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Thursday 16 August 2012

Inspiration! Inspired by photos..this weeks edition

So I am going to try and do this weekly.....my weekly inspirations through pictures.

Purple glitter that spills onto a white surface....love Barry M dazzle dust...oh so glamourous!

I love these shoes...floral print that is gorgeous and flirty and height to feel sexy. Team with a white dress and tan belt with loose curls....stunning!!

Love these style skirts and dresses! This is going to sound silly, but as a child I used to love putting my Babcias (grandma) skirts on and parade around, with a train I would feel like a princess! So these give me the same feeling!

What I would give to be able to rock the floral basque with shorts look!! Love these cute ones, maybe with a maxi skirt...one could try!

Loving this look, studs galore!! As you may gather I have a slight obsession with studs! I found a dream denim jacket in New Look with studded shoulders!!! The hair is cute and flirty with hot pink lips!

Love those mirrors! I have one that i bought for £5.00!! Its ready to go in  my living room. I love displays on various items that build a story or show the home owners character!

How cool is this! A flag with fairy lights to add softness, then a fireplace adorned with single stem flowers!!

Similar shades using vintage lingerie to display above a white dreamy bed!! Adding jewellery to this completes it!

Hope you like this weeks inspiration

A x


  1. Nice photos! Very inspirational :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Thank you for your lovely tweet and for leading me to your blog, i love it! I'm your newest follower :)

    I'm hosting my first ever Giveaway on my blog, hope you'll pop by and enter for a chance to win a MAC Lipstick of your choice and some Sophia With Love Goodies :)



    1. Thanks sophia!!! I love your blog! Oooh ok im obsessed with mac! Lol!

      A x

  3. Hi lorena! I tried the address you have above but it didnt work :( x


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