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Tuesday 18 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #9!!

Hello gorgeous friends/followers and readers!

Today I wanted a simple look so opted for one shade, my VIVO Baked Palette! Review due soon! I picked the creamy purple shade, it is a soft shade with a slight shimmer.

I applied MAC Select Cover up all over my lid and under the eye, I then applied the focus shade all over the lid, two flicks of Maybelline Gel Liner and mascara for my lashes. Finally, I used my MAC Belightful shimmer powder under my brow, on my lower lash line and in the corners of my eye to open up and create a warm shimmery look.

What do you all think? Its quite a soft subtle look, hope you like it! A xxx


  1. thats reallt pretty! I love that vivo palette! :) xx

  2. What a lovely colour! It has the perfect amount of shimmer :)


  3. Thanks hun, so positive! I love your comments, always make me smile xxx


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