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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Tuesday Inspiration!

Its that time again....inspiration through photos! Here it goes!

A pot of flowers from the garden...you cant beat that smell or feeling when you see flowers on the table....a simple pleasure of mine! We have some sweet peas and when I picked them for our living room the scent went through the house and the room lit up with the simple arrangement.
To make bunting is simple, I definately need to make some for my house...I feel a sewing day coming on!

A white room with splashes of colour, I love this room! Though its white it is warm and comfy. A french dresser is something I adore! I would love it adorned with my vintage crockery.
Some lushcious pink lips sprinkled with glitter...what a look! Does anyone know a good make of pink glitter lippy?? You can never have enough sparkle in your life...

Look at this camera!!!! WOAH!!! I would love this!! What a fab idea and how pretty does it look! I love the print.

Pretty fairy lights adorned with lace dollies! Who would've thought a simple look could look so pretty and romantic! Would love these! They would lovely at a wedding.

I want these nails!!! And check that bow ring out! What bling! I gather they are foils, leopard print is something I own a lot of! So these are great, would love to wear these! That ring is divine!
Pretty heels..yet again a picture of shoes, as you can guess I love shoes! These are so pretty! A pink rose to transform some silver strappy heels....would look great with a dress or pencil skirt!

So tuesdays inspiration through pictures.....hope you enjoyed :)

A x


  1. Adore these positive posts :)

    The Pink lips are super cute!

    Love India www.thejewelbeauty.blogspot.co.uk

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    1. Ah thanks hun!! I want to create those lips!! X

  2. Gorgeous! Nothing can beat fresh flowers x

    1. I need to have varied plants in my little garden to have more! Xx

  3. Lovely post and lovely pictures! Very inspiring and fun to watch :) xxx

    1. Thankyou hun!!! Will make this a weekly thing hopefully! Xx

  4. That can camera is so cute! Loving how creative this is.


    1. Thanks hun! Glad you enjoyed it!! Will make it a weekly thing! Xxx

  5. Lovely post, I am in love with that can-cam! And the doily fairy lights are so cute xx

  6. My Mama paints french dressers and other furniture in vintage styles from her little home business :) So naturally our whole kitchen is country shabby chic.
    I pretty much adore everything about this post. I'm actually going to make some bunting and doily fairy lights for my new flat I move into next week! - I'm going to be living with 5 vintage loving girlies, excited doesn't even cover it!

    Thanks for your support on twitter doll, you're lovely & I really love reading your blog


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