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Saturday 29 December 2012

Vintage Series #4!

Hello Lovelies! Hope are all feeling happy and are well! Here's the fourth post in my vintage series! Today's post is a challenge I set myself at a vintage fair. I went to a Christmas vintage fair just before Christmas and allowed myself to have a budget of £20, considering I can easily spend way more I was hoping I could resist temptation! I find that with vintage I can't say no if I like something because I will never find another item the same, so I just HAVE to buy it, much to my man's frustration!

So here's what I got for £20.

A beautiful floral picture £6!!!

A set of three bambi! I am collecting bambi at the moment! £12.

Cutlery £1!

Glass blue vase £1!

Bargains right? What has been your best buy?

A xx


Review! The Cookie Button Ring!

Hello Lovelies!

I was sent a gorgeous ring from Sammi from thecookiebutton.blogspot.co.uk. The ring came in a pretty pink box with a pink bow, I opened the box to find some purple tissue paper protecting a huge purple crystal ring! The purple crystal is stunning and looks like a heart! It sparkled and dazzled! I loved it! The crystal was attached to an adjustable band, the crystal is super heavy so I had to tighten the ring band. The ring is so pretty and unique, I would wear this out and about and would recommend Sammis shop!


Thanks Sammi!

Have a look at Sammis blog and shop everyone!

A xx


Wednesday 26 December 2012

My 2012 and Christmas Surprise!

So another christmas has passed as we now get ready to say goodbye to 2012. I thought I would do a little post on my year and the perfect end to it!

My Miracle!

The year 2012 has been eventful to say the least, with the arrival of my gorgeous boy, a lovely little miracle. At the end of 2011 I was told I was unable to have children after weeks of discomfort and pain I was taken to hospital for an emergency scan to check my ovaries. I walked into the waiting room surrounded by happy pregnant women, my world crumbled as I realised that would never be me, my dream was to be a mummy and now that would never happen. They called my name and I made my way slowly to the dark room, the scan started and I lay there numb with my man holding my hand. After what felt an eternity the midwife said the words I never thought I would hear, "there is a heartbeat!", I thought you what in my ovary?!? Blimey I am messed up! Then she said "yes, you are 10 weeks pregnant!". PREGNANT?!? The emotions that followed were shock, upset, joy, fear and relief! I cried my eyes out and asked how it was possible, not only was I not meant to have the ability to have children, but the doctors and hospital had done so many pregnancy tests, around 8-10! to check before they gave me strong painkillers, they were always negative! The midwife smiled and we left in shock. So I then moved in with my man which was the plan originally but now we were preparing for a baby! my man was amazing decorating the whole house! June 2012, the month my boy was born, 16 hours of hard labour and there he was my little angel in my arms.

Christmas Day!

Ive been with my man for just over 3 years. We met on a night out in town- how classy! My man is a gentle, intelligent caring person who would do anything for anyone. He loves his rugby! Well any sport to be honest! And is a food fanatic! He is an amazing daddy who will always be there for us, no matter what!
Our first christmas with our little boy, we were so excited as he opened his new presents! I got so caught up with my boy, that I didnt suspect anything. We had opened all our presents and then I had my card from my boy, he sat on my mans lap and they gave it to me, inside it read

"Will you marry my Daddy?"

I had to re read it and as I looked up in shock they were holding the box with my stunning ring in! I couldnt believe it and hugged them so tight! We were that caught up in the moment that we forgot which hand it was to go on!The ring is just stunning, I couldnt believe my eyes and still am in shock! This has been an amazing year, with some downs but the most incredible ups!

Thank you 2012....now I wonder whats in store for 2013!

A xx


Christmas OOTD!

Hello Loveys! I was meant to write this yesterday, but it went crazy! I hope you all had a wonderful day! Heres my OOTD to show you all my festive outfit!

I wore a velvet skater dress from MissGuided! My new favourite shop! Teamed with thick black tights and high black heels. My jewellery was simple with a gold necklace, available from my shop in the new year.


Sunday 23 December 2012

New year makeup!

Hello Loveys! So christmas is round the corner and then bam its new year! The end of 2012! What a year it has been for me, I will do a seperate post on my year, but in the meantime here is a makeup look that would be great for the new year!

1. Apply your moisturiser, foundation and concealor. I used Aldi Lacura Moisturiser, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and MAC Select Cover Up to cover blemishes and for my eye area.
2. Apply a purple shade such as the purple shade in my Sleek Dar Mattes Palette all over and the at a V shape towards the edge of your eye area, then taking a turquoise shade like the one in the Sleek palette apply a line on your lower lash line and blend.
3. Apply eye liner on your lid, I used Maybelline gel liner.
4. Apply a turquoise glitter eye liner such as MAC Peacock liner on your lower lash line.
5. Apply lashings of mascara.
6. Apply a highlighter such as MAC Belightful Pressed Powder to the brow bone.
7. Finish with a pink lipgloss.

What do you all think? Its a shame that my camera didnt pick up the glitter or intensity of the colours as it is a bright colourful look.

Happy christmas!!! Xxxx


Friday 21 December 2012

Advent Calendar #18,19,20,21!

Hello Loveys! Here is the next lot of advent treats!

On the eighteenth day of christmas You Beauty gave to me....

Steamcream moisturiser in Con Amore! I love the packaging!!!!

On the nineteenth of christmas You Beauty gave to me....

Yardley Royal English Daisy Body Spray! A pretty floral fragrance perfect to spritz when out and about.

On the twentieth day of christmas You Beauty gave to me....

Evelom Rescue Face Mask! I am a massive lover of face masks and this sounds like it could rescue my skin when in need.

On the twenty first day of christmas You Beauty gave to me....

Trilogy Rosehip Oil. Packed full of good ness I hope this can pump my skin to make it super!

Hope you are all ready for the days ahead! Not long now!

A xx


Thursday 20 December 2012

A little blogger party....

So who wants to party? Who wants to meet other bloggers? And wants to know when and where!!!!???
I DO!!!

Me and the lovely Sasha from ramblingsofabeautybird are organising a blogger meetup in Bristol! I have always wanted to go and met others but for one reason or another have been unable to, so thought right lets do one! We will have some yummy food and you will get a bag of goodies to take home!

When: 23rd February

Where: Cabot Circus, Bristol.

What: Some yummy lunch at Giraffe then a good ol shop if people would like. We are welcome to ideas!

What next: if you would like to come then please leave me your blog url, twitter contact and email in a comment below. Then wait for upcoming news :)

We are so excited and hope you will be too! We are excited to meet you all and hope you can make it.

Alessia xx

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Christmas Makeup!

Christmas Makeup Inspiration.

As the days become chilly so is the time passing closer to christmas day! We frantically hurry to prepare for the big day, buying presents, wrapping the goodies and drinking mulled wine by the gallon! I love the sparkle of christmas day, dressing up and having glamourous makeup! I thought I would share my look with you all. I will be teaming gold smokey eyes with glossy red lips, so here is how to achieve this look.

Products used.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
MAC Select Cover Up
Collection Illuminating Highlighter
Maybelline Gel Liner Black
Barry M Gold Dust
VIVO Unprotected Palette
Benefit They're Real Mascara Black
MAC Pressed Powder In Belightful
Collection Bronzer In Sunkissed
No7 Blusher In Candy
Rimmel Lipstick 072

1. Apply your moisturiser and using a foundation brush, I used Real Techniques Stippling Brush, apply the foundation.
2. Then my MAC Select Cover Up was dotted all over my eyelids,under my eye area and on any blemishes and blended.
3. I applied a dusting of the Barry M Dust in shade Gold all over my lid and crease area. Then with a smaller brush I applied "Free" a VIVO shade from the Unprotected Palette which is a stunning palette available online or from Tesco, this palette has been named as the dupe for the famous Urban Decay Naked Palette. This shade was applied in my crease line and to the edge of my eye area and then blended.
4. Using my Maybelline Gel Liner I created a thick flicked line to create a glamourous vintage look. My tip is go from the edge of your lash line and gently draw the line in.
5. Lashings of the Benefit They're Real Mascara with my MAC Pressed Powder in Belightful to the inner corners of my eye and below my brow line to gently highlight the area adding a gentle sparkle to finish the look.
6. A light dusting of my Collection Bronzer and on the apples of my cheeks a light dust of the No7 Blusher in Candy. A tip here, smile when applying your blusher to create a natural flush of pink.
7. Finally my Rimmel Lipstick which is a glossy finish to the lips to complete this christmas makeup look.

Hope you have felt inspired by this look. If you are not a red lips kind of lady how about a flush of pink or clear gloss. Instead of a dark shade for the crease, you could use a deep purple for a festive look.
Wishing you all a fantastic christmas and a great new year!


OOTD Rockin with Rihanna

Hello Loveys!!! Heres an OOTD where I am rocking my Rihanna t-shirt! Teamed with a stripey pencil midi skirt from River Island this outfit rocks it! I added a studded bracelet, and with my high black heels and leather jacket I reckon I will be repeating this combo again!

What do you think?

A xx


Monday 17 December 2012

Advent Calendar #14,15,16,17!!

Hello! Sorry for delay in posting this! Gets busier nearer christmas, so many preparations!

On the fourteenth day of christmas You Beauty gave to me...

Bellapierre eye dust in Celebration! A gorgeous gold shade to add sparkle to the festive period!

On the fifteenth day of christmas You Beauty gave to me...

Mirenese Velvet Lift Moisture Shine Lipgloss. A deep pink/red shade! A lovely shade to add to any outift.

On the sixteenth day of christmas You Beauty gave to me....

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath/Shower Oil! A scent of lavander and lemon will make my shower feel like a spa!

On the seventeenth day of christmas You beauty gave to me...

Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer Shine Balm.to tame hair leaving it looking sleek! Ooh excited to try this! Have never used a bal before.

What did you get?

A xx


Thursday 13 December 2012

Skinetica Review!

Hello everyone! I have been meaning to do this review but been so busy dont know what day it is!

I had this sent to me by Richard from Skinetica asking if I would review the product and was happy to try this out.

My skin is combination, rarely do I get breakouts but when I do they are in one area for weeks and it is so annoying! Lately I have had issues with my skin and have put it down to stress so I used this product every other day after I cleansed my face, it states to repeat it every 12 hours but I kept forgetting in the morning! After a couple of weeks I noticed a difference!

Skinetica states it "soothes, calms and clears" and is "fast acting". The scent reminds me of witch hazel and it soothed my skin when applied, the product doesnt contain harsh chemicals and didnt dry my skin out. I did notice a difference, my blemishes reduced in size and redness, the product didnt get rid of the blemish as such, but prevented it returning as it normally would after a few days. I would repurchase this.

8/10 as it wasnt fast acting as it states but did work after a couple of weeks.

Have you tried this?

A x


Advent Calendar #12&13!

Sorry for late post! Busy day yesterday.

On the twelth and thirteenth of christmas You Beauty gave to me....

Balance Me Face Oil- one of my favourite brands! Havent tried this bad boy yet!

St Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion. Ive never tried fake tan before and am kind of scared! Lets hope I get it right!

A xx


Tuesday 11 December 2012

Advent Calendar #11

On the eleventh day of christmas You Beauty gave to me....

Jo Hansford Hair masque!

My hair needs all the help it can get get at the moment!

A xx


Monday 10 December 2012

Beauty Box Swap!

Hope you enjoy! Swap with Aqeela from aqeelakeela@blogspot.co.uk

a xxx

Advent Calendar #10!

On the tenth day of christmas You Beauty gave to me...

Dermalogica Starter Skin Pack!

Ooh love a bit of dermalogica! Got to make sure the man doesnt take these!

A xx


Sunday 9 December 2012

Vintage Series #3!

Hello Lovelies!  This post is going to be a little bit of vintage inspiration to warm the cockles and get you feeling ready for christmas! The glamour and sparkle of years before. I love the paintings of families singing, glamorous dresses, big beautiful trees and shiny baubles to tickle the eye with colour.

 I love vintage/retro christmas cards! Cant beat the colours and design, they are warm and unique! I love the bambi card! I would love it framed!

 Retro chrstmas decorations! I cant wait to get my hands on some, they are crafted beautifully. Each on looking different the one before. Look how creative you can be! Make a wreath! Get a flower arranging green and glue the baubles on! Cheap and cheerful. Collect some from charity shops and vintage fairs!

 I am really into displays of vintage trinkets, chocolate boxes and lace! As you can see in previous posts of my displays at home. I absolutely love the picture on the left with the boxes stacked filled with retro decorations. A simple deer surrounded by retro pink pearls and a small collection of baubles. Simple yet striking! Then on the right, a clear vase filled with eye catching baubles surrounded by a pretty bambi and baubles!

Look at this dress! Why dont we get to wear dresses like this anymore! Imagine the feeling when wearing this, of beauty and glamour. The men dressed smart, I mean who can beat a man in a suit?! Elegant makeup with perfected hair, ah how beautiful!
Hope you have loved this pictures as much as I have!

A xx

Christmas! How do I celebrate?

So its that time of year! Christmas!! Is it just me or does time pass faster each year? I havent got a clue where this year has gone!? There have been ups and downs, smiles and tears! 2012, its nearly time to say goodbye and thankyou for the best moment of my life, becoming a mummy! Here is how I celebrate!

My christmas! I am half italian and half polish with a fantastic heritage that is certainly special at christmas! "La Vigilia" in Italian- The Feast of Seven Fishes where we are known to celebrate christmas eve with up to 13 different courses! Waiting for the birth of Jesus. Then the polish "Wigilia" the christmas eve supper where no red meat is eaten and various courses consist of food such as pasta and fish. We have no italian family in England, they are all across the seas in Italia, but some polish family are here and have been since the war, but my family history will be for another time. Christmas eve was such an exciting time for me, where the family would all gather at my grandparents, where my beautiful Dzaidzio, my grandad would love seeing everyone eating lots and smiling whilst opening presents during the time my poor elegant Babcia, my grandma would be scurrying around ensuring everyone had eaten, spending her whole time in the kitchen cooking delicious food for her seven grandchildren, three children+husbands/wives and sister! So quite a few for her to cater for! We would start the evening with the breaking of the oplatek, a blessed white wafer with an image of the nativity on, we would break a piece going around to each member of our family with best wishes for the new year. This would always end in tears as we all hugged eachother with wishes of love and blessings. Then the meal would commense, up to twelve dishes which symbolised the meal with the 12 apostles at the last supper. We usually had a smoked salmon, herring with apple, beetroot soup with filled dumplings, pierogi, pasta with two fillings, cod, stewed fruit and various cakes. A beautiful meal made by my beautiful Babcia. After this feast, we would have our Dzaidzio ring a bell symbolising that father christmas had come, so off to the front room we would go with anticipation! my Dzaidzio would call out the names on the presents as the grandchildren passed the presents to the family members. We would get our presents from our aunties/uncles and grandparents. We would play with our gifts and chatter away as the washing up was mastered! Then off to midnight mass we would go, struggling to stay awake!!
Christmas day would arrive, with the excitment of me and my brothers stockings! We would pile into my bedrooms room and each take it in turn to open a gift, then would hurry downstairs to the see what surprises waited for us under the tree! We would have a little cocktail and croissants then commence the christmas preparations for our second feast! Get glammed and eat our stunning meal by our stunning Mama. Our christmas is about food and family, good nature and kindness. I love our christmas.

As time has changed so has our family, grandparents have passed to a better place so traditions have changed. For the first time I am going to be doing Wigilia, I hope I can make my grandparents proud. I will be starting this tradition for my man, little angel, brother and parents. I feel its important to carry traditions on, I really want my angel to experience what I have found as the best times. Fingers crossed I can do it the best I can.

I wish I could say thank you to my grandparents for loving me the way they did, for making christmas feel like the best time of the year. I love you and miss you.

So readers, what are your traditions?

A xx

Advent calendar #9!

On the ninth day of christmas You Beauty gave to me...

Bioeffect EDF Serum!

Never heard of this before, love eye serums!

A xx


Saturday 8 December 2012

Advent Calendar #8!

On the 8th day of christmas You Beauty gave to me...

Philosophy Facial Cleanser!

Yay always wanted to try this brand!!!

A xx


Friday 7 December 2012

Advent Calendar #7!

On the seventh day of christmas You beauty gave to me.....

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation!

Intrigued by this, take it its a type of bb cream?

A xx


Thursday 6 December 2012


Hello Angels! Wow 300 followers!!! Thank you so much everyone! Am so grateful and cant believe that 300 people think I am good enough with my blog that they would actually follow! Thank you so much to each everyone of you and those that read my blog too! You all make me smile! So to say thankyou I have done a 300 follower giveaway! Just fill in the rafflecopter below and I will announce the winner at the end of the giveaway either via email or twitter. Sorry for the poor quality of photos, my iphone lately hasnt been too great.

What you will win....

A MAC Lipstick from the Holiday Collection in Lickable.
Barry M Nail Effects Nailvarnish in Gold
A Vie Necklace
A leopard print makeup bag from the MAC holiday collection
Benta Berry Moisturiser

This is open internationally.
I am not held responsible for any allergic reactions to products or damage to products due to postal journey.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Advent Calendar #6!

On the sixth say of christmas You Beauty gave to me....

Espa Eye Serum and Moisturiser!

Havent heard of this brand, pretty excited!

A xx


Tuesday 4 December 2012

Advent Calendar #5!

On the fifth day of christmas You Beauty gave to me...

Richard Ward Root Booster Volumizer Spray!

Never tried this before fingers crossed it boosts my hair!

A xx


Monday 3 December 2012

Vintage Series #2!

Hello Beautiful Readers! Heres the second installment! A vintage pin up makeup look!

Products used:

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation
MAC Select Cover Up
Maybelline Gel liner
VIVO Unprotected Palette
Benefit Browzings
Maxfactor Kohl Pencil
Benefit They're Real Mascara
MAC Belightful Pressed Powder
No7 Candy blush
Rimmel 072 Lipstick

Firstly I applied my foundation, select cover up on blemishes and under theye . I used my VIVO palette shades Escape for the base and Wrap for the crease. Flick of gel liner and lashings of mascara. I used my MAC powder to highlight my brow bone and cheekbones. Finally I filled in my brows, sweeps of blusher, a dot of the kohl pencil on my cheek bone and a layer of red lippy to complete this vintage look!

What do you think?

A xx


Advent Calendar #3!

On the third day of christmas You Beauty gave to me...

Benefit They're Real Mascara!!

Never tried this so am very excited!

A xx


Sunday 2 December 2012

My Skincare Routine!

Hello Lovelies! So today I thought I would do a post on my evening skincare routine, reviewing the items I use and revealing my previous laziness!

From as young as I can remember my mama would tell me to cleanse, tone, moisturise and use eye cream, I would say "yeah yeah" and ignore, but boy do I wish I listened as it is so important. I started wearing makeup at the age of 16, I wore a little bit of mascara and concealer, then at 17 I wore more. My skincare routine was awful! I wanted to take my makeup off as quickly as possible! So I used to mainly use makeup remover wipes and would roughly remove my makeup, scrunching up my eye area! not good! I would never moisturise till I was around 19, and I didnt cleanse till around 20, which was only if I didnt have the wipes! Thats bad isnt it! But the one thing I always did was ensure my makeup was off before bed, which I feel is so important to give your skin some air! Sounds wierd but Ive always thought makeup as a layer covering it from the air! As my mama says "its important to let your skin breath".
At around 23 I started doing Virgin Vie makeup consultancy and learnt more about skincare. I had cleanser, toner and moisturiser from the kit I recieved which I loved. I used these products, but not daily as I felt it took time! Then at 24 I would moisturise daily in the morning and at 25 I started buying cleansers and toners, but only ones on offer nothing specific! Never spent a lot on them and sometimes would only cleanse and not tone, and still wouldnt use night cream and eye cream! Dreadful!
I began blogging in April of this year, but didnt get into it till around July time. I have learnt so much from the bloggersphere and wish I had listened to my mama from day one! She has stunning skin and doesnt look her age at all! I am 27 and it is showing! I now cleanse, tone, moisturise and use eye cream. I also use face masks and scrubs. I think my skin feels better, it must be relieved! I have always had a great diet of plenty of fresh fruit, veg and water, I feel these are a must for healthy skin as I think that is what has helped me all these years, combine that with a good skincare routine and you are away with the "fab skin" club!
My current skincare routine.

Bioderma- a cleanser that is gentle and takes every bit of makeup/dirt off effortlessly including waterproof mascara! It is perfume free and hypoallergenic. An easy product to use, perfect for every skin type. Mine is combination, but many bloggers who are dry, oily etc use this with positive results. It also has cucumber extract that soothes the skin. A perfect bottle of loveliness! 10/10 with simple clear packaging!

Alpha H Liquid Gold- an item I had heard a lot about, I use this every other night after my Bioderma, keeping this on overnight for an intense treatment. This product contains Glycolic acid which is meant to improve the tone and texture of the skin, working your skin overnight which leaves it tighter and firmer. It slightly tingles when applied, my skin glows and looks brighter! Love this product! 9/10 only due to packaging as feel its a bit bland! But thats just me!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream- this cream is beautiful! It smells so gorgeous! A zesty scent that leaves my eye area firm, refreshed and smooth. It soothes any puffiness and has a silky consistency. It states it "helps to revitalise, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearace of fine lines." I agree with this statement and am enjoying using this daily! I pat this around the edge of my eye area. The aroma leaves me feeling relaxed with pretty clean lined packaging. 10/10!
Monu Extra Rich Night Cream- this was a sample I recieved in a beauty box and it is still going! I wasnt sure on the scent at first but love it now! It smells of incense burners with a floral twist. It states it "helps maintain a fresh youthful bloom to the complexion" which I agree with as my skin feels dehydrated, refreshed and soft! Even though its for very dry skin, and I am combination, it is not greasy or oily! Its just right with a silky texture that sinks into the skin. Packaging is simple and clean. 9/10.
Galenco SOS Lipbalm- I have got into a habit of moisturising my lips as part of my skincare routine. I had this in my Joliebox and have loved every minute! It smells sweet, reminds me of shea and peach! It moisturises and lasts quite some time on my lips, leaving my lips soft and hydrated. The only thing Im not keen on is the packaging which I think lets it down. 8/10 due to packaging.

What is your routine? Do you use any of the products mentioned?

A xx

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