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Sunday 22 April 2012

Sundays....i love them! lazy days, walks in the country, the smell of a roast dinner, family, comfy clothes! Well it used to be...but the house is still carnage with the decorating! Cant access the kitchen! so to make a roast...not sure how im going to do that. Living room is not relaxing-the last room to be painted! All rooms will hopefully be painted by end of the week! Am looking forward to then adding the vintage touch....mirrors, shelving, vintage displays, interiors! The lot! Only room nearly there is our babies room! Cant wait to get the house back and actually see my partner as I dont get to spend time with him as he is painting and doing DIY every evening and weekend...hopefully not long till its done.

So in bed feeling tired from yesterday! Pregnancy really does take it out of me! Got my laptop on and looking for inspiration and ideas for the house...here are some pictures i found that made me tickled with glee!
Books i adore!!!! They never fail me!

Really excited about displaying like this!

Love little vintage finds! Retro baby! I find i do float between retro, shabby chic, Jeanne D'Arc and pretty vintage

Simple but so effective! would love to display some beautiful clothing like this.

Still on the hunt for a plate rack! Problem is not much wall space!

Love these colours and the idea of wild flowers in a vintage teapot as a centre piece or display.

Kilner jars are a must! Love to display my bits n bobs like this.

A modern retro twist for an office.......

Love the colours and the way things are displayed for a sweet cute kitchen!


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