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Friday 8 November 2013

John Lewis Secret Santa!

Christmas, John Lewis, secret, Santa, father christmas, Present, Gift, Red,
*Who loves Secret Santa? Me!!
I am very lucky to announce that I am taking part in the John Lewis Secret Santa! This campaign reflects the John Lewis advert where they celebrate the anticipation of Christmas and the joy of giving gifts, which is what a Secret Santa is all about.

The giving part is always what excites me more at Christmas, I already have pretty much completed my Christmas shopping, insane I know! But I literally can not wait, especially with a child it brings back the magic of Father Christmas. I remember looking into my stocking with excitement and then running downstairs to see what was under the tree, I honestly could not wait, then as I got older I would be so excited to see how my family would react when they ripped open the wrapping paper to reveal a gift I had bought them, seeing an expression of happiness and surprise would make my day so to take part in a Secret Santa will be fantastic, yes I know I wont see their facial expression but hopefully they will blog about it so I can read how they feel!

Have you taken part in a Secret Santa? This isn't my first and hopefully not my last!

A xx

Christmas, John Lewis, secret, Santa, father christmas, Present, Gift, Red,


  1. Yay I'm also taking part in this! X

  2. I'm always taking part & so excited to be! :)

    Nyss x

  3. I've never done a secret santa but I think next year I might have a go at joining in with one!
    Ffion x


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