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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Bathroom inspiration

Am finding doing the bathroom and downstairs toilet...really want vintage style....but for the toilet roll holder and towel rail its soooo hard! only seem to find chrome! Really want a simple white painted wooden rail to put above the radiator in our bathroom, and a simple white wooden ring for the towel in the downstairs toilet. Then for the toilet rolls in both rooms just a simple again white wooden holder for the wall. Have limited space in both rooms. See below the pictures that are inspiring me but that i will probably find very hard to achieve!

 There is something about this bathroom that i really like, i love the glamourous style...the ladder as storage...the lovely chandelier feature!
 Would like to track down a vintage soap holder like this one....

Love the floral touch of this bathroom.

The blue hint is stunning....i love the furniture and the unique accessories.
Love the shelf features in both these pictures.


  1. Hi A!
    Gorgeous photos.
    The second to last looks like a little spice rack, perhaps with a kitchen roll holder underneath...maybe you could look for a fairly modern one, but give it the shabby chic paint effect?
    I'll let you know if I see anything else on my travels! ;-))
    Niki x

  2. Thankyou!! Knew you would have a fab idea! Would love to click my fingers and have your bathroom! X

  3. hiya- I took the top off an old hat stand, painted it white and stand it on the cistern with toilet rolls on...


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