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Thursday 1 November 2012

Vintage magnet project!

Hello loveys! Heres a different sort of post! I am making a board of inspiration but firstly had to transform some magnets I bought from ikea.

I bought some magnets for 0.99p from ikea, gathered some materials and music paper to try and create some pretty magnets. I chose my fabric, drew around the magnet onto the fabric, pattern side down, then cut the circle and applied it onto the magnet with fabric glue.

For the little magnet I folded some music paper and drew a wing. I cut the wings out and stuck them onto the magnet.

What do you think? A xx


  1. Oh they're so cute! Such a good way to make them more interesting ...

    Going to have a nosey around your blog now :)

    Laurie at http://life-nv.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. Ah thanks hun! Hope you enjoyed the look around my blog xxx

  2. Great post, very cute!



  3. gorgeous fabrics! they look great! @cherrybombbtq http://getthrifty.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. They were either bought cheap at a fabric or a lot of fabrics I buy at vintage fairs xx


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