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Thursday 31 January 2013

Vintage Series #6

Hello Gorgeous readers!!
Here is the sixth edition to my vintage series. Today we are talking vintage books! I have never thought anything when it comes to vintage books that are tattered! But my mama as always came up with an amazing idea! Gather your vintage books or hunt for them in a charity shop or car boot sell for under £5. You really can get some stunning vintage books that have amazing covers or beautiful writing.

Tie your books together with some lace, add a stunning crown or some vintage keys, or how about a teacup and saucer or you could place the tied up books within a glass cake stand or place them on a corner of a coffee table. They look gorgeous and add vintage glamour to any room.

Here are some images to inspire, the first two are what my mama had created for the coffee table.

Apart from the first two other images are from weheartit.com
What do you think? Inspired?
A xx


  1. Those last two pics are so pretty. Would love to have a cute picnic with flowers like that. Great post! :)

  2. Very pretty. A cute little styling idea. Also fab piled up and along tables with votives of flowers for a party or wedding...


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