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Monday 20 August 2012

Clothing haul!!!

So part two of my shopping day purchases from my man!! Lucky me i know! Now wont be clothes shopping for months!! Need to save the pennies.

Firstly I went to New Look and clocked a pair of trousers!! Gorgeous pink with polkadot! £29.99!

Then I strolled to Topshop and saw some gorgeous items!! Was very pleased to find a leopard print sheer shirt for £32, a green pleated maxi skirt for £30 and my favourite item a grey/blue skirt with my favourite hem that is longer at the back! Finally got my hands on a dress with it!! Always found they were too short at the front but this is perfect!! £40!!

So all in all a fab day shopping! Lucky me :).

A x


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks hun! It is lush! hoping to wear it tonight at a meal out!

      A x

  2. AH such gorgeous clothes!!! That grey dress is shouting at me to buy it i swear!!! Nic xxx

    1. Thanks Nicola!! I know thats what it did to me in the shop! Hope to do a post on it, day version and night version!

      A x


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