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Saturday 11 August 2012

Hair! Plum it right up!

                                          So i wanted to dye my hair...red or plum was the question!

I chose plum! I love unique hair! Rihanna is one that changes her hair constantly which is what I used to be like, then i became boring and sensible as I felt I needed to give my hair a rest, but am now feeling rebelious!

I chose L'oreal Plum.....
This colour is gorgeous, it had a deep colour and made my hair feel glossy and luxurious!I would definately recommend this to anyone, the range is value for money and I love how it makes my hair feel.

                                       A x


  1. I used Casting creme gloss twice before in two different shades and I like it too, xoxo.

  2. Hi! Yea i def rate it! :) are there any other brands you recommend? Xx

  3. I used to dye my hair plum a lot, love it when it is plum, my scalp no longer likes hair dye anymore, looking for a more natural alternative.


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