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Friday 27 April 2012

Additions to my boys room!

The start of my inspiration was a beautiful picture i got from Ali from betty and violet! Absolutely loved it! So my vision for his room came from this! I also added below a lavender heart with a vintage "R" monogram.

Also my mama has been hard at work being beautifully creative! She made the gorgeous cherub hanging lavender pillow! And is in the process making some other items! Will add them when they are completed!

Also i have shown a couple of photos so you can see inside his great grandparents wardrobe that my mama painted (i couldnt be around the fumes!)


  1. What a lucky little boy he'll be to be welcomed into your magical world...Look after yourself,
    Niki x

  2. What a lovely old wardrobe - happy weekend to you.

    Nina x


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