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Saturday 29 December 2012

Vintage Series #4!

Hello Lovelies! Hope are all feeling happy and are well! Here's the fourth post in my vintage series! Today's post is a challenge I set myself at a vintage fair. I went to a Christmas vintage fair just before Christmas and allowed myself to have a budget of £20, considering I can easily spend way more I was hoping I could resist temptation! I find that with vintage I can't say no if I like something because I will never find another item the same, so I just HAVE to buy it, much to my man's frustration!

So here's what I got for £20.

A beautiful floral picture £6!!!

A set of three bambi! I am collecting bambi at the moment! £12.

Cutlery £1!

Glass blue vase £1!

Bargains right? What has been your best buy?

A xx



  1. I like the vase, in fact I need one for my house. I don't know of any vintage fairs in my area though just clothes and accessory shops but this seems like a fun day out and a great challenge. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the posts in your series xo

    1. Whats your area hun? I can let you know :) xxx

  2. they are all so beautiful!
    those little dears are so cute :)

    1. I love deers :) they are so delicate! Thanks hun :) xxx

  3. Beautiful! Where do you find the vintage sales? Following now, love your blog!


    1. Thanks hun :) i go to many vibtage fairs and flea markets. They should have sone in your area? Xxx

  4. Wow love these things especially the picture!! :) Ixx


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