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Thursday 31 January 2013

Vintage Series #6

Hello Gorgeous readers!!
Here is the sixth edition to my vintage series. Today we are talking vintage books! I have never thought anything when it comes to vintage books that are tattered! But my mama as always came up with an amazing idea! Gather your vintage books or hunt for them in a charity shop or car boot sell for under £5. You really can get some stunning vintage books that have amazing covers or beautiful writing.

Tie your books together with some lace, add a stunning crown or some vintage keys, or how about a teacup and saucer or you could place the tied up books within a glass cake stand or place them on a corner of a coffee table. They look gorgeous and add vintage glamour to any room.

Here are some images to inspire, the first two are what my mama had created for the coffee table.

Apart from the first two other images are from weheartit.com
What do you think? Inspired?
A xx

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Website of the week #2

Hello Lovelies!

I have decided to do a new series, a website of the week series where I feature a new website each week for you all to have a look at! Last week I did cruise and this week is a gorgeous jewellery website that sells affordable fashionable jewellery starting at....0.01p!! Can you believe it!! So affordable and a great way to update your jewellery! I am getting onto this site and buying now!

Here are some of wish list items from the site.
Full Iridescent Crystal Shambala Bracelet.
A pretty bracelet that would add sparkle to any outfit!
Black & Gold Geometric Earrings.
I love these sooo much!! These are definately being purchased!
Multi Arrow Head Necklace.
I love all things spike and stud! This beautiful necklace would look so good with a plain tshirt!
Retro Gold Bow Bobble
This is so unusual! I love it! What a great way to add some bling to your hair!
Which item do you like?
A xx

Monday 28 January 2013

Sunday 27 January 2013

500 Blog Giveaway!

Hello Lovelies!

Well I literally am in shock that I am at 500 blog followers!! How? Why? Thank you to everyone for making me feel like I am achieving something! I love blogging and have met some amazing people, people who inspire and share the same passions! So to say thank you to everyone I thought I would hold a 500 thank you giveaway, I actually had this saved for when I got to 500, didnt think it would be this quick.

You will win a MAC Tenderly Warm Pigments Selection. It includes a gorgeous turqouise box with a black bow, four pigments of stunning neutral shades, Darling Coquette, Silk Stocking, Rose light and Ever Elegant. They are stunning neutral shades fromn the MAC Glamordaze collection. £22.50.

                                                       Rules apply to the giveaway. Please use the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Good luck! Winner will be announced on twitter! A xx

Saturday 26 January 2013

Vintage Series #5

Here is a post where I have found some inspirational photos that inspire me with all things vintage! Hope you enjoy!

BRING IN SOME COLOR I have started an obsession on all things Deer/Fawn like!! I love them and think they are super cute especially ones that are vintage! I love this picture!!!

Vogueeee I love the mixture of modern and vintage with the stunning tray where they have placed a keyboard! Mixed with a bright pink flower and a vogue book is all a girl needs!

C'est la vie Vintage music paper is something I have loads of!! I use them to cover all sorts of things, like the inside of a wardrobe or a notebook or within a vintage frame!

 Miniature Heirloom Roses Dishes Kit by true2scale on EtsyVintage China!! LOVE LOVE LOVE is all I got to say, also tea seems to taste better!

pretty things Search on Indulgy.combeauty

Vintage inspired weddings just blow  me away! I am so excited to be able to plan mine, vintage is the key.....! I will do some posts on it if you are interested.

 Look at this gorgeous vintage dressing table!!! I absolutely love this! I love vintage boxes, and trays, adorned with jewellery and cosmetics is a match made in heaven.

 A gorgeous vintage wooden display box painted and filled with vintage finds looks so pretty, add some flowers and lace doilys and you are good to go!

Hope you all liked the inspirations I have found.

A xx


Friday 25 January 2013

Review! Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Hello gorgeous people!

Today I am writing about a foundation that I discovered on our highstreet in the good old Boots (drugstore) this foundation has a bright orange lid and glass bottle which stands out. This foundation has had such great reviews, so I decided to purchase this after years of always using my MAC Studio Fix Foundation my true friend! I purchased shade Soft Beige 200. So to save pennies I made the plunge to try something different....am I happy I did? Keep reading lovelies!

Rimmel states it is "Our first foundation that visibily reawakens and illuminates skin with a radiant glow and flawless natural looking finish. Instant anti-age fatigue effect. With peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex".

Packaging The packaging certainly stands out with the bold orange lid! Orange isnt a favourite colour of mine but hey not a massive problem for me. The bottle is glass which I personally love as it adds an expensive look to the packaging. The lid has the lovely Rimmel crown logo on and is sturdy and easy to remove. What I love about this foundation is the pump, I really struggle with foundations that dont have pumps as I feel I dont get all the product out or I cant get any! This pump is easy to use and pumps out just the right amount.

How does it look? This foundation feels so good! It isnt thick and gloopy, it is silky and easy to apply. It doesnt streak and made my skin feel soft, looking radiant, bright and happy! This certainly doesnt make me look "caked" as some foundations can do and it covered my blemishes. The product lasts all day! I am so impressed by the look it gives me!

Conclusion I agree with Rimmels statement! This foundation is easy to use, illuminates the skin as well as giving it a flawless finish that looks natural! The foundation stays put all day and ensures my skin feels soft and looks bright! Super foundation that I prefer to my trusty MAC foundation and that is saying a lot from me!

10/10!! Go get it people!!

Have you tried this or is what is your current favourite foundation?
A xx


Wednesday 23 January 2013

Compare the....facial wash cleansers!

Hello Loveys!

I am starting a new series within the field of beauty. A "Compare the..." series, where I compare two or more of the same item, such as todays where I am comparing two different branded facial cleansers, I will compare them and then rate my favourite! How does that sound? Well here it goes.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash

What it says This states it is a "gentle foaming wash to cleanse the skin and fight bacteria".

How to use it You add a small amount in the palm of your hands and massage onto wet face creating a lather, then rinse with warm water. It doesnt say whether you can only use this a certain amount of times, but I used this both morning and night.

Scent? This is a sweet floral scent, now I love sweet scents but this isnt a scent I am that keen on for a facial wash, I personally like washes to smell fresh and clean.

How it feels This is a soft white foam like substance that is super soft but slightly sticky if you dont apply to wet face!

After use The product felt lovely on the skin, it was so soft and felt gentle. The product removed all my makeup and dirt, I was very impressed with that aspect, but I didnt like the feeling it gave my skin afterwards, it felt like "plastic" which I know is a odd description, but I didnt like the feeling it gave my face thought it did cleanse well!

Conclusion Not too keen on the scent and feeling it gave my face after use, but if you dont mind then you would love this product as it was impressive with how it removed every trace of makeup and dirt. I would reccommend this but not sure I would repurchase. I would give this product 6/10.

Vichy Normaderm Tri Activ Cleanser.

What it says It doesnt actually say what it does so I will just explain. It is a tri activ cleanser that you can use in three ways, one as a facial cleansing wash, one as an exfoliant and one as a mask. Pretty impressive! It has no parabens, no soap and no alcohol which is super to see as these are harsh for the skin!

How to use it Apply to damp face and massage into the skin then rinse off with water.

Scent? This has a lovely fresh light floral scent that stays on the skin for quite a while, I love this scent and cant help but sniff the bottle!!

How it feels It is a slightly grainy green coloured cool thick clay like substance. When applyed to a damp face it lathers well and feels cool.

After use My skin feels slightly tighter after use which I quite like! My skin feels refreshed and awake. It removes all traces of makeup and dirt which was great as didnt have a dirty towel!

Conclusion I love the scent and how you can use this product in three different ways. It made my skin feel refreshed and clean, and with an added bonus of no parabens or alcohol it would suit even sensitive skin. I would recommend this and repurchase. The only thing I am not keen on is the packaging, its not very clear and has many translations on the back. 9/10.

And the winner is......

Have you got a favourite facial cleasning wash or have you tried any of the products I have reviewed?
A xx


Tuesday 22 January 2013

MAC Lipstick Review Rocker!

Hello Lovelies!

Here is a MAC lipstick review in the shade Rocker from the Apres Chic collection.

Packaging Nothing different with the usual packaging which was a little sad as I love the see the packaging they come up with for new collections, but its the usual matte finish packaging. Stylish and simple.

How it looks/feels This lipstick is now a new favourite of mine! I have a few lipsticks and I am in love with this! It is a deep berry shade with tiny bits of glitter, it is such a stunning shade that I urge you all to try it! The shade is so sumptous and perfect to create a vampy look. The lipstick is in a matte finish, it is easy to apply, soft and moisturising for the lips. The lipstick lasts for hours! I didnt need to reapply after I ate! I doesnt dry or flake, and I had a lot of comments on it! I definately would recommend this to you all!

Conclusion  This lipstick is a new favourite! It has rivelled Rebel! If you love your deep shades then this is the lipstick for you! Hurry and grab this beauty! You wont regret it. This lipstick is so soft and my lips felt moisturised throughout the day. A beautiful lipstick that wont disappoint.

Have you tried this lipstick?
A xx



Website of the week #1 Cruise! Look what I found!

Hello Lovelies!

Heres a little post on a site I found that I thought I would share with you all.

This site is divided into sections, one being luxury designer brands all within one site! I literally have found so many items I want! The site has such a huge selection of designers from Chanel to Vivienne Westwood! Also, so many items are reduced!! The second section is called "mainline" which is a fanatastic selection of higher end highstreet labels such as French Connection, The Pretty Dress Company, Jeffrey Campbell and Michael Kors! Go have a look fashionistas!
Here are some items on my wish list!
Project D!
Look at the detail of this peplum black dress! Teamed with red heels this would look amazing!
Reduced from £465 to £232.50!!
Alexander McQueen Leopard Silk Skull Print Scarf
Oh my days! As many of you already know I love leopard print and mixed with this shade of green and skulls makes it perfect!!
Alexander McQueen Silver Skull Bee Ring!
I love this ring! It is jewelled and unique, great teamed with jeans and a leather jacket!
The Pretty Dress Company Atlanta Navy Blue Pencil Dress!
I love pencil dresses, and this one has great ruching at the front to hide those lumps and bumps! A classic piece you would wear again and again.
£95.00 reduced to £57.00!
Boss Orange Tonike White Striped Belted Dress!
I love the flow of this dress with its unusual neck line, perfect for spring/summer.
£99 reduced to £50!!
Hope you find some items you love like I have! Great prices and they have a loyalty program scheme!
A xx


Saturday 19 January 2013

Topic For Discussion- Compliments!

Hello Lovelies!

Todays post is a Topic For Discussion, where I choose a topic, write about it and love to then discuss this with you readers! Todays topic is "Compliments".

Whats is a compliment?

A compliment is according to Google "a polite expression praise or encouragment". I like this definition, a compliment is something we all need and crave for without even realising it, it motivates us at work and supports us with everyday tasks. Compliments suppport self esteem and raise our confidence, enabling us to feel better about ourselves. Compliments help us feel happy, confident and and motivated. I love it when I am complimented, and as a woman I need to hear that I look good when I least expect or when I have made an effort! Dont we ladies? Also, at work it makes me feel like I am doing a "good" job, and motivates me to go to work!

One problem.........WE DONT TAKE THEM ON BOARD!!!!! I dont know about you, but when someone compliments me I feel awkward, on edge and dont know what to say or do!! When someone says "Ah you look lovely today" I tend to respond with "Ah dont be silly! I dont, you look gorgeous!" WHY do we or shall I say I do that!? Compliments make me feel so much better about myself, yet my reaction says different!

So instead of shying away we need to learn to take them in, and smile say thanks and acknowledge the compliment, so for example when someone says to me "You look so pretty today" my reply will now be "Thank you so much" smile and take the compliment on board. This will make me feel even better, and will help me grow in confidence even more! Also,when someone praises me and I react all awkward I doubt they would want to compliment me again! So hopefully they will not feel awkward either!

My mission- to say thankyou and smile to compliments....also fill out the below chart! Will you join me in this mission? Fill in "I am....." with a compliment to yourself in a comment and spread the love!!! First 5 are about your personality, second 5 are your looks....its hard but do it and smile!

Compliment Me!!

1. I am.....a good listener
2. I am.....compassionate
3. I am.....a loving mummy
4. I am.....always there for my friends and family
5. I am.....passionate about helping others, passionate at work
6. I have...lovely eyes
7. I have...bright lovely white teeth
8. I have...a nice smile
9. I have...good strong nails
10. I have...super long lashes!

Woah!! that was so hard!!! But I did it!! Now you all have a go!!! Lets compliment ourselves, its not vain and certainly not an awful thing to do, its an acknowledgment of appreciating who we are, we need to do it more often.

A xx

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Advertising with me!


Hello Angels!
                       This is all about how to advertise your wonderful blog and or shop with Whispers From Angels. Below are the packages available and some stats for you to have a little look at. Any questions please feel free to email me at alessiapace@hotmail.co.uk. If you interested then pop an email or tweet me @lil_alessia. Payments through paypal.

Little Cherub
A little cherub package is your advertisment slot for the calender month. 1st-30th if 30 days in that month. This little cherub slot also gives the advertiser a mention on my twitter account for the first friday of that calendar month for #FF friday tweets.
4 available each month.

Guardian Angel
A Guardian Angel package is your advertisment for the calender month. This Guardian Angel slot gives advertisers a mention on twitter every friday of that calendar month for #FF friday tweets and a mention on my instagram. You also get your blog button mentioned in a blog post at the beginning of that calendar month.
4 available each month.

Angel Gabriel
Angel Gabriel package is the biggest package available for the calender month you will recieve a slot for the calendar month, a mention every friday for #FF friday tweets and a mention on my Instagram. You will also get a mention in 1 blog post in that month with your blog button within the post. You will also get your link put in 1 youtube video comment box.
4 available each month.
Whispers from angels stats
From 15/01/13

Blog Page Views: 30,593
GFC: 469
Bloglovin: 82
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Instagram: 237
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Youtube: 161
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I always put my blog link, twitter and Instagram name on my Youtube channel.
Many thanks!
A xx
Here is the sponser for January!

Monday 14 January 2013


Hello lovelies!!! So heres a little haul for all to have a look at, hope you all enjoy it and let me know what you think. I had some christmas money and went shopping! I wasnt overly pleased with the sales and didnt manage to find anything that great so ended up finding things full price-always the way isnt it! I didnt find many things that I wanted, I used to easily be able to spend loads of money on a shopping trip, but since I have had to save my pennies I have been extra careful and thinking twice so not spending much money at all, so I was pleased I had some christmas money to spend. I have to admit no shop wowed me, so it wasnt thw best shopping trip!

I went to Topshop-a shop that I love but think is over priced! I purchased a lovely necklace, I love there jewellery! A funky t-shirt and a pair of petite trousers which are in the wash!! So couldnt photograph! They are just skinny grey jeans.

Necklace £16.99
T-shirt £20
Jeans £35

Next I went to River Island which I find is a hit and miss shop, I either love a ridiculous amount or like nothing at all! I found a gorgeous blue lace dress!

Lace dress £30

I purchased a dress on MissGuided, a tie dye hot pink midi length pencil dress £14.99 and a oxblood short peplum skirt £9.99.

Finally in Sainsburys I got this lovely tablet floral case for £9.99! Love it!

What have you purchased recently?

A xx


Monday 7 January 2013

Review! Lush Magnaminty!

Hello Beauties! Heres a review of a Lush mask I recieved from Aqeela in a beauty box. I have always loved Lush and used to purchase a lot! I was so pleased too see this as never tried this before and I particularly love the masks Lush do!

Mask of Magnaminty is a face and back mask it states its the "peppermint mask that does everything it can to fight eruptions and outbreaks and return your skin to tip top condition".

This mask has a grainy consistency, with a minty scent that you apply and leave on for 10 minutes. It instantly cools my skin, calming and soothing my current blemishes. It brightened my skin , cooling it instantly and making me feel uber refreshed. I absolutely love this and would repurchase in a flash!


Have you used this? Or recommend another?

A xx


Saturday 5 January 2013

Sibling Tag Video!!!

Watch "Sibling Tag" on YouTube

Hope you enjoy my latest video with my gorgeous brother!

A xx


Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Its 2013! Can you believe it? I know I cant. I remember when we were about to hit the year 2000-the millenium where everyone was worried the world was going to come to a standstill, computers would stop working, electricity would cut out and phones would not function! Yet here we are in the year 2013, still going strong!

When I was at primary school, aged about 7, I remember the computers were huge BBC ones, and if you owned a computer you were mega rich, with a game that said what you typed, so as kids we would write things like "poo!" and giggle for ages! Where TV programs would stop working so we had a picture of a girl surrounded by colourful squares! In secondary school at the age of 14 nokia had a brick as a phone, where all you could do was text, phone and play one game-snake! The best game ever! Internet was starting to get big and msn messenger was the social networking site for everyone! Email was now popular and everyone was excited to recieve an email from friends during technology lessons! We were wild I know! Then came facebook where a whole new world arrived, no more private life! Photos, statuses and your personal life splattered for everyone to see, goodbye to letters and face to face convos! We also had a toothbrush that didnt require electricity! How life changes! Technology is insane ! I remember watching a film where they touched screens to access information, I thought that was so futuristic! But here I am touch screen typing on my phone! We can snap all our moments on one device as well as access the internet, text and make calls! Whats next? A phone that flies to you when you click your fingers so we dont have to move a muscle?

Another change is people, my grandparents who are no longer here, we lose loved ones and gain loved ones, life is hard but joyful too, dont take those for granted and appreciate all your blessings for you never know whats round the corner.

Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all peace, love and happiness.

A xx

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