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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Newspaper nails! Nail art.

Hi guys!! Im not one to be that creative but thought I would post a newspaper nail creation I do that is simple and funky!

All you need is a shade of nailvarnish, I used basil street by nails inc, a top coat and a newspaper cutting. Paint your nails with two coats, wait to dry. Then get your newspaper cutting, wet it and place over the nail for 30 seconds, take off and add a top coat! Wahey! Done! Have a go! Mine disnt turn out that great :( as i rushed it whilst little one sleeps!! But my lovely cousin did it and showed me yesterday, it was super!



  1. I think that's great, will be copying lol, xoxo.

  2. Thanks hun!!! That photi i took is rubbish! Let me know how it goes xx


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