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Monday 2 December 2013

Christmas: what does it mean to you?

Hi loveys!!
Well its December which means one thing- CHRISTMAS!!! As a child I loved Christmas, being from a multi cultural background I was lucky to experience Christmas in many exciting ways. I am half Italian and half Polish. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve where we have a huge meal with all the family, eating fish and pasta dishes! I love the food its such a beautiful selection of courses. My Dzaidzio ( grandfather) would get so excited seeing his family together around the table, you could see how proud he was. He would encourage us to eat and eat till our bellies couldn't take anymore. After we had eaten a bell would ring and we would all trot off to the front room where a sparse tree was present with retro décor! We would then exchange gifts and go to midnight mass where on many occasions I found hard to stay awake as this would go on for hours! Off to bed we went making sure we hung our stockings up. Christmas day would arrive, the excitement and anticipation of knowing what filled our stockings was too much for me to handle! Me and my brother would rush to my parents to open the presents then downstairs we went running as fast as we could to see what Father Chrismas left us under the tree. I was such a lucky girl, I am very grateful to my parents for making Christmas such a magical time surrounded by our family.
I remember the day I found out Father Christmas wasn't true, literally I felt my heart break! I honestly believed he was true no matter what my friends had said, I just wouldn't believe it! As soon as I knew the truth Christmas wasn't the same, I didn't feel the magic anymore, where I would look up into the sky thinking I had seen Father Christmas on his sleigh with his reindeer pulling him along, or thinking there was soot on the carpet from his boots! I had such an imagination and truly believed the magic of Father Christmas.
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I had my little boy and my whole world changed for the better I absolutely love him and cant imagine a life without him. Christmas arrived and I was excited but he was still too young to understand. I had a beautiful surprise of an engagement which made it so special. Now it will be Christmas where my little boy will show me what the magic of Christmas is all about, he already is getting excited at seeing trees up and lights shining. I have pretty much sorted his presents and his stocking which is the stocking I had as a child that my Mama made me. I have not been this excited since I found out Father Christmas was not real, but since having my boy and seeing his magical face light up I feel the magic again. I cant wait to see his face and hear him go "wow"!
Christmas to me is about family and friends, remembering the important things in life such as food on the table, giving and being the best person you can to those less fortunate and to those you love. I believe in God so yes I do go to church and follow that but the best part for me is sharing it with those I love, with those I am lucky to have in my life who make everything complete. I wish people would make an effort all year round and stand back to see what they have. For those where Christmas is a difficult time, I wish them peace and happiness, I hope for them to smile and have some hope and love. I wish I could have a big mansion in the middle of a forest where I can cook a massive Christmas meal for those who wont have a smile on Christmas day, but that's another post I will write.
How do you feel about Christmas? What do you do to celebrate and what is the magic of Christmas to you?
A x

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  1. Love this!!!! Christmas is my favorite holiday!!:) parts of my family are Polish and Italian too... Antipasto on Christmas Eve and Kielbasa on Christmas!!:)

  2. Absolutely loved this post, so original and it was so lovely to hear your story! I remember when I found out father Christmas wasn't real either... heart breaking! hope your son has a magical Christmas x

    1. Thanks gorgeous :) hope you have a beautiful christmas xxx

  3. What a wonderful post hun, I nearly shed a tear reading this! I couldn't agree with you more. To me, christmas is all about appreciating what you have, being around your loved ones and being grateful for the life we're blessed with. Hope you have an amazing christmas time xxx

    1. Ahhh!! Glad you enjoyed it gorgeous. I hope you have a beautiful christmas :) xxx


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