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Saturday 22 September 2012

Green tea exfoliator

Hi everyone! So today I am doing a review on the Green Tea Exfoliator that I recieved in my Shebeauty box!

This exfoliator is not like your average one, it states it "stimulates skin metabolism, skin becomes younger. Refines pores and reveals finer, smoother skin. Fades pigmentation spots and acne scars. Regulates and balances oil seretion, prevents pimples. Evens out skin tone to give skin clarity. Allows rapid and instant penetration of skin care products".

This tube is literally magical! Unbelievable! I did not expect the reaction that happened! I squeezed a drop of the light green fresh scented formula onto my finger and applied to my face, within seconds it lifts up dead skin! Sounds gross but its amazing to see what needs taking off!

I love this product! It leaves my skin soft, smelling fresh and feeling clean. Its easy to apply, not sticky and doesnt dry the skin out. Its gentle enough for daily use, apply onto dry skin, using circular motions and then wash off.


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