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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Tuesday inspiration! seems im inspired on a tuesday!

Hi Guys!

              How are we all? well its tuesday again and i have felt inspired to blog! yay! I am contemplating doing a youtube channel on beauty, fashion and home..what do you think? I also am going to do a post on the july glossybox. Will hopefully do that this week!

Inspire, live, love and laugh out loud! Hope you all are well and here are the inspirational images that have tantalised my taste buds!

A mixture of interior...fashion....makeup and glamour!

So..monday i wear this outfit....

I dream i have an entrance like this...pretty english flowers adorning the front of my dream house...

I make a cup of tea in my gorgeous vintage teacup and saucer, whilst grabbing a few moments to read on a table draped with vintage lace...

I go into my living room full of fabrics and vintage finds...

I change into my evening outfit ready for the night out...

Tuesday! I wonder into my other living room of floral delicate touches...

I then enter the stunning kitchen with sparkling chandeliers!

I out on my red lipstick...

Paint my nails a nude shade..

Go to my laundry room to get my freshly washed shirt...

Take one last look in the mirror that is staring at me in my downstairs bathroom...and
Well i can dream i guess!!
A x

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