovely response, but like with everything there would be the odd tongue stuck out or groan from the reciever of my smile, and I was only a child! But mostly people would smile back and you could tell they felt better! SMILE!! it really does help you feel better, it will brighten up anyones day, think of how you feel when someone smiles at you...I always believe a smile is the key to bringing people together, making people feel better. So why not smile, try it now!!! See how you feel.......

Dreams...having dreams is a part of life, it could be to reach a career goal or to become a mother (that was mine!) or simply to be able to make a victoria sponge! Everyone is an individual and what they dream is magical and another way that makes the human being thrive and achieve. When someone thrives and achieves it can in return make you feel happy!!! I have dreams, here they are...

1. Be a mother, this has happened and has made me the happiest person I could ever imagine.
2. Swim with dolphins, I was lucky to have achieved this at 21, and its a memory I will never forget, made me so happy!
3. Get married, I hope one day soon I will be getting married. To wear the dress and say I Do to the man I love would mean so much and make me feel "complete".
4. To own an old house, something many young people struggle to achieve, but one day it will happen. To be able to have my "old" house with the old features would be amazing! I will keep dreaming.
5. To travel Asia and South America, this has always been a dream...with time I will do this, I am determined!

What are yours?

This was a random post I know! But I wanted to spread some positive love around! lol!


A x


My first NOTD!! Had a few minutes spare so I rushed upstairs to grab a polish and make my nails pretty! I used to paint my nails all the time but now its hard to find the time!
I grabbed Barry M 305 in pink flamingo! Its a bright pink shade for the summer...brightens any outfit any day. Lets hope this shade encourages the sun to come out! Well one can hope!

A x

Sunday 26 August 2012

August favourites!

Hey guys!

Hope you are all feeling fine and dandy! Thankyou to all my new followers! Lovely to meet you and thankyou for the comments. So todays post, I thought I would do a monthly favourites, this could cover books, films, tv, food, music, makeup, fashion etc....how does that sound? I struggle to put the pictures where I would like them...any tips anyone?Well here goes my first one! In no particular order.
MAC Woodwinked
MAC Woodwinked
August favourites!

My August Favourite eyeshadow is MAC in Woodwinked. This shade is fab for day and night. For the day I use it alone with some black or brown smudged liner. For the night I use this as a base with either a copper shade, dark brown or purple! It has a sheen to it, it appears darker in the pot then what it does on my skin as you can see. This has been my favourite this month as it is lovely for the summer with pink lips.
For my hair I am loving Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical! This scent reminds me of Malibu!! Yum! I am nearly running out so for my next can I will try a different scent as heard they have made more!! The packaging is as always funky with a retro feel which I like. I am also happy that they have got this larger cans now as the little ones didnt last that long with using it daily to add volume (no I am not a grease monkey!lol). Also for my hair I have been loving the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi wild ginger sea spray. This spray is fantastic at adding volulme and giving my hair a tousled feel! The packaging is simple and the scent is divine!
For my skin I have been loving the Collin Resultime Regenerating Collagene Gel. I apply this gel before my moisturiser, it slightly tightens and keeps my skin feeling soft! A clear gel wiht a floral scent which I love. You can also use this gel as a face mask if you apply it thicker and leave, I am yet to try this! The packaging is brown and white, not great but then I am a sucker for nice packaging! Think they could improve this!But anyway this isnt a review is it its my august favourites!!lol! Back to what I should be doing! Guys this is a favourite that I have used everyday since recieving it in my Glossybox. Also my favourite at the moment is my ultra cheap moisteriser that I purchased a this month, I did a haul post featuring this. It will last me ages as you only need a little bit, I love the fresh cucumber scent and how it leaves my skin moisturised all day, my must have!
For my lips it is MAC Kinda Sexy! This is a coral/nude shade that looks great for summer teamed with bronzer! This is great daywear lippy! I think this would suit any skin tone. As always love MAC packaging! I could rave about MAC all day. But yep this is my favourite lipstick of this month.
My favourite scent is Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood, this scent is floral with a hint of a sweet that I cant for the life of me know but it definately reminds me of it! I have literally got tiny drops left, sad face. As always with my perfumes I seem to misplace the lid! How I dont know! But it is a round gold lid. Love the name of this! So this has been my favourite scent.

My favourite piece of jewellery is my Thomas Sabo purple ring! I chose this ring for my 21st from my grandparents and means a lot to me. I love statement jewellery and this certainly makes a statement! I love Thomas Sabo and have many pieces but this is my favourite! It is so sparkly! Picture does not give it justice.

Hope you enjoyed my August Favourites! Any comments are appreciated! I love to hear what you all think and reply to each and everyone! Thank you!!

A x

Little gift!! Owl love!

Hey lovely ladies! I had a really sweet gift from my friend! How sweet is this!! I love bling, but not tacky, and with rings the bigger the better! So i was really pleased with my gift! A gorgeous sparkly owl ring and earrings!! How cute! Ring is from republic the miso range which I rate for price and quality! Love it!

A x

Thursday 23 August 2012

Look at my latest little super find! Beauty!

Hi lovely peeps!! So i popped into boots and with my points i purchased a lovely toning spritz.

Botanics rosewater toning spritz! I love the scent of rose and it being 100% organic I thought I would give it a go. Its a light spray that "cleanses impurities and freshens", and I agree. This sprays on really well, doesnt squirt loads like some! Its very refreshing and when we had the humid weather I popped this is my handbag and used this to refresh my face, and boy am I glad I did!
When taking off makeup I found it hard to ensure all of it was gone, so had to do this part of my routine twice, which was a bit annoying but I am lazy!! The spray is lovely with a light fresh scent that you can use not only to tone but to refresh! Its good value for money for £3.33 as was reduced, normall £4.99.

Would recommend you give this a go!


Wednesday 22 August 2012

Beautiful vintage bottles....how to!

Hi guys!
As you know my mama is very creative and constantly inspires me. I popped home and saw these gorgeous bottles!! Get some vintage bottles, lace and other little trinkets and look at what you could create!!
Print off an image you love, tea stain and place on the bottle, or get a brooch and apply to jazz it up!! Hope you all like them! I sure do and will be creating my own!

Vintage ideas and images

So I had a poll on my blog which came back with people requesting I do some vintage posts, so here it goes! I have a passion for all things vintage, from clothing, interiors and accessories. I go to many vintage fairs and flea markets, they have to be my favourite days out! This post is a selection of photos to inspire and with ideas that I love and have picked up along the way.

In my eyes you cant go wrong with a wall in the house adorned with different styles and types of frames, pictures and/or mirrors. I am currently completing my wall in the living room with a theme. I chose a floral theme with a couple of mirrors to balance the look out. Above you can see they have selected some floral pictures, mirrors and a picture of a boy. Or the living room with four simple mirrors, or the bathroom with a selection of beautiful mirrors and items! You really can do whatever you fancy with this look, no matter what it will give you the wow factor and change the look of any room! 

I currently am collecting vintage cutlery that I then want to use daily! I know how long will that take me! But it will be worth it! I am wanting to tie them up with ribbon and lace in little bunches and place them in a basket...you have to have them on display! You really can find some stunning ones for next to nothing, I suggest going to flea markets or car boots.

Lace, chandeliers and muted tones are my all time favourite thing at the moment!! I really cant get enough of them! I love draping lace onto displays or tying up items with lace teased into a bow.
Muted tones are stunning, they add luxury and glamour to any room! Rachel ashwell uses these tones well.
I am also loving white, look at that room to the left!! How gorgeous is that! White white and more white! Chandeliers add that final touch of beauty to leave a room sparkling!

If any of you have any books you recommend for me to look at I would love that as I am wanting some new ones to flick through whilst I have my cup of tea!

A x

Tuesday 21 August 2012


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Check it out guys!!

A x

Monday 20 August 2012

Glossybox august!

So i recieved my Glossybox the other week and have been trying out the goodies! Yet again I wasnt let down and got so excited unveiling the gorgeously (is that even a word?!) wrapped box.

The theme this month was "International Superstars" so products from around the world. In my box I recieved the following items.

Deep cleansing oil by DHC. This product states it is "a water-soluble cleanser that is better than any other make-up remover you've ever tried." Now thats quite a bold statement to make! I was a little worried as thought the product would make my combination skin type greasy and oily, but it didnt! It has a light herby scent that feels gorgeous on the skin, you put it on dry skin, massage in then rinse. It is fab I have to admit, but I wouldnt say it is the best ever as I still end up with some makeup on which goes onto the towel I use. Still a good cleanser though, maybe I need to work it more into my skin. 7/10.

Alessandro pro white polish. This product states it is a "Optically brightening effect nail polish with anti-yellowing formula for radiant white and gleaming nails".
I put this on my nails the other day, it was easy to put on and it did appear to make my nails look healthier. They appeared brighter and healthier. It goes on like a clear nailvarnish. One thing I will say is it really smells strongly of nailvarnish!!! More then most polishes! 8/10.

All for Eve for the Eve appeal Eves balm. This states "Eves balm is an easily absorbed recovery balm to nourish chapped skin".
This product instantly reminded me of Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream. It smelt similar and gave me a similar effect. The balm nourished my lips and i also used it on my heels. My lips felt moisterised and soft, though my heels were still dry it took the "edge" of the dryness away for a short period. 5/10.

Vera Valenti L'ombre a Paupiere Margarita eyeshadows. This palette states it is "offering a selection of ten different colours with an applicator included". I have to admit I wasnt overly impressed with this. The applicator did not apply the shadows well, the colours did not have much pigment and did not last long. The colours were tones of green and browns with a highlighter. Was not impressed. 2/10.

Lipcote states its the "original lipstick sealer and secret of long lasting, feather fade and water resistant lipstick". This certainly works, my lipstick lasted long and had lasted through my cup of tea and biscuit treat when normally the particular brand of lipstick I used would not do this. 8/10.

Glossybox, Glossybox lipstick in Glossy Pink. Full size. "Professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamorous lips with a luminous, long-lasting colour".
This is now my favourite brand of lipstick!!! It used to be MAC but boy does this do what it says it does! I applied the lipstick in the morning and after a cuppa, lunch and drinks it was still on!! The colour was gorgeous and my lips felt soft! Definately recommend this! 10/10!!

Hope you enjoyed this months review of Glossybox! See pictures of the products, hope they are either below or above! Am doing this on my phone so fingers crossed! :).

A x

Clothing haul!!!

So part two of my shopping day purchases from my man!! Lucky me i know! Now wont be clothes shopping for months!! Need to save the pennies.

Firstly I went to New Look and clocked a pair of trousers!! Gorgeous pink with polkadot! £29.99!

Then I strolled to Topshop and saw some gorgeous items!! Was very pleased to find a leopard print sheer shirt for £32, a green pleated maxi skirt for £30 and my favourite item a grey/blue skirt with my favourite hem that is longer at the back! Finally got my hands on a dress with it!! Always found they were too short at the front but this is perfect!! £40!!

So all in all a fab day shopping! Lucky me :).

A x
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