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Sunday 5 July 2015

Review: Toni&Guy 3D Voluminser

What a gorgeous few days we have had?! I am loving this sun guys! I am currently chomping some strawberries with a glass of lemon water- it's how I roll. 

So let's talk about today's review, the Toni&Guy 3D Volumiser, a root boosting spray that promises to make your hair go oomph! This item was on offer in Superdrug a while back so thought I would give it a whirl! 

The packaging is simple with a "dirty gold" colour and pink detailing, it didn't stand out as Toni&Guy to me, have they changed the packing lately? The spray has a handy nozzle that can direct the product directly to the root, I found that made the product easy to use.

I washed my hair the night before, brushed it and lifted my sides up to spray the product into my roots for instant volume. My hair did increase in volume which was just what I wanted, the down side is the product left my hair crispy and dry which irritated me as I want my hair to flow and not look like I have gone back in time to the era of using a whole bottle of hairspray so your hair doesn't move! It's such a shame as the product does add volume but how it makes my hair feel is something that unfortunately puts me off, queue sad face emoji! 

Have you tried this or know of any great products to add volume? 

A x


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  1. I'm always on the lookout for products that give my hair that extra bit of oomph, so this sounded exciting. I'm really not a fan of that crunchy, crispy feeling though, so I think I'll pass on this one! Great review x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula


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