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Sunday 12 August 2012

Inspiration! Vintage, fashion and beauty

Hi everyone!

                    Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather! How lush! So today I thought I would do an inspiration post using images that have inspired me. They have inspired me with my interior, fashion and beauty....hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

A polkadot moment....how pretty is this! Definately going to buy a similar one for my living room, clipped onto a cushion or lampshade!

With this summer weather I need to get my retro inspired sunglasses out!

Loving shorts, heels, a crop top and floral kimono! Not sure I will do the same with my legs and midriff out, but will want to wear denim, heels and floral!

Love nude peachy tones! My favourite of this years fashion....team with gold and fuschia nails! Bliss!

I cant wait to get my hands on a dress like this! Just need the confidence to get my legs out!! Had a baby two months ago, so need to wait a little longer to feel confident in my own skin again!

Beautiful phone!! Please someone find me one like this!

A scent that reminds me of my gorgeous grandmother, my Babcia! Never will fade, this scent is timeless and beautiful. Makes any woman feel feminine!

Pastel shades! Yay! I need to learn to sew! My mama is fantastic at it, will need to get the patience and time to have a sewing day!

Letters- so sad that people dont write letters anymore, I used to always write to my best friend when in secondary school, going back 11-15 years ago! Crikey I sound old!lol! So, pen to paper and back to the writing, oh the excitement when a letter arrives!

Lace and chiffon, what a combination of beauty! This would make me feel like running in a field of english flowers-random I know! But how pretty is this!

A x


  1. Adorable vintage pics doll!

    1. Thanks hun! Will be checking your blog when on my computer :) A xx

  2. I love the nude peachy tones too and the dress at the bottom is so pretty! Please have a look at my blog if you have the time xoxo. http://pureenlightenedbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thanks hun!! Will def be checking your blog when on my computer :) A x


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