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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #14!

Sunday?! Already! Why does the weekend fly by?! Well beauties its day 14! Today I used my Accessorize You Are Everything Palette! A gorgeous selection of colours. I went colour crazy today! Bright bright bright!

I used my focus colour, a metallic pink for my lids, something I havent used before, a dash of purple and metallic green for the corners. I love this green!! Will be using this colour again! A line of my MUA white pencil liner on my lower lash line and mascara to complete the look. Does this suit me? Im not so sure, I wouldnt wear this out! But the green and purple will definately be combined for another look, so watch this space! A x


  1. Love the colour of these and looks like they've got a really good consistency ox

  2. I should use this for the tag looks great xx

  3. So pretty!! Wish i had the guts to wear more colour on my eyes!

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  4. love the eye makeup!!! It looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your link through twitter! XOXO :)


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  5. Looks really lovely!! Colours look so well on you! :)


    1. Thanks hun!! Got a little plan with shades of green soon!! Xxxx


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