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Monday 29 April 2013

30 Ways To Save £1

Hi Loveys!

Money Supermarket are celebrating the very English pound coin! Can you believe it is 30 years old!!As part of the celebration http://www.moneysupermarket.com/ are asking bloggers to write a post with 30 ways to save £1 or more. For each £1 saver you earn £1! So I have decided give you lovely readers the 30 ways I use to save me and my family £1 or more!

Hope you find some money saving tips! I would love to see what you also use to save money! 

1. I tweeted this within a bblogger chat which proved popular! I have a money saving jar that I use to put in odd change which I then use at the end of the month on my beauty essentials! Never throw that change to the bottom of your bag, save it!
2. Make your own butter! Its simple and cheap to do! Literally use any left over double cream, put it in a jar and shake vigorously, watcht the cream turn to butter!
3. Make your own pizza rather then getting a takeaway, it just needs flour, water and yeast and presto you have a scrumptious pizza base!
4. Have a shower rather then a bath.
5. Look at blogs and youtube videos to find a cheaper dupe for your much loved high end makeup.
6. Grow your own veg!
7. When you cook a roast use leftovers to make a chicken and tomato pasta sauce! Two meals in one!
8. Dont throw away your old clothes, cut into pieces of cloth to use for cleaning around the house.
9. Washing your makeup brushes helps them to last longer meaning you dont have to buy so many!
10. Customise old clothes rather then buying new, that way you feel like you have a new item of clothing! Look at youtube videos for inspiration and step by step how to!
11. Go to the charity shop for some gorgeous vintage clothing, after all vintage is a fashion must have! And its cheap!
12. Sell anything you like on ebay, you will be surprised what people buy!
13. Sell on Gumtree!
14. If you can walk to work!
15. Instead of an expensive skin treatment mix 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 1 teaspoon of baby oil to moisturise. Leave on for around half an hour and rinse.
16. Instead of buying a spot treatment, use a dab of toothpaste or sudocrem!
17. Make your own face mask. Mash up an avocado, apply to your face, leave on for a little while and wash off! Smooth skin!
18. Instead of buying an expensive dry shampoo, use talc powder!
19. No need to buy the latest toy for your child! A cardboard box makes a great den! Search for safe child friendly items such as a washing up bowl, plastic whisk and jug to encourage imagination! Children love them!
20. Dont worry about going on and spending money on eating out. Make a picnic and enjoy the english countryside.
21. Entertain your children without spending money! Go to the park or have an adventure walk!
22. Dont worry about buying books for you or the family, instead join the library! Its free and stacked with books for all the family! Just make sure you return them within the stated time.
23. Save money on grease cleaner for your kitchen, use lemon juice instead.
24. Use newspaper and vinegar to clean your windows. No need to pay for a window cleaner now.
25. Shop around for mobile deals, or consider going pay as you go on a budget.
26. Let your hair dry naturally every other wash so that you save using electricity with hairdryers, straighteners and tongs!
27. Do a car boot.
28. Check online for voucher codes before you buy.
29. Go to your local second hand shop or car boot for fantastic furniture, after all retro/vintage is the new modern.
30. Consider buying supermarket own branded food.

So there you have it my 30 tips on saving a £1 or more!

Hope you enjoy the post and find saving money that little bit easier.

A xx



  1. Super unique suggestions! Can't believe I never thought of some of these, glad I fell across your blog :)

    1. Thanks so much :) hope you enjoy my blog xx


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