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Saturday 3 March 2018

A letter to my little one....

Yesterday you turned 1, a day I didn't want, a day I wish would hold on for a while, why? Because you are my little baby, you still need me, you still want cuddles and want me near. I can't explain how it feels when your child turns a year older, it is happiness mixed with a little bit of pain, each year that passes means a year closer to you leaving to be your own person, a year closer to you not needing me anymore and this is what I fear but I know at the same time life is exciting, life is precious and I am proud of you and so lucky to be your mummy, lucky beyond belief and this I am grateful for.

You are beyond beautiful and all the little things you do make me fill with pride, the way you point towards the sky, the way you look with love, the way you growl and laugh. You have such a playful soul that is also kind and gentle. Mummy is proud of you.

You were born into a family who adore and love you more then words can express, you are my little angel who has completed the puzzle, you keep me warm and content. Some of my happiest moments are when I look into your eyes, see you smile, when you hold me tight, I thank you for loving me as your mummy. 

Little Nello....things to remember and do

Go on adventures

Explore the world around you

Don't wish to grow up, keep your little imagination alive for as long as you can

Chase that butterfly 

Go for walks and feel the wind against your face

Feel the sand between your toes feeling each grain 

Run into the sea with a smile on your face

Laugh till it hurts

Dance till your feet cant dance anymore

Love with all your heart

Be kind

Know that everyone is different and this makes us all beautiful

Smile at strangers

Always listen and be there for others

Help those less fortunate

Know that you are loved more then you can ever imagine, that you will always have mummy near you no matter when I may be, be it here or above the stars, don't forget that I have loved and will always love you with all I have. 

My Little Nello



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