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Wednesday 24 April 2013

Soak Yourself Bath Ritual Recipe Kit Review


As some of you may know It was my birthday on the 19th March, and on twitter (@lil_alessia) I was tweeted by a lovely company who offered to send my a kit as a birthday present! How kind! I had a choice and decided on the "Broken Heart Soak" no relevance to me but the scents were oh so me! I was super excited to recieve the kit as they looked amazing.

SOAK Yourself ™
My kit arrived and I certainly wasnt disapointed, a gorgeous sturdy yellow box filled with delights. The packaging looked expensive and made it feel luxurious. I opened the box the find tissue paper and ribbon, with some blue shredded card to keep the goodies safe with a "ticket" stating "One hour to yourself, or longer, should you so require" This made me smile and feel like I was in Charlie and the chocolate factory with a golden ticket!

Inside was the following

4 Jasmie Teabags
1 Candle
1 Candle holder
1 Hibiscus rose soap
1 bottle of rose essential oil
1 bottle of sandalwood essential oil
1 bottle of lavender essential oil
1 muslin bag of fizzing and foaming bath powders and salts

A lot right! Also included is an information leaflet on the ingredients, which are organic, a ritual on how to have the best soak with whats included and finally a section om what its all about. To make you feel even better 50p from each sale goes to charities in need of support. This company not only are ethical but they make you feel valued as a customer and truely give you an experience that is needed in this stressful world we live in.

The other boxes available are

The Love Soak
Muscle Soak
Remedy Soak
Blanche The Blues Soak
Full Moon Soak
Feeling Groovy Soak

Each box is £40.00 which I feel is value for money.

I followed the instructions and added 4 drops of roil, fifteen of sandlewood and nine of lavender, the oils are stunning, they made me feel relaxed, and my tension floated away. I had a gorgeous cup of jasmine tea and lit my candle. I truely have never had a bathing experience like this and felt like I wanted to stay there all night! I rarely have baths due to no time at all, but this certainly made me want an experience like this more often! I felt like I had a homemade spa! The soap is gorgeous on the skin and leaves my skin feeling beautiful. The bath fizz fizzed away and left my bathroom smelling like I walked into a spa treatment room! I love the fact that this kit will last me a good few goes and I certainly will want to repurchase another box of delights, also this would be a perfect present for anyone!

A x


  1. One of these is on my wishlist, they look and sound amazing xx


    1. They are great :) am excited to try another :) xxx

  2. Aw so lovely of them to send you a birthday present :)


  3. So nice of them to send you something, it looks like a fab set x

    Amy - srslylou

    1. Certainly is :) they are a great company xx


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