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Sunday 27 May 2018

When life gets tough........

Being a human in general is bloody hard work isn't it? The pressures to look a certain way, to be this stepford style wife with freshly cooked dinner ready each night, clothes with not a single crease, a clean and tidy showhome. I have found I have been getting so irritated at the way the world is going and I have myself to blame. I feel I am constantly comparing myself to others, the way they look, how young they look, how they parent, how they manage a home with perfection, how they generally do all the things they do with not a sweat or tear in sight. I often get asked but "How do you do it?" I feel like being honest but hold back and just laugh it off saying "I don't know, running around after my tribe" and inside I want to cry and say I don't do it, think I hide it all well. 

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I work in a stressful job part time, I help my brother in laws business (my husband has taken a lot of this on now), I also do occasion/wedding makeup, have three children 5 and under and have to keep a house clean and tidy and parent solely a good chunk of the week/days due to my husbands shift work and difficult job he does though he still helps as much as he can. There are days I want to run away, days I sit and cry and wish everything would stop and stand still, days when I feel "I've got this" and have loads of energy to do it all. There are days I wake up and wished I was "like her" who seems to be calm, happy and appears to have no worries and is the best mother to her children as well as having a show home of a house but then I stop and realise its okay....I have got this, I'm doing my best and yes there are days I struggle, days I cant cope and days I just want to run away from it all but its okay to feel like that we are only human and I need to learn to give myself a bit more credit and realise I'm okay, so next time someone says "how do you do it?" I need to hold my head high and be proud of myself.

How do you do it?

A xx

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