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Wednesday 29 July 2015

Travel Essentials!

So who is going away on holiday this year? I am not but hoping to next year! One question that instantly pops into our heads is right what to pack?! and when it comes to beauty essentials I panic! Is that just me? How am I going to narrow it down! So here is a collection of products that are essential for taking on holiday in a handy baggage friendly carry case.
Suncream and lipbalm with a high spf is essential for those hot sunny rays! What I love about the pouch is how handy it is, you can throw this in your beach bag with no problem.

We all need to make sure we cleanse our faces whilst away, if you are like me then you cut down on what skincare you take so taking some handy wipes can do the trick. These are cruelty free and remove waterproof mascara!

Antibacterial wipes, a small pack with lemon scented wipes perfect for big and little hands whilst away, essential for keeping germs at bay.

Now if you follow me and my blog you will know I can not be anywhere without dry shampoo! This 50ml can of dry shampoo is such a good size for holiday! It has a light scent as you don't want anything too heavy for those hot summer days.

Insect ease bite spray is something that you need for those pesky bugs abroad! Ever had a nightmare mosquito attack and then trudged to the pharmacy trying to explain what you need! Well no need to worry with this can of magic.

Lime and Ginger shower gel. A refreshing zesty shower gel that will keep you feeling happy and refreshed whilst away especially after sunbathing. This scent reminds me of mojitos!
Solait Perfecting Shimmer Oil. When you start getting your tan this looks amazing on the skin! It has a slight shimmer but not anything where you look like a glitter ball! The oil is moisturising and glistens off the skin, a gorgeous product to take and apply whilst out for cocktails.

A handy carry case to carry all these essentials in which would not take up too much room at all!
These were all kindly sent to me by Superdrug to help celebrate the fantastic news of Superdrug now at Bristol Airport! So if you are heading off on your holiday and haven't got your essentials then hop along and grab these beauties!
A xx

Saturday 25 July 2015

Perfect Summer Scent..

Who loves Anthropology? Urmmm ME!!! I adore everything about the shop it is just divine and having one local to me is fabulous!
I found it hard to find a perfume for my wedding but found one in Anthropology from the brand Royal Apothic, I fell in love with the whole range of perfumes available from floral to spicy and sweet. For Christmas I was lucky to get this in my stocking, thank you father Christmas! I adore the scent of rose and rarely find the scent to be like walking into a rose garden until I met this little bottle.
The bottle is packaged in a fabric holder which has a piece of fabric you pull to reveal the pretty hand bag friendly bottle. The bottle is a beautiful ombre colour with a handy spray.
The scent is like someone has picked a fresh rose from the garden, it is the best rose scent I have come across, I am in love! This is perfect for spring/summer.

Top Notes:
Rose Petal
Middle Notes:
Base Notes:
Black Orchid
How handy is this that they feature on the back of the box? I rarely see perfume companies put the exact notes for all to see.
So if you are looking for a beautiful scent in pretty packaging go visit Anthropology for all the scents available in full size or a handy clutch bag size.
Size featured is 10ml at £18.00 which I have had since Christmas and used weekly so does last as you don't need a lot of the product to be able to smell it through the day.
Have you tried any of this range?
A xx


Sunday 12 July 2015

Ebay Finds #


Which is your favourite?
A xx

Sunday 5 July 2015

Review: Toni&Guy 3D Voluminser

What a gorgeous few days we have had?! I am loving this sun guys! I am currently chomping some strawberries with a glass of lemon water- it's how I roll. 

So let's talk about today's review, the Toni&Guy 3D Volumiser, a root boosting spray that promises to make your hair go oomph! This item was on offer in Superdrug a while back so thought I would give it a whirl! 

The packaging is simple with a "dirty gold" colour and pink detailing, it didn't stand out as Toni&Guy to me, have they changed the packing lately? The spray has a handy nozzle that can direct the product directly to the root, I found that made the product easy to use.

I washed my hair the night before, brushed it and lifted my sides up to spray the product into my roots for instant volume. My hair did increase in volume which was just what I wanted, the down side is the product left my hair crispy and dry which irritated me as I want my hair to flow and not look like I have gone back in time to the era of using a whole bottle of hairspray so your hair doesn't move! It's such a shame as the product does add volume but how it makes my hair feel is something that unfortunately puts me off, queue sad face emoji! 

Have you tried this or know of any great products to add volume? 

A x

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