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Thursday 29 November 2012

Vintage Series #1

Hello Lovelies!

Hope you are all well! Here is the first post in my new Vintage Series! This post is on how to transform a dreary sofa-vintage style! See before and after pictures!
I purchased two floral pictures from ebay! I love retro floral pictures, they transform any wall. Each picture was under £15 inc postage. Next I had a white throw from my parents house, so it was free! I placed that on the back of the sofa to add another dimension. I had two grey cushions that I purchased from Ikea which were £6.99 each inc the insert, a polkadot pink cushion from ikea that was £4.99 and a cushion made out of some left over cath kidston fabric. Finally my gorgeous vintage cushions! The light fabric from a vintage fair £3 with floral pink flowers was made into a cushion. The quilted floral pink toned cushion was bought from a vintage shop £12, the fabric is from an old dressing gown! Lastly a small delightful cushion made from french linen, a small square of vintage fabric 0.50p! applied to the centre of the cushion and finished off with vintage lace trim from a vintage fair!

Its so simple to transform an area of your room, mixing old and new. Think outside the box and explore vintage fairs as they are cheaper then charity shops!

What do you think?

A xx


Tuesday 27 November 2012

November Favourites 2012

Hope you enjoy lovelies! Would love to know what you think and thanks for subscribing and commenting!
A xx

Sunday 25 November 2012

MAC Lipstick Review!

Elllooo Beauties!!!

So todays post is a review on the MAC lipstick in Viva Glam V. This lipstick is part of the Viva Glam range that was launched in 1994, with a new shade being debuted every few years. The shade I am reviewing is the Viva Glam V, a gorgeous "pure neutral pink with a delicious lustre finish". This lipstick is a beautiful nude shade that would compliment so many skin tones. The lipstick is moisturising and long lasting, I havent found an everyday nude, but I think I have now! It is a lustre finish that is semi-sheer and gives a wet look. I love this shade, and what makes it better is that every penny spent goes to the MAC AIDS Fund.

Have you tried this shade or tried the others in the Viva Glam range?

A xx


Friday 23 November 2012

OOTD tweet twoo!!

Hey fashionistas and gorgeous readers!! Heres a simple OOTD!

A wore my Matalan £18 shirt with pleated detail and drop hem teamed with jeans.
An owl ring from Republic, a vintage ring from the grandma on the other hand and necklace from my shop that will be available soon!

Hope you are all well!

A xx


Thursday 22 November 2012

Vintage Series An Introduction...

Evening gorgeous readers!! Its been an awful day, the weather is quite frankly disgusting! Stormy, chilly, windy beyond belief and raining! Bad combo for us beauty and fashionistas! I have been thinking of what series to do next as my 50 Shades has finished! As some of you may know I love love love all things vintage! I had a chat with a fellow blogger Aqeela about what one to do and she said how about vintage as its one of your loves! I was like urmrmmm YES!!!!!!!!!

So this series will be 10 different posts on vintage, from vintage tips ideas and buys to interior! Hope you all enjoy this series and let me know if there is anything you would like to know. I am not doing these posts daily, they will be weekly.

Hope you are all well!

A xx

Beauty box swap!

Hello Beauties! Todays post is about a beauty box swap that I did with Sal from petitesal.blogspot.com.
We agreed to do a £20 box swap where we picked a theme and decided on "bargains for £20!". This theme was great to do as we decided to include body products, makeup and skincare. I loved the challenge and ability to explore various makes and to see how much I could get for £20! Heres what Sal got me.

The products came in a pretty box, products included:

4 Van Der Hoog face masks-avocado, rose, chocolate and pearl.
Essence Waterproof mascara
Essence eyeliner pen
Essence Lipstick in All About Cupcake
Essence quattro eyeshadow in Denim
Essence Lipsalve in Caribbean Sunrise
Essence volumizing lash powder
Essence Lipliner in Cute Pink
Catrice eyeshadow in Charlys Chocolate Factory
Essence blusher in Alpha Better Gamma
John Frieda Frizz Ease 5 ml serum

Wowza!! A lot right of fab products right!!? Yes and boy am I excited to try it all!

Have you done a beauty swap?

A xx


Tuesday 20 November 2012

Haul it baby! Beauty and fashion!


Fifty Shades Of Colour #50!

Beauty Kings and Queens! My final 50 shades post, am so sad its ended :( need to think of something else now! Hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have. I feel I have improved on my makeup skills! Still not amazing like some creations I see you all achieve but still I have improved.

Todays look is Water...and a tear to represent the end :( how sad is that!

So here it is....products used are my MUA Poptastic palette, with shades used for the base and eyebrow. Mu MUA blue eye pencil to define my eye area, with my Collection 2000 purple glitter eyeliner over the top. Finally my Enchanted palette by VIVO using te dar blue for the edge of the eyelid and towards my hairline. Mascara completes the look.

Would love to hear your views on this look.

A xx

Saturday 17 November 2012

Friday 16 November 2012

My christmas wish list!

Father Christmas pretty please can I have some of my wish list...

Snow fairy from Lush
Any bath bomb from Lush
MAC lipsticks
Missguided gift voucher
Burgendy jeans
Dark black tights
Winter boot wedges
Studded bag

I have been a good girl!!!

Love from a girl who still believes

What does everyone else want?

A xx

OOTD! Simply blue...

Evening all! What a miserable cloudy day! Heres my outift that was a little brighter then the weather!

Blue top: New Look
Jeans: ASOS
Boots: Jones

Simple but pretty together. I love the blue top that has drop hem sides and a blue studded trim on the front and back.

A xx

Thursday 15 November 2012

MAC vs Kate Moss Rimmel...a dupe?

Hi Lovelies! So I was browsing the shops a while back as you do and I swear I had found a dupe for a favourite MAC lippy!!! So I purchased the lipstick and went home to explore, and here are the results.

MAC Girl About Town.

This lipstick is stunning and one I have had for a while but forgotten about. A bright pink shade in the MAC Amplified range. It is moisturising and has a slight gloss finish. £14.00

Rimmel Kate Moss in 20.

A moisturising lipstick that lasts well and is a complete match to the MAC shade!! I couldnt believe it! And is a fraction of the price! It smells lovely and the packaging is simple yet appealing to the eye. £5.49!

What do you think?

A xx

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Lace and Lust


FOTD! A hollywood inspired look!

Hello beauty kings&queens!!

Todays look is inspired by hollywood glamour! I always think of hollywood glamour as Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren! How about you? I just feel they ooze glamour and that spark that makes men shudder and women feel envious!

I used my Vivo Unprotected palette for the simple smokey eye with my MAC Belightful as a highlighter. Rimmel lipstick in Ballistic 072, which has been my favourite red for such a long time!

What do you all think of this? I will be doing my last fifty shades post soon, just wanted it to look amazing so am trying to experiment! So look at out for that.

Hope you liked this simple glamourous look!

A xx

Friday 9 November 2012

OOTD! Winter warmer!

Ladies&Gents!! Evening! Isnt it getting chilly!!! Ooh dont like it. Not a winter bunny!

So todays OOTD was a winter warmer to feel snug and warm!

I wore my Missguided jumper! This is a super batwing soft gorgeous warm jumper that has a slouchy look with a slight dropped hem. I paired this with my ASOS jeans and Topshop necklace. I also have to mention my love for MAC Rebel lippy! I bought a while ago and just cant stop wearing it! It compliments this look so well.

Hope you like the look!

A xx

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #49!

Well its N.49! Can you believe it?! I loved creating todays look! A colourful look inspired by Disney film Aladdin!

I used my MUA Poptastic palette to help me create it. Firstly, I applied my eyeliner and created two lines in the corner, then I applied a pale blue to my base and a purple in my crease, edge and out towards my brow line. To open up my eye I used a yellow to highlight below my brow line and white liner in my lower lash line. Finally I applied mascara to complete the look.


Tuesday 6 November 2012

IKANDI website! Yummy accessories!

Hello Fashionistas and Beauty Queens!

Todays post is me sharing with you a little gem has fab accessories!

Its http://ikandi.co.uk/ this website is full of exciting jewellery, handbags and hair accessories! I literally want so much! You all need to check it out! Here are some of my favourites!

Gold Crystal Spike Drop Earrings Gold Crystal Drop Earrings! £12.00

I would love to team these up with a leather jacket and disco pants! This would make the outfit look uber glamourous with some red lipstick to complete the look!

Purple Glitter Jewel Crystal Cocktail Ring Purple Glitter Jewel Crystal Cocktail Ring £12.00

I love this ring! Bang on trend to jazz up any outfit such as a black skater skirt and lace top! Smudge some purple lippy on to complete the look!

Purple Crystal Spike Necklace Purple Crystal Spike Necklace £16.00!

This is my favourite! I love the spikes and crystal combination! I have seen similar on so many celebrities! I really want one!! This would look great with a simple t-shirt and jeans! On trend with spikes and added glamour with the sparkle!

So ladies I think you should definately have a peek at this website and see what tickles your fancy!

A xx

Monday 5 November 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #48! and OOTD!

Hello Beauties! Todays a combo of an OOTD and a Fifty Shades!

Fifty Shades.

Todays look is a natural sheen peach tone. I used my Kryolan satin powder all over my eyes, a large flick of gel liner and mascara to complete the look.


Todays look is gothic inspired! I am wearing a skirt from New Look that I purchased a couple of years ago. A black vest top from Tesco with my Republic lace and jewel crop top on top, which I found in the sale last year for £5!! To finish the look I have my lace cardigan from H&M. I cant remember the prices of most items as they were all bought a long time ago! I keep my clothes for ages!

Hope you like the look! A xx

Sunday 4 November 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #47!

Well not long left of the series, quite sad actually as was enjoying it! How has your weekend been? Enjoy the fireworks?

Todays look was a smokey ice look! I used a silver as my base from my Accessorize palette and my MAC Marilyn Monroe eyeshadow in Showgirl, a gorgeous grey/blue matte shade. I applied this on the edge of my lid, crease and lower lash line and blended. I then applied my gel liner and mascara to complete the look.

Hope you are all well! A xx

Saturday 3 November 2012

OOTD bit of a H&M beauty! And Haul!

Happy saturday everyone!

Yesterday I popped to a shopping mall near me and purchased a couple of gems! I really was a good girl though! Be proud everyone! I was so tempted by loads but held back!

H&M is one of my all time favourite shops. I love shopping there for me and my little boy! Such fab items at affordable prices! I literally leapt with joy when I saw this coat!!!! Its glamourous and easy to wear, comes with a fab belt and only costs £39.99!!!

Next I got some fab boots from Jones as a late happy anniversary present from the man! They are amazing and so comfy! Real leather with £20 off! So were £140 which has to be the mpst expensive item I have!!! Felt so spoilt! So thank you!

So today I popped out to do some food shopping and wore my new items! Splashed on my MAC Rebel lippy and away I went.

Hope you like it! A xx

Friday 2 November 2012

OOTD! Pencil skirts&all that jazz...

Hey everyone! So today I thought I would do a little OOTD! I had a very long day, firstly at an appointment, a bit of shopping then picking up the lovely man! Traffic was a nightmare!

Heres what I decided to wear!

Pencil skirt- from my mama as didnt fit her, River Island.

Peplum top with belt-New Look.

Shoes- New Look a couple of years ago!

What do you think? A xxx

Thursday 1 November 2012

Vintage magnet project!

Hello loveys! Heres a different sort of post! I am making a board of inspiration but firstly had to transform some magnets I bought from ikea.

I bought some magnets for 0.99p from ikea, gathered some materials and music paper to try and create some pretty magnets. I chose my fabric, drew around the magnet onto the fabric, pattern side down, then cut the circle and applied it onto the magnet with fabric glue.

For the little magnet I folded some music paper and drew a wing. I cut the wings out and stuck them onto the magnet.

What do you think? A xx
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