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Thursday 30 August 2012

Vivo!! Makeup bargains review....pt 1.

Hey guys!

               So here is a Vivo haul! The newest addition to Tescos makeup aisle. I first saw this with my mama in Tesco, I was amazed at the price but wary about the quality....so I thought I would have a look. Heres part 1, the lipsticks.

Vivo Barely There lipstick £1.99

This lipstick is a light shade with a pinky hint. It doesnt really suit me and would probably need some lip gloss to give it a finished look as it didnt seem to sit well on my lips, if that makes sense! Its soft and applies well but doesnt last long, the packaging isnt finished well with some chips or scratches but then for this price the quality is what I was interested in rather then packaging. I dont think I would purchase this again, I would probably just save a bit more for another brand.

Vivo Very Berry lipstick £1.99

This is my favourite out of both shades!The colour is more suited to me, looks better on my lips as it doesnt go in my lines. It is rich and moisturising for my lips but yet again does not last long. Shame as it is a nice colour, yet again I wont be buying again as I would need to reapply loads throughout the day.


To the left is Very Berry and to the right is Barely there.

Will be doing a review on the Vivo eyeshadows! So watch this space

A xx


  1. Its a shame they don't last long because the colour are lovely.
    I've just bought a Collection 2000 lipstick called´'queen of hearts' and as much as I'm a big fan of their products, its not very lasting either :(

    1. Yea its a shame as i hoped to find a good value good quality lippy :( xx

  2. I like the first one (barely there), but shame it don't last long. :(


    1. Yea i thought it was lush too but doesnt look good on as it goes in the lines pretty quickly :( xx

  3. I love the second shade! I can imagine it looks beautiful on you :)

    Love India www.thejewelbeauty.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Ah thanks hun! The second shade is better on me then the first.Xxx

  4. I heard great things about the vivo lipsticks but when I tried BarelymThere I wasnt keen on the shade on me.



    1. Hey! Such a shame realky as the barely there looked like a lovely peachy nude shade...oh well! Xxx

  5. Sorry to hear the products didn't match your expectations! The second colour looks like something that'll suit you really well. Ah well, for that price you can't expect super quality! :)


    1. I know :( just hoped that a these would be good so i didnt have to spend so much on products xxxx


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