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Sunday 5 May 2013

Shearer Candles Review

Hello Loveys,

Hope you are all well! Most people I know love candles and I am one of them, and here is a candle company that is now a favourite of mine! It rivals Yankee Candle! Shearer Candles are a scottish company founded in 1897, that sell a great selection of candles, whether you want a large or small candle, in a tin or glass holder they supply it all. They are reasonably priced starting from £4.00 and supply a great selection of scents.

review candle
Amber and Rose candle

Today I am reviewing the Amber&Rose scented candle which is a sweet fresh scent that has literally become a favourite of mine and my mama! We love them! The candle lasts hours, 20 hours to be precise, and the scent fills the room, I hate it when candles smell great until they start to burn then you dont smell anything! But not these! They smell during burning and after. They use the purest ingredients which are better for you and the environment. The candle is a one wick candle in a tin and costs only £4.00, I am excited to purchase other scents and types of candles that are available from the range, here is my wishlist!

Banoffee Pie Wax Filled  Food Tin 

Watermelon Scented Pillar Candle


Vanilla and Coconut Scented Single Wick Gift


Have you tried these candles?

A xx



  1. I have the Vanilla and coconut one on a wishlist xx


    1. My mama has a wishlist too! They smell divine! Xxx

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review. Amber and Rose is one of our most popular scented candles, as is Vanilla and Coconut :)

    Buy online at www.shearer-candles.com

    1. My mama also has a wishlist! Such great candles!! Xxx


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