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Thursday 27 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #17!

Hi guys! I actually had this yesterday, was in drafts but forgot that I hadnt published! Oops! Right so yesterday I decided to do a purple haze look. I used my Accessorize palette, becoming a regular isnt it, I used a the top purple shade for my base all over and as under my lash line, I then used the metallic purple in my crease and edge. A flick of gel liner and mascara completed the look!

I have stopped going over my whole routine as for those that read each post would get so bored! As its the same all the time, so check out my older looks for the info :)

A xx


  1. Again you've used beautiful colours together. I really love to watch the looks you've made :)



    1. Ah Sal! You always make me feel like i am a good blogger! Lol!! Xxx


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