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Friday 21 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour 12!

This is actually going quite fast! Heres my look for today, an ice queen image popped into my head! I could of gone all out but was heading out-dont want to scare people now!

I focused on using my VIVO Artist palette. I love this palette! My focus colour was the blue shade! I used the purple over my lid, then with the blue I created an icy flick! I used my MUA white pencil on my lower lash line to intensify the look, whilst the blue pencil was smudged into my blue shadow to add depth. Finally I used the white shade as a highlighter below my brow line and mascara to complete the look.
Focus colour
White as the highlighter, purple for the lid.
Hope you all enjoyed this look! I love to hear what you think and your comments mean so much to me, I really like to hear your views and any ideas or tips are welcome!!
A xx


  1. Those colours looks stunning on you :) love the ice queen theme.
    Btw, I've nominated you for a Liebster award :)


    1. Ah thankyou hun! So kind of you!! Glad you liked it! Hope people dont get bored! Xxxxx

  2. this looks ever so pretty hunni love the blue on your eyes xxx


    1. Thankyou hun! It would sooooo suit you!!! Xxx

  3. Cute look! :) Such nice shades u have used :)
    @deliriumish from #bbloggers chat :) xx

  4. The colour combination is really nice! I suck at combining different colours unfortunately ;) x


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