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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #16!

Hello lovely ladies&gents! Here is my 16th look! A metallic gold/brown look for a day with my friend!

I used my Accessorize palette for this look. I used a metallic gold shade for my base and then a metallic brown shade for my crease and edge. My focus colour is the brown! Its a smokey metallic brown that adds a sultry sparkle to any look. For a highlighter below my brow I used a lighter gold shade. Finished with mascara and a two flick liner! Like this look? Hope so.

A xx


  1. Looks lovely, hun!! I can't believe you're at number 16 already!!


    1. I know! Scary right! I need to look at how i photo these as colours dont show up that well xxx


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