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Saturday 21 December 2013

Christmas: What is the reality?

Hi Loveys,
Todays post is food for thought, its about those that aren't as fortunate as many at Christmas, most of us think all children are having fun on Christmas morning, but look round your town, village or city and you will be shocked to know that behind a door could be a childs worst nightmare, for some children Christmas is the worst time of year.
Some children will experience joy and love, where they get to open presents on Christmas morning seeing family look on at them with smiles and laughter. But the realisation for many is quite the opposite, violence, alcohol, no presents, no tree, or the decoration and presents are destroyed, no food or warmth, the list goes on. These are the children I wish I could treat to a Christmas that would make them happy, where they get to see what Christmas can be like. I am not saying that Christmas is a day of material items, I am saying its a time for a child to feel magic, to feel love and warmth, where they can have a special day with family or friends that love them, where they can have a time to play and laugh.
Many charities do provide support for children and families, but many slip through the net, its so sad to think children around the world are left to endure upset and pain all year round, don't think this is different for Christmas day. So look in your local council to see what charities support children, families and the homeless over this period and get involved.

I also worry about the homeless, without food and warmth, we easily forget about the reality of Christmas that it isn't a "happy" time for everyone, that many suffer in silence and have to deal with loneliness and sadness. What can we do? We can give to charities, give to your local food bank who can give Christmas hampers, volunteer at your local hostel and homeless soup run. We need to open our eyes to what is truly happening around us, that people are suffering. The saying "charity starts at home" is so true, we need to support those closer to home because the world isn't as rosy as we may think, children and families in poverty and abuse is a daily occurrence for thousands around the UK. Here is a shocking statistic that was published from last Christmas in one county alone.
 On an average day over a year the police within Avon and Somerset were notified of approximately 1400 incidents of which 14 were domestic abuse related. Over the Christmas period last year around 914 incidents were notified per day, of which 28 related to domestic abuse and over the New Year period, there were about 1295 incidents per day, of which 50 were DV (domestic violence) related.
These are figures that may shock you, we need to realise that this is only one county, so how many incidents are happening in other counties? and the main question I want to know the answer to is how many are not reported to the police?
A x

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Review: Ginvera

Hello Loveys!
*Todays review is on two products from Ginvera. Ginvera was established in 1985 by Dr Tor Lam Haut in Singapore. Ginveras mission is "To be a caring and innovative organization that brings youthfulness, beauty and health to the public." What I like about this company is that not only do they care about the consumer but they also care about the staff which is rare to get nowadays!
The packaging is green which runs through most of the brands products, with metallic green lids which I find is a nice touch, I am not particularly keen on the colour but I always like metallic added to products packaging.
Ginvera Marvel Gel is an exfoliating gel that removes dead skin which "produces new skin cells to replace aging and dead skin cells everyday." This product can be used daily which "removes dead skin cells that clog pores, cause and support blackheads, thus eliminating and preventing formation of blackheads which can lead to pimples".
Here is what Ginvera claim the product can do for you
 1) Removes blackheads painlessly
 2) Softens the cornified layer and gently removes dead skin cells
 3) Refines pores and reveals finer, smoother skin
 4) Fades pigmentation spots and acne scars
 5) Removes oil seeds around eye area
 6) Regulates and balances oil secretion, prevent pimples
 7) Evens out skin tone to give skin clarity
 8) Dull and rough skin becomes smoother and fairer
 9) Stimulates skin metabolism, skin becomes younger
 10) Allows rapid and instant penetration of skincare products applied subsequently
The great thing about this product is by removing the dead skin cells helps the skin produce new skin cells. I expected this product to be like other exfoliators where you have tiny grains which can sometimes be quite harsh to the skin, but instead it was a smooth green gel. I applied this gel to my dry skin and massage it in, to my amazement I could feel skin lifting in tiny fragments, not in a scary way at all!! It was satisfying in a weird way, I could see how badly my skin needed to be exfoliated as I had quite a bit! I literally was hooked from that moment, my skin was so smooth and soft after I used this product. My skin appears brighter and have not had any blemishes since using this! Literally am obsessed! Would highly recommend this, its a tube of magic for the skin!
Ginvera, Green, Skincare, Review, Blogger, Marvel, Gel, Exfoliator,

Ginvera, Green, Skincare, Review, Blogger, Marvel, Gel, Exfoliator,
Ginvera Repair and Nourish Night Cream is a cream that I have used every night since receiving it, it is a lightly fresh scented moisturiser that feels rich on the skin. The cream has Lycium extact that helps promote skin cells oxygen intake and therefore promoting a brighter complexion. It also contains Biogel and Ginseng which help cell renewal and absorption of nutrients. Ginvera states it is formulated to help "skin cells in repairing and renewing at night". The cream has Ginveras famous ingredient Green Tea which is rich in antioxidants to protect the skin against harmful free radicals and helps the skin from aging as it protects against UV rays.
I rarely use night cream as find it can clog up my pores and make my skin feel oily after a few nights of use, but this one feels different, my oil levels feel controlled, whereas normally with my combination skin I can have an oil overdrive on my T-zone, but the combination of the gel and night cream seem to help. I love that this cream has a light fresh scent which sinks into the skin making my skin feel super soft to touch it isn't greasy or sticky. I also find you don't need a lot of the product to feel like your face is moisturised.
Ginvera, Green, Skincare, Review, Blogger, Marvel, Gel, Exfoliator,Green Tea, Night, Cream, Moisturiser

Moisturiser, Green Tea, Ginvera, Green, Skincare, Review, Blogger, Marvel, Gel, Exfoliator,

Moisturiser, Green Tea, Ginvera, Green, Skincare, Review, Blogger, Marvel, Gel, Exfoliator,
Have you tried these products or any other from Ginvera?
A x

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Christmas Stocking Fillers!

Hey Loveys!
Here is a list of my top 5 Christmas stocking gifts perfect for those who aren't sure what to get or need some inspiration.

Urban Outfitters Photo Album
LOVE this!! "Parties with my bitches"

Korres Rose Collection

I love the scent of rose and I love Korres so this is perfect!



Topshop Statement necklace
I love the statement necklace pieces available, they dress up any outfit!
Cath Kidston Little Birds Ticket Holder
I adore this Cath Kidston print, its so sweet!

Pamela Mann Paris Skyline Tights

These are gorgeous, the skyline looks so delicate and pretty!



What do you think of my list? What do you want to find in your stocking?

A x

Friday 6 December 2013

OOTD- Watch The Leaves Fall....

Hi Loveys,
Here is an OOTD which I wore when seeing the gorgeous Sasha from ramblings of a beauty blogger. Love this girl!! She took the photos so all credit to her.
Excuse the state of my hair and face! Dreadful!!

Clothes, Fashion, OOTD, Celine, Feline, Ebay, Missguided, Boohoo, New Look


Clothes, Fashion, OOTD, Celine, Feline, Ebay, Missguided, Boohoo, New Look
Necklace- Ebay
Top- Ebay
Trousers- Missguided
Shoes- New Look
Jacket- Boohoo
A x


Monday 2 December 2013

Christmas: what does it mean to you?

Hi loveys!!
Well its December which means one thing- CHRISTMAS!!! As a child I loved Christmas, being from a multi cultural background I was lucky to experience Christmas in many exciting ways. I am half Italian and half Polish. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve where we have a huge meal with all the family, eating fish and pasta dishes! I love the food its such a beautiful selection of courses. My Dzaidzio ( grandfather) would get so excited seeing his family together around the table, you could see how proud he was. He would encourage us to eat and eat till our bellies couldn't take anymore. After we had eaten a bell would ring and we would all trot off to the front room where a sparse tree was present with retro décor! We would then exchange gifts and go to midnight mass where on many occasions I found hard to stay awake as this would go on for hours! Off to bed we went making sure we hung our stockings up. Christmas day would arrive, the excitement and anticipation of knowing what filled our stockings was too much for me to handle! Me and my brother would rush to my parents to open the presents then downstairs we went running as fast as we could to see what Father Chrismas left us under the tree. I was such a lucky girl, I am very grateful to my parents for making Christmas such a magical time surrounded by our family.
I remember the day I found out Father Christmas wasn't true, literally I felt my heart break! I honestly believed he was true no matter what my friends had said, I just wouldn't believe it! As soon as I knew the truth Christmas wasn't the same, I didn't feel the magic anymore, where I would look up into the sky thinking I had seen Father Christmas on his sleigh with his reindeer pulling him along, or thinking there was soot on the carpet from his boots! I had such an imagination and truly believed the magic of Father Christmas.
Google Images
I had my little boy and my whole world changed for the better I absolutely love him and cant imagine a life without him. Christmas arrived and I was excited but he was still too young to understand. I had a beautiful surprise of an engagement which made it so special. Now it will be Christmas where my little boy will show me what the magic of Christmas is all about, he already is getting excited at seeing trees up and lights shining. I have pretty much sorted his presents and his stocking which is the stocking I had as a child that my Mama made me. I have not been this excited since I found out Father Christmas was not real, but since having my boy and seeing his magical face light up I feel the magic again. I cant wait to see his face and hear him go "wow"!
Christmas to me is about family and friends, remembering the important things in life such as food on the table, giving and being the best person you can to those less fortunate and to those you love. I believe in God so yes I do go to church and follow that but the best part for me is sharing it with those I love, with those I am lucky to have in my life who make everything complete. I wish people would make an effort all year round and stand back to see what they have. For those where Christmas is a difficult time, I wish them peace and happiness, I hope for them to smile and have some hope and love. I wish I could have a big mansion in the middle of a forest where I can cook a massive Christmas meal for those who wont have a smile on Christmas day, but that's another post I will write.
How do you feel about Christmas? What do you do to celebrate and what is the magic of Christmas to you?
A x

Google Images

Thursday 28 November 2013

John Lewis Secret Santa Reveal!

Hi Loveys!
As some of you may already know I was lucky to be asked to take part in the John Lewis Secret Santa. I chose a gift for a blogger and then received mine and what a beaut it is! My package arrived and I was so excited that I tore open the packaging before I could even take a deep breath. I found a green box and the Ted Baker Logo ooooh what was inside......
John Lewis, Ted Baker, Leather, Pink, Mint, Green, Patent, Purse, Pretty, Review, Cute
John Lewis, Ted Baker, Leather, Pink, Mint, Green, Patent, Purse, Pretty, Review, Cute
I received a pretty patent pink and mint green Ted Baker purse with a clear gem clasp. The purse is 100% leather and is such a cutie! It has a good variety of compartments which every woman needs for all those pennies, notes (well I wish) and cards! It is a good size so it can fit a clutch bag without it bulging out! It has a handy zip and a fabulous gem clasp which adds a touch of glamour. The think that strikes me about this purse is the gorgeous colour, its a muted light dusky pink with a light mint green, the colours remind me of ice cream all fluffy and cute!

John Lewis, Ted Baker, Leather, Pink, Mint, Green, Patent, Purse, Pretty, Review, Cute

John Lewis, Ted Baker, Leather, Pink, Mint, Green, Patent, Purse, Pretty, Review, Cute
When I opened the purse I noticed a quote in pretty italic writing
"Ted says the more you give the more you get"
I love this quote, it means I will not feel so guilty when I am at the till spending money! I now have a good excuse!

John Lewis, Ted Baker, Leather, Pink, Mint, Green, Patent, Purse, Pretty, Review, Cute

John Lewis, Ted Baker, Leather, Pink, Mint, Green, Patent, Purse, Pretty, Review, Cute

John Lewis, Ted Baker, Leather, Pink, Mint, Green, Patent, Purse, Pretty, Review, Cute
To purchase this cute purse check out the John Lewis site
It retails at £65.00.

What do you think? Have you taken part in a secret Santa?
A x

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Christmas WishList!

Hello Loveys!
Today is a little festive number, my wishlist for Christmas! Whenever I am asked what I want for Christmas I panic! Silly I know, but I think oh crap what shall I choose as there is so much or I go blank where I forget what I have lusted over, so here is a list of the things I would love to open on Christmas day.
This looks amazing! I watched Tanya Burrs video and this was featured. It appeared so quick and easy to use! I love having curly hair but hate the faff of achieving perfect curls so this is the perfect tool!
I love pleather! I love skorts! So this combination is perfect!
I love statement necklaces', and found this little beauty on the topshop website!
This Pink Nouveau shade is perfect! Really would love a Barbie pink lipstick.
These are just a few of the gifts I would love!
What would you love to receive on Christmas day?
A x

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Review: NSPA Bloom Eau De Toilette

NSPA, Review, Fragrance, Perfume, Pretty, Pink, Floral, Flowers, Rose, SPAHello Loveys,
Todays post is a review on the new fragrances by *NSPA. NSPA is a brand I am a fan of, they are "UKs No.1 Day Spa".
NSPA, Review, Fragrance, Perfume, Pretty, Pink, Floral, Flowers, Rose, SPAThe fragrance featured is Bloom, which states it is a "delicate scent which has its own story reminiscent of blissful bouquets, fresh floras and pretty petals" The packaging is very pretty with a picture of a bouquet of pink flowers on the front with the shade pink being followed throughout. The bottle is a simple yet elegant style, a clear bottle with a silver top and a white floral design. I always prefer it when you can see the perfume in the bottle, I feel it gives it an expensive feel. The fragrance is a sweet floral fragrance, it has "feminine tones" which I agree with, definitely a scent for the spring/summer days when you are walking in a field of flowers whilst wearing a pretty floaty dress.
NSPA, Review, Fragrance, Perfume, Pretty, Pink, Floral, Flowers, Rose, SPAThe scent has Rose, Jasmine, and Tuberose with an essential oil of Vetiver. I would say this is a perfect girley scent, it lasts well but have it in your handbag for a spritz here and there. Some floral scents can remind some people of old grannies, but this does not I can assure you, if so then that is one cool granny! 

        Have you tried any of the scents?

                                 A x
NSPA, Review, Fragrance, Perfume, Pretty, Pink, Floral, Flowers, Rose, SPA


Friday 15 November 2013

Lauren Conrad Star Style

Lauren Conrad, Pretty, Girl, The Hills, Fashion, Beauty, Famous, Celebrity, Style, StarLauren Conrad, Pretty, Girl, The Hills, Fashion, Beauty, Famous, Celebrity, Style, Star

Hello Loveys!
Lauren Conrad, Pretty, Girl, The Hills, Fashion, Beauty, Famous, Celebrity, Style, Star
Here is another Star Style post, think I will do these regularly, what do you think?
Lauren Conrad was first seen on the American series The Hills. Lauren instantly grabbed the audience with her simple yet striking style, elegant makeup teamed with her glowing skin made the girls look in awe! Lauren has showed her girly side with floaty skirts and floral patterns and then her rock chic look with leather, crushed velvet and red bold lips. Lauren has proved she is a style icon and has delved into the world of fashion and beauty with no hesitation, most girls seem to own her book and leap with excitement when she is seen on screen.

What I love about Lauren is her effortless style, combining simple makeup with chic dresses, or her bold lips teamed with a statement necklace or high heels. She really never seems to get it wrong, in my eyes anyway. I love the red jacket, it shows she means business and with leather trousers shows a sexy side.
Lauren will always be a style icon in my eyes, what do you think?
A xx

Sunday 10 November 2013

Ebay Finds #8

Hello Loveys,
Here is another selection of items found on Ebay.
Ebay, Dress, Fashion, Cheap, Leather, Black, Brown, Japanese, Girl, Blogger
Bodycon Pleather Effect Dress
Jewel, Pretty, Bling, Jewellery. Statement, Necklace, Sparkle, Ebay, Dress, Fashion, Cheap, Leather, Black, Brown, Japanese, Girl, Blogger
Statement Necklace
Fashion, Cape, Coat, Wool, Girl, Vixpo, Black, Korean, Ebay, Cheap, Black,
Gorgeous Wool Cape that can be worn as a coat!
Fab Clutch Bag
Fashion, Blog, Shoe, Shoes, Gold, Leather, Girl, Heels, Ebay
My fav!! Wagner Black Shoes
Hope you liked my list of products!
Let me know your favourite
A xx

Friday 8 November 2013

John Lewis Secret Santa!

Christmas, John Lewis, secret, Santa, father christmas, Present, Gift, Red,
*Who loves Secret Santa? Me!!
I am very lucky to announce that I am taking part in the John Lewis Secret Santa! This campaign reflects the John Lewis advert where they celebrate the anticipation of Christmas and the joy of giving gifts, which is what a Secret Santa is all about.

The giving part is always what excites me more at Christmas, I already have pretty much completed my Christmas shopping, insane I know! But I literally can not wait, especially with a child it brings back the magic of Father Christmas. I remember looking into my stocking with excitement and then running downstairs to see what was under the tree, I honestly could not wait, then as I got older I would be so excited to see how my family would react when they ripped open the wrapping paper to reveal a gift I had bought them, seeing an expression of happiness and surprise would make my day so to take part in a Secret Santa will be fantastic, yes I know I wont see their facial expression but hopefully they will blog about it so I can read how they feel!

Have you taken part in a Secret Santa? This isn't my first and hopefully not my last!

A xx

Christmas, John Lewis, secret, Santa, father christmas, Present, Gift, Red,
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