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Monday 27 August 2012

Staying positive....

Hi lovely people!
                          Well I was thinking about doing a post about being happy, positive, tell me what you think! Positive, what does that mean? well to me it means trying to look at the brighter side of life, not letting negative people or lifes hardships let you feel down, which can be really hard. Being positive is, in my eyes, a way of trying to maintain happiness, how can you be be happy when you feel negative? Happy, according to the dictionary means...

hap•pyˈhæp i(adj.)-pi•er, -pi•est.
  1. delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing.
  2. characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy:
    a happy mood.
  3. fortunate or lucky:
    a happy, fruitful land.
What makes me happy? I think as you grow older these things change, as you grow you realise life is not as easy as you once thought it could  be and your outlook changes to become what people might say as "realistic". Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and one thing to help me through is trying to have a positive outlook. My family and friends make me happy, memories such as family meals or lying down under the trees with my brother, mama and baby, having cuddles with my man, a nice cuppa!The things that make me happy are simple...what makes you happy?

Smiling is infectious! I remember as a child I would always smile at people, most of the time I would have a lovely response, but like with everything there would be the odd tongue stuck out or groan from the reciever of my smile, and I was only a child! But mostly people would smile back and you could tell they felt better! SMILE!! it really does help you feel better, it will brighten up anyones day, think of how you feel when someone smiles at you...I always believe a smile is the key to bringing people together, making people feel better. So why not smile, try it now!!! See how you feel.......

Dreams...having dreams is a part of life, it could be to reach a career goal or to become a mother (that was mine!) or simply to be able to make a victoria sponge! Everyone is an individual and what they dream is magical and another way that makes the human being thrive and achieve. When someone thrives and achieves it can in return make you feel happy!!! I have dreams, here they are...

1. Be a mother, this has happened and has made me the happiest person I could ever imagine.
2. Swim with dolphins, I was lucky to have achieved this at 21, and its a memory I will never forget, made me so happy!
3. Get married, I hope one day soon I will be getting married. To wear the dress and say I Do to the man I love would mean so much and make me feel "complete".
4. To own an old house, something many young people struggle to achieve, but one day it will happen. To be able to have my "old" house with the old features would be amazing! I will keep dreaming.
5. To travel Asia and South America, this has always been a dream...with time I will do this, I am determined!

What are yours?

This was a random post I know! But I wanted to spread some positive love around! lol!


A x


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  2. Ah thankyou hun! Wasnt sure whether to do it or not :) xxxx


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