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Monday 29 April 2013

30 Ways To Save £1

Hi Loveys!

Money Supermarket are celebrating the very English pound coin! Can you believe it is 30 years old!!As part of the celebration http://www.moneysupermarket.com/ are asking bloggers to write a post with 30 ways to save £1 or more. For each £1 saver you earn £1! So I have decided give you lovely readers the 30 ways I use to save me and my family £1 or more!

Hope you find some money saving tips! I would love to see what you also use to save money! 

1. I tweeted this within a bblogger chat which proved popular! I have a money saving jar that I use to put in odd change which I then use at the end of the month on my beauty essentials! Never throw that change to the bottom of your bag, save it!
2. Make your own butter! Its simple and cheap to do! Literally use any left over double cream, put it in a jar and shake vigorously, watcht the cream turn to butter!
3. Make your own pizza rather then getting a takeaway, it just needs flour, water and yeast and presto you have a scrumptious pizza base!
4. Have a shower rather then a bath.
5. Look at blogs and youtube videos to find a cheaper dupe for your much loved high end makeup.
6. Grow your own veg!
7. When you cook a roast use leftovers to make a chicken and tomato pasta sauce! Two meals in one!
8. Dont throw away your old clothes, cut into pieces of cloth to use for cleaning around the house.
9. Washing your makeup brushes helps them to last longer meaning you dont have to buy so many!
10. Customise old clothes rather then buying new, that way you feel like you have a new item of clothing! Look at youtube videos for inspiration and step by step how to!
11. Go to the charity shop for some gorgeous vintage clothing, after all vintage is a fashion must have! And its cheap!
12. Sell anything you like on ebay, you will be surprised what people buy!
13. Sell on Gumtree!
14. If you can walk to work!
15. Instead of an expensive skin treatment mix 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 1 teaspoon of baby oil to moisturise. Leave on for around half an hour and rinse.
16. Instead of buying a spot treatment, use a dab of toothpaste or sudocrem!
17. Make your own face mask. Mash up an avocado, apply to your face, leave on for a little while and wash off! Smooth skin!
18. Instead of buying an expensive dry shampoo, use talc powder!
19. No need to buy the latest toy for your child! A cardboard box makes a great den! Search for safe child friendly items such as a washing up bowl, plastic whisk and jug to encourage imagination! Children love them!
20. Dont worry about going on and spending money on eating out. Make a picnic and enjoy the english countryside.
21. Entertain your children without spending money! Go to the park or have an adventure walk!
22. Dont worry about buying books for you or the family, instead join the library! Its free and stacked with books for all the family! Just make sure you return them within the stated time.
23. Save money on grease cleaner for your kitchen, use lemon juice instead.
24. Use newspaper and vinegar to clean your windows. No need to pay for a window cleaner now.
25. Shop around for mobile deals, or consider going pay as you go on a budget.
26. Let your hair dry naturally every other wash so that you save using electricity with hairdryers, straighteners and tongs!
27. Do a car boot.
28. Check online for voucher codes before you buy.
29. Go to your local second hand shop or car boot for fantastic furniture, after all retro/vintage is the new modern.
30. Consider buying supermarket own branded food.

So there you have it my 30 tips on saving a £1 or more!

Hope you enjoy the post and find saving money that little bit easier.

A xx


Wednesday 24 April 2013

Soak Yourself Bath Ritual Recipe Kit Review


As some of you may know It was my birthday on the 19th March, and on twitter (@lil_alessia) I was tweeted by a lovely company who offered to send my a kit as a birthday present! How kind! I had a choice and decided on the "Broken Heart Soak" no relevance to me but the scents were oh so me! I was super excited to recieve the kit as they looked amazing.

SOAK Yourself ™
My kit arrived and I certainly wasnt disapointed, a gorgeous sturdy yellow box filled with delights. The packaging looked expensive and made it feel luxurious. I opened the box the find tissue paper and ribbon, with some blue shredded card to keep the goodies safe with a "ticket" stating "One hour to yourself, or longer, should you so require" This made me smile and feel like I was in Charlie and the chocolate factory with a golden ticket!

Inside was the following

4 Jasmie Teabags
1 Candle
1 Candle holder
1 Hibiscus rose soap
1 bottle of rose essential oil
1 bottle of sandalwood essential oil
1 bottle of lavender essential oil
1 muslin bag of fizzing and foaming bath powders and salts

A lot right! Also included is an information leaflet on the ingredients, which are organic, a ritual on how to have the best soak with whats included and finally a section om what its all about. To make you feel even better 50p from each sale goes to charities in need of support. This company not only are ethical but they make you feel valued as a customer and truely give you an experience that is needed in this stressful world we live in.

The other boxes available are

The Love Soak
Muscle Soak
Remedy Soak
Blanche The Blues Soak
Full Moon Soak
Feeling Groovy Soak

Each box is £40.00 which I feel is value for money.

I followed the instructions and added 4 drops of roil, fifteen of sandlewood and nine of lavender, the oils are stunning, they made me feel relaxed, and my tension floated away. I had a gorgeous cup of jasmine tea and lit my candle. I truely have never had a bathing experience like this and felt like I wanted to stay there all night! I rarely have baths due to no time at all, but this certainly made me want an experience like this more often! I felt like I had a homemade spa! The soap is gorgeous on the skin and leaves my skin feeling beautiful. The bath fizz fizzed away and left my bathroom smelling like I walked into a spa treatment room! I love the fact that this kit will last me a good few goes and I certainly will want to repurchase another box of delights, also this would be a perfect present for anyone!

A x

Saturday 20 April 2013

MAC Swiss Chocolate Eyeshadow Review/Swatch

Hi Loveys,

Sorry for the lack of posts, I am back at work now and with trying to juggle a lot all at once. Here is my review of the gorgeous MAC eyeshadow in Swiss Chocolate, as you all may know I am a MAC fan and particularly love the selection of eyeshadows available.

MAC Swiss Chocolate is a matte eyeshadow in a scrumptious chocolate brown. This eyeshadow would look stunning on anyone, a warm toned brown which would look perfect teamed with tones of gold, bronze, green and purple!

MAC Review Swatch Eyeshadow
MAC Swiss Chocolate Eyeshadow

MAC Swatch Review
MAC Swatch

As you can see from the swatch the colour is a soft brown exactly like swiss chocolate!! It doesnt crease easily and lasts all day. It is fab to use with a smokey eye.

I would definately recommend this shade!

Have you tried this shade?

A xx

Thursday 18 April 2013

Diary Of A Skincare Loser!

Hey Loveys,

Here is a little series for you lovely readers! A diary of a skincare loser is about my struggles to stick to a routine, struggle to understand and carry out skincare!! Hope you enjoy this series! If you have any tips for me I would appreciate it!!

Image from Google

Day 1.

So my skincare, what does it consist of?! Urm, lets be honest not much!! I wrote a post about my struggles with skincare but my determination to keep going and set myself a routine to stick by, heres the link http://www.whispersfromangels.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/my-skincare-routine.html
So did I achieve this? Well....not really!
I have always been good at taking my makeup off but never good at cleansing, toning, moisturising at night, eyecream, masks, scrubs the list goes on! I never ever have had a morning routine! Should I feel embarrassed? I put day cream on, that good enough? I hear you all screaming at the screen right now! Sorry guys, what a fail I know. So currently here is my night time routine. I use either Bioderma or my Loreal Micellar Solution, then depending on whether I remember or can be bothered I will use Alpha H Liquid Gold every other day. My eye cream- nope not using that anymore which is a shame as I loved it, I just feel like I want to get to sleep quick so to the quickest possible. I know eyecream would take seconds, but thats how Im rolling at the moment. I am using hand cream every night and lipbalm. Am proud of those! Pathetic compared to most of you I know. Then there is my morning routine, urm right what routine? I use a day cream before applying my foundation. Shocking?

Image from Google

So, beauty lovers out there I am crying out for all to advise me and suggest things for me to use and do day or night, I am a working mummy on a mission to change the way I approach skincare, I am 28 with combination skin needing a boast, and encouragment to give me a kick up the backside. Now do I talk on behalf on others or am I one of the few who are basically crap?


A xx

Wednesday 10 April 2013

DGJ Organics Berutti Oil with Argan Oil Review

                                                                                     Hello Loveys,

Hair Oil Berutti Oil DGJ Organic Argan Oil ReviewIf you have watched my February Favourites video then you would have seen this product! *DGJ Organics Berutti Oil to "nourish and help restore hair's natural beauty". This is a hair oil that you apply to damp hair after washing. The oil has a sweet scent that reminds me of Hubba Bubba Gum! A little goes along way and lasts until I have washed my hair again. I love this oil! I feel it nourishes my hair and gives it a boost of shine! My man has commented on how lovely my hair looks and I gave a bottle to a friend who is obsessed with it! This oil is a must have in a hair care routine. It contains Organic Argan oil which helps with hair growth and health of your hair. I apply this to the ends of hair which have been dull and dry, with this oil my ends are healthly, shiny and easy to manage. I will definately be repurchasing this.

DGJ Organics Beruitty Hair Oil Argan Oil review
DGJ Hair Oil

Have you tried this hair oil?

A xx


Wednesday 3 April 2013

Milk_shake Hair Conditioner Review

Hello Loveys!

My hair has been dry and lifeless and didnt feel satisfied with conditioners so was excited when I found this in a beauty box!! I have to admit I had not heard of this brand before and was intrigued by the name Milk_shake, which to me says creamy and yummy! The conditioner is from Italia and has simple clean line packaging in white which stands out amongst the array of colours on offer on the high street. The conditioner is a "no rinse conditioning and protective creamy foam for all hair types". No rinse?! How exciting! I have never tried or heard of this kind of formula and due to my hair not liking conditioners at the moment I was excited to try this so as quick as I could I introduced this into my routine.

Milkshake Leave in conditioner review
Milkshake Conditioner

The can has a nozzle like that you can find on squirty cream cans which I thought was fun, and also easy to use. The product comes out gently and isnt messy at all which I find with other mousse products.  The scent is the exact scent of the milk bottle sweets you can get! I could smell this all day! Its creamy and easy to apply to the hair. I use this when my hair is damp and then dry my hair as normal. The product states it "leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy" which I would agree on, my hair is soft, shiny and feels nourished after using this product! My man now wants to use this! It doesnt make my hair feel weighed down and doesnt leave any residue. I am in love!

leave in conditioner review creamy milk shake
I will definately be repurchasing this and recommending it!

Have you heard of this brand or tried any products?

A x
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