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Sunday 27 May 2018

When life gets tough........

Being a human in general is bloody hard work isn't it? The pressures to look a certain way, to be this stepford style wife with freshly cooked dinner ready each night, clothes with not a single crease, a clean and tidy showhome. I have found I have been getting so irritated at the way the world is going and I have myself to blame. I feel I am constantly comparing myself to others, the way they look, how young they look, how they parent, how they manage a home with perfection, how they generally do all the things they do with not a sweat or tear in sight. I often get asked but "How do you do it?" I feel like being honest but hold back and just laugh it off saying "I don't know, running around after my tribe" and inside I want to cry and say I don't do it, think I hide it all well. 

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I work in a stressful job part time, I help my brother in laws business (my husband has taken a lot of this on now), I also do occasion/wedding makeup, have three children 5 and under and have to keep a house clean and tidy and parent solely a good chunk of the week/days due to my husbands shift work and difficult job he does though he still helps as much as he can. There are days I want to run away, days I sit and cry and wish everything would stop and stand still, days when I feel "I've got this" and have loads of energy to do it all. There are days I wake up and wished I was "like her" who seems to be calm, happy and appears to have no worries and is the best mother to her children as well as having a show home of a house but then I stop and realise its okay....I have got this, I'm doing my best and yes there are days I struggle, days I cant cope and days I just want to run away from it all but its okay to feel like that we are only human and I need to learn to give myself a bit more credit and realise I'm okay, so next time someone says "how do you do it?" I need to hold my head high and be proud of myself.

How do you do it?

A xx

Links to outfit- some items are out of stock so I have found some alternatives in the widget below that contains affiliate links. 

Jacket- H&M
Jeans- ASOS Mom Jeans
Pink Tshirt- Primark
White Trainers- New Look


Sunday 20 May 2018

My Current Netflix Favourites

So I have a new found love- we got Netflix, and I've got to say its the only thing I use to watch TV now, the amount you find on it is so good so what I thought I would do is show you my current Top 5 Netflix series to watch which I have to watch on my 4KTV Panasonic

1. Power

This show is about a duo who are drug dealers within America, the plot has twists and turns left right and centre and makes you wanting to watch an episode one after another. It includes affairs, family troubles, friendships and much more. Some of my friends don't tend to enjoy series with violence or drug gangs but after a couple of episodes even they were hooked! A must watch! I cannot wait for the next season. 

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2. The Handmaids Tale

If you are after a dark and powerful watch this is for you, The Handmaids Tale is about a world where women are property of the state who are used to reproduce, a world where you abide by strict rules. The scary thing about The Handmaids Tale is it could actually happen and that scared me more then anything. It shows how the army come in and rip lives apart taking women away to then become Handmaids to rich families brainwashing all of those around them yet one Handmaid tries to set herself free. 

panasonic 4KTV, netflix, handmaids tale

3. Evil Genius

I have only recently watched this new real crime documentary and it made me throw my hands to my mouth quite often throughout. A true story of a pizza delivery man who walked into a bank with a  bomb strapped around his neck. Each twist and turn shocked me, when you think you understand the case something else happens and throws you. This is definitely one for those who love programs based on a true story or crime. 

panasonic 4KTV, evil genius, netflix series

4. Little Boy Blue

Again another series based on a true story of the murder of a little boy in Liverpool UK. This series was originally shown on ITV but is now available to watch on Netflix. The way the story unfolds is so sad, you can feel the parents pain and see how those that committed the murder act in the most awful way. The story is shocking and so sad, I cried so much, it made me want to cuddle my little boy so tight. 

5. Marcella

I realise by doing this post that I have watched a lot of crime/thriller series! This one was originally shown on ITV and is a series you want to binge watch on a duvet day. It is so good, Anna Friel is a detective with a marriage that is falling apart and her children begin to despise her. Anna has to solve a complex case as well as battling her own demons. One to add to your list of series to watch.

Which are your current favourite programs/series to watch?

A xx

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Friday 18 May 2018

Review Organic Shop Haircare | Lavish Avocado&Honey

Me and my hair have a strange relationship consisting of me not looking after it like it deserves and therefore my hair punishing me for it. My hair has changed so much since having children, its frizzy and not easy to manage so I really need to start looking after it and putting some love back into it so when I was sent the Organic Shop haircare range I thought my hair would again love me. 

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Organic shop is a range available at Tesco, they have various different products for different hair types, I chose the Avocado and Honey range for frizzy hair which is meant to help beat the frizz and restore shine. The range is affordable with the shampoo costing £2.50 for a 280ml bottle. 

The range boasts its vitamin packed product being "liquid gold" containing various oils and fruit extracts and no parabens.

The Lavish Avocado & Honey Repairing Shampoo was the first product I tested, I have to be honest I wasn't impressed though I really wanted to be! I felt I needed a lot of product to even begin to feel like it was cleaning my hair, the consistency wasn't creamy and I found it didn't smell of anything inparticular which was a shame as I love the idea of avocado and honey mixed together. I then went onto trying the conditioner which I got on with a bit better, it was a bit creamier and felt silky on my hair. 

The Lavish Avoado & Honey Repairing Shampoo also have a hair mask as part of the range, this intrigued me as I have never used a hair mask due to no time- mummy problems ey! The hair mask smelt stronger then the shampoo and conditioner and was thick and creamy which was fabulous to apply to the hair. I left the mask on for 5 minutes, its says 2-3 minutes but I didn't feel that was enough for my hair. The product washed off with ease and left my hair feeling silky and like it had the boost it needed but unfortunately it didn't have a last long effect so hopefully with continued use my hair will get less frizzy and feel loved. 

Overall I don't think I will be repurchasing anything from this range, I do love the pumps on the shampoo and conditioner and hope other brands go down the same route. The mask was my favourite product out of all three but again it didn't wow me like I would have wanted it to.

Have you tired this range before?

A xx

Sunday 25 March 2018

When ASOS have the best trousers.....

When ASOS do the best trousers, these are my favourite trousers to date! Again I am not sure whether to do a lengthy post alongside my fashion posts or not so will just do a little chit chat. I am now 33, and I feel like I'm in weird time where I have had my little babies and will continue my journey with them but I also now want to try and find myself again does that make sense? Comment below what type of adventures I should plan for my 33rd year? I definitely want to make a trip to London that's for sure. 

                                                                Shop the look below.

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asos haul, asos outfit, spring outfit, street style, ootd

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asos haul, asos outfit, spring outfit, street style, ootd

asos haul, asos outfit, spring outfit, street style, ootd


Sunday 18 March 2018

Review: Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette Newtrals 2

Makeup Revolution has always been a consistently good brand but one I forget until recently when they released the conceal and define concealer- which is still strong in my everyday makeup bag! Have reviewed it here if you want to go and have a little read. 

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This palette has 15 different shades, from burnt orange to fiery red with mattes and the odd sparkly shade, it is a perfect palette for those who are a lover of Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance palette with all those warm tones perfect for any eye colour.

makeup revolution review, best cheap makeup, highstreet makeup review, anastasia beverly hills renaissance palette dupe, makeup revolution re loaded palette newtrals 2 review

The eyeshadows are buttery and each shade has a good amount of product especially for the amazing price tag of only £4! yes you read that right...I repeat £4!! I found these easy to blend, super pigmented and I could create such stunning looks! The packaging isn't the best, its not "pretty" and is a cheap plastic with nothing to please the eye, but the product itself is what matters and boy is it worth it and something I will definitely want to be repurchasing. 

You can purchase this palette here.

Have you tried this palette?

A xx


Saturday 3 March 2018

A letter to my little one....

Yesterday you turned 1, a day I didn't want, a day I wish would hold on for a while, why? Because you are my little baby, you still need me, you still want cuddles and want me near. I can't explain how it feels when your child turns a year older, it is happiness mixed with a little bit of pain, each year that passes means a year closer to you leaving to be your own person, a year closer to you not needing me anymore and this is what I fear but I know at the same time life is exciting, life is precious and I am proud of you and so lucky to be your mummy, lucky beyond belief and this I am grateful for.

You are beyond beautiful and all the little things you do make me fill with pride, the way you point towards the sky, the way you look with love, the way you growl and laugh. You have such a playful soul that is also kind and gentle. Mummy is proud of you.

You were born into a family who adore and love you more then words can express, you are my little angel who has completed the puzzle, you keep me warm and content. Some of my happiest moments are when I look into your eyes, see you smile, when you hold me tight, I thank you for loving me as your mummy. 

Little Nello....things to remember and do

Go on adventures

Explore the world around you

Don't wish to grow up, keep your little imagination alive for as long as you can

Chase that butterfly 

Go for walks and feel the wind against your face

Feel the sand between your toes feeling each grain 

Run into the sea with a smile on your face

Laugh till it hurts

Dance till your feet cant dance anymore

Love with all your heart

Be kind

Know that everyone is different and this makes us all beautiful

Smile at strangers

Always listen and be there for others

Help those less fortunate

Know that you are loved more then you can ever imagine, that you will always have mummy near you no matter when I may be, be it here or above the stars, don't forget that I have loved and will always love you with all I have. 

My Little Nello



Sunday 25 February 2018

Velvet Love

I do love fashion posts, and enjoy creating them and normally add a post to the fashion photos such as a lifestyle post or something that I think can help others but after a poll on twitter where people could vote what they preferred they voted they preferred fashion posts without a topic added and just wanted the picture and links, is this something you prefer too? Comment below as want my readers to be happy. 

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zara haul, zara outfit, spring 2018 trends, marks and spencer street style, street style, how to style velvet, fashion blogger

zara haul, zara outfit, spring 2018 trends, marks and spencer street style, street style, how to style velvet, fashion blogger

zara haul, zara outfit, spring 2018 trends, marks and spencer street style, street style, how to style velvet, fashion blogger

Shop the look below

Earrings- LOTD
Top- Zara
Jeans- River Island, see link below
Shoes- Marks and Spencer
Watch Forge and Foster

If the items are no longer available I have tried to find alternatives below. 

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