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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Beautiful vintage bottles....how to!

Hi guys!
As you know my mama is very creative and constantly inspires me. I popped home and saw these gorgeous bottles!! Get some vintage bottles, lace and other little trinkets and look at what you could create!!
Print off an image you love, tea stain and place on the bottle, or get a brooch and apply to jazz it up!! Hope you all like them! I sure do and will be creating my own!


  1. These are so pretty! They are on my to-do list !
    My Blog : Ms Beaujoli

    1. Thanks Kate! Hope you enjoy doing them! Let me know when you have done it :)

      A x

  2. I adore this!
    Me & my Mama are very much into the vinatage scene. She owns her own shabby chic business from home so she'd absolutely love this.
    I'll be putting a few of these together for her birthday (: thanks so much for posting this!

    Love Kerys


  3. Such a good idea, I love the look they create!


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