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Sunday 29 April 2012

Living room inspiration

So its sunday and the weather is awful! My lovely man is doing the final paint job of the living room! Its taking longer then expected but hopefully will be done by the end of the week! Fingers crossed! So i am looking through images to inspire me......

I love the dull tones of pinks, blues, greys and floral touches......


Saturday 28 April 2012

Parts of my parents house....

Thought i would take a few photos of my parents beautiful house!

The heart made by mama using all vintage items, and a printed on image of mary and jesus.

All furniture you see is vintage that my parents bought or got given years ago that has been painted. The pink checked armchair was apolstered by mama.

Friday 27 April 2012

A book i recommend!

Morning everyone! I just thought i would take a little break between styling the house to give a recommendation of another book and blog i LOVE!!!

Nostalgia at the stonehouse blog by the lovely Niki! its such a fab blog full of colourful ideas and inspiring ways to create vintage beauty in your home! Niki also has done a book and i highly recommend it! Its full of colour photos that you just cant stop gazing lovingly at! Me and my mama love this book on a sunday afternoon with a cup of tea in our best vintage china!!

You can also visit Nikis gorgeous shop "Nostalgia at No.1" that has me and my mama going round and round as you see something beautiful that you didnt spot before each time we go round! Its in Shepton Mallet and is a gorgeous place to visit and find some beautiful items!


Additions to my boys room!

The start of my inspiration was a beautiful picture i got from Ali from betty and violet! Absolutely loved it! So my vision for his room came from this! I also added below a lavender heart with a vintage "R" monogram.

Also my mama has been hard at work being beautifully creative! She made the gorgeous cherub hanging lavender pillow! And is in the process making some other items! Will add them when they are completed!

Also i have shown a couple of photos so you can see inside his great grandparents wardrobe that my mama painted (i couldnt be around the fumes!)

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Bathroom inspiration

Am finding doing the bathroom and downstairs toilet...really want vintage style....but for the toilet roll holder and towel rail its soooo hard! only seem to find chrome! Really want a simple white painted wooden rail to put above the radiator in our bathroom, and a simple white wooden ring for the towel in the downstairs toilet. Then for the toilet rolls in both rooms just a simple again white wooden holder for the wall. Have limited space in both rooms. See below the pictures that are inspiring me but that i will probably find very hard to achieve!

 There is something about this bathroom that i really like, i love the glamourous style...the ladder as storage...the lovely chandelier feature!
 Would like to track down a vintage soap holder like this one....

Love the floral touch of this bathroom.

The blue hint is stunning....i love the furniture and the unique accessories.
Love the shelf features in both these pictures.

Some beautiful items....

Thought i would show you some of the items on my dressing table....note that the mary lavender bag was made by my talented mama! Vintage fabric, vintge pearls and a gorgeous print she ironed on. If you are interested in her items let me know.
The lovely angel cushion was an item from niki-nostalgia at the stonehouse.

Sunday 22 April 2012

Sundays....i love them! lazy days, walks in the country, the smell of a roast dinner, family, comfy clothes! Well it used to be...but the house is still carnage with the decorating! Cant access the kitchen! so to make a roast...not sure how im going to do that. Living room is not relaxing-the last room to be painted! All rooms will hopefully be painted by end of the week! Am looking forward to then adding the vintage touch....mirrors, shelving, vintage displays, interiors! The lot! Only room nearly there is our babies room! Cant wait to get the house back and actually see my partner as I dont get to spend time with him as he is painting and doing DIY every evening and weekend...hopefully not long till its done.

So in bed feeling tired from yesterday! Pregnancy really does take it out of me! Got my laptop on and looking for inspiration and ideas for the house...here are some pictures i found that made me tickled with glee!
Books i adore!!!! They never fail me!

Really excited about displaying like this!

Love little vintage finds! Retro baby! I find i do float between retro, shabby chic, Jeanne D'Arc and pretty vintage

Simple but so effective! would love to display some beautiful clothing like this.

Still on the hunt for a plate rack! Problem is not much wall space!

Love these colours and the idea of wild flowers in a vintage teapot as a centre piece or display.

Kilner jars are a must! Love to display my bits n bobs like this.

A modern retro twist for an office.......

Love the colours and the way things are displayed for a sweet cute kitchen!


Saturday 21 April 2012

Vintage fair!

What a lovely day i had with mama! And some lovely finds! Made me want to go another straightaway! Saw nicki from nostalgia at the stonehouse, and ali from bettie and violet! Here are my finds....i also bought a larger storage box but havent managed to get it home yet is at my parents till we have more space with all the decorating!

Friday 20 April 2012

Romantic style...selina lake

I love romantic style book by selina lake and sara norman! Its one of those books where i always spot something new on a page each time i look at it......
 I love unusual little vintage finds! I have been collecting vintage china, kitchenalia and glass for sometime, have a lot of cake stands, beautiful floral plates, teapots and teacup trios! love them! i am looking now to store them visually like the above picture...but have got nowhere in finding vintage boxes or individual little drawers...the search goes on! Anyone who could advise i would really appreciate it!

Love looking through vintage inspirational books....anyone recommend any inparticular? I am looking online at the moment for some pictures to inspire me....love the different vintage chairs in the above picture and the bursts of subtle colour amongst the white!
Selina Lake is one of favourites! i love this picture so much! nothing beats a glamourous chandelier!

I really want dip dye hair!! its like a food craving but with my hair! Cant wait to get this done!
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