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Sunday 30 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #21!

Hello lads and ladies!

Its Sunday and N.21! Today I did an inspired look "Hell" for halloween! Flames of fire and black prominent eyebrow...here it goes!

So I firstly outlined flames on my lid using a maxfactor kohl pencil. I then used my MUA poptastic palette and Accessorize palette. I used a light yellow shade all over my lid, then a darker shade of yellow from MUA palette in each flame area, then red to the edges of each flame and my crease. To create a stronger look I then defined my eyebrows making them bigger using my kohl pencil. I went over my outline again and then smudged a black shadow around the outline and below my eyebrow. What do you think? A xx



  1. You are so creative!! Give me some, please!!!!
    Love the look :)



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