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Thursday 18 April 2013

Diary Of A Skincare Loser!

Hey Loveys,

Here is a little series for you lovely readers! A diary of a skincare loser is about my struggles to stick to a routine, struggle to understand and carry out skincare!! Hope you enjoy this series! If you have any tips for me I would appreciate it!!

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Day 1.

So my skincare, what does it consist of?! Urm, lets be honest not much!! I wrote a post about my struggles with skincare but my determination to keep going and set myself a routine to stick by, heres the link http://www.whispersfromangels.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/my-skincare-routine.html
So did I achieve this? Well....not really!
I have always been good at taking my makeup off but never good at cleansing, toning, moisturising at night, eyecream, masks, scrubs the list goes on! I never ever have had a morning routine! Should I feel embarrassed? I put day cream on, that good enough? I hear you all screaming at the screen right now! Sorry guys, what a fail I know. So currently here is my night time routine. I use either Bioderma or my Loreal Micellar Solution, then depending on whether I remember or can be bothered I will use Alpha H Liquid Gold every other day. My eye cream- nope not using that anymore which is a shame as I loved it, I just feel like I want to get to sleep quick so to the quickest possible. I know eyecream would take seconds, but thats how Im rolling at the moment. I am using hand cream every night and lipbalm. Am proud of those! Pathetic compared to most of you I know. Then there is my morning routine, urm right what routine? I use a day cream before applying my foundation. Shocking?

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So, beauty lovers out there I am crying out for all to advise me and suggest things for me to use and do day or night, I am a working mummy on a mission to change the way I approach skincare, I am 28 with combination skin needing a boast, and encouragment to give me a kick up the backside. Now do I talk on behalf on others or am I one of the few who are basically crap?


A xx


  1. I'm the same way! It's to the point where I don't even take my makeup off before I go to bed because I'm so tired :D What I find to be helpful is to line everything up on your bathroom counter so it's in your face & hopefully you won't forget it! xoxo

    1. Done ;) thanks hun! Tough being a woman with so much to think about!! Lol!!xx

  2. I was the same as well... shove on a bit of cream if my skin felt dry otherwise quite basic. Then I went for a facial, which I reviewed and got given a lovely set of skincare gifts and surprisingly I have kept to the routine x


    1. Ooh sounds great hun. Good to have a facial! I should treat myself to one :) xx


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