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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Tuesday inspiration! seems im inspired on a tuesday!

Hi Guys!

              How are we all? well its tuesday again and i have felt inspired to blog! yay! I am contemplating doing a youtube channel on beauty, fashion and home..what do you think? I also am going to do a post on the july glossybox. Will hopefully do that this week!

Inspire, live, love and laugh out loud! Hope you all are well and here are the inspirational images that have tantalised my taste buds!

A mixture of interior...fashion....makeup and glamour!

So..monday i wear this outfit....

I dream i have an entrance like this...pretty english flowers adorning the front of my dream house...

I make a cup of tea in my gorgeous vintage teacup and saucer, whilst grabbing a few moments to read on a table draped with vintage lace...

I go into my living room full of fabrics and vintage finds...

I change into my evening outfit ready for the night out...

Tuesday! I wonder into my other living room of floral delicate touches...

I then enter the stunning kitchen with sparkling chandeliers!

I out on my red lipstick...

Paint my nails a nude shade..

Go to my laundry room to get my freshly washed shirt...

Take one last look in the mirror that is staring at me in my downstairs bathroom...and
Well i can dream i guess!!
A x

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Tuesday inspiration......

Having a quiet day at home, and its got me thinking and yearning for inspiration! My favourtie word! I am getting motivated to rearrange my living room and get going with the finishing touches......I love to search online and look in various books. Here are some pictures that grabbed my attention....


Monday 16 July 2012

Beautiful gift!!

I want to say a huge thankyou to ali at Betty and Violet!! Was so touched to recieve such a beautiful gift! A vintage "Child Life" book with stunning poetry and pictures! Thankyou!

Everyone look at her beautiful blog!!


Vintage life magazine!

I have been getting a fab magazine called Vintage Life, I found this on a trip in Cornwall. The magazine has fantastic vintage content, such as a fashion section where you can explore the latest vintage fashion. I love these pages as they show affordable finds that ooze vintage beauty!
You will also find a section that covers beauty, makeup and hair, showing how to create a vintage look step by step such as creating a rockabilly inspired hair flower and a lifestyle section that covers real life gorgeous vintage inspired weddings and scrumptious recipes!

I would recommend this magazine!! Subscribe or find it in your local newsagent!

A x

Friday 13 July 2012

Nails and lips!

I have been loving these latest additions to my collection! My July favourites!

In my eyes lips n nails which are groomed makes a lady tres chic!

Nails- nails inc basil street! A nude shade that is subtle and sophisticated! Love it! Lasts a long time even after doing the washing up! And this is without a base or top coat!

Lips- firstly MAC kinda sexy in a matte finish. A peachy shade with a hint of pink. A moisturising lipstick that lasts. I love MAC though a little pricey. Add lipgloss for an evening look.

Lips- a gorgeous organic lipsalve from balance me. A rose scent that adds so much moisture! I love it!


Brights! fashion love!

Here is a collection of inspiration for the bright fashion trend....cheryl cole has shown how to work it in her new video....love love love it!!

Whether you go all out on a whole bright outfit, mixing various bright colours...or just add a splash by painting your nails or smudging your lips with a lushious shade you will look fab and work that neon/bright look!!


Thursday 12 July 2012

Vintage china obsession!!

I am obsessed with vintage china, from teacups to teapots!! Cant resist!! I love it all!! So here are some of my finds...have so much more but thought i would only show a tiny part of my collection and show more in another post! I love teacups with a rose head draped inside, or a teapot planted with a garden of herbs inside! The things you can create with china is fabulous!


Monday 9 July 2012

Fashion obsession!

Hi everyone!
                    Hope you are all well! My baby is now a month old! my golly it has flown past quickly! I am finding that I still cant go out to vintage fairs or my little trips of joy for vintage finds! So at the moment i am trying to get my wardrobe in order and see what i can fit into and wear as i am breastfeeding....and my golly is it hard to wear the latest trends when i need to consider feeding my little boy.

Here are my latest obsessions that i am longing to purchase!

Studded jacket...

I love blazers, leather and the rock it out look with studs galore!

Team with skinny jeans, and stunning high heels for a sexy look! I love red lipstick, so slap that on with eyeliner and glossy lips!


I am loving these soft colours, such a pretty look! Reminds me of a sweet shop! yum!! If you dont want to do the whole look then just paint your nails a pretty shade or smudge your lips with a lushcious colour!

Well i am going to try and make sure i blog when little one is asleep! Hope you enjoy this post! I am going to try and incorporate my love for fashion, makeup and home interior a bit more......ciao! x
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