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Sunday 3 March 2013

Benefit Blogger Event

Hello Loveys!

I was invited to attend the Benefit Bloggers Event! How excited was I?! I attended with some gorgeous bloggers I knew from the bbmeet and was so excited to see what Benefit had to offer and to catch up with the lovely ladies!
We arrived at 6pm and was greeted with a gorgeous table full of treats, pink decorations and a glass of pink lemonade! I felt like I was at a princess party! Loved it! The Benefit ladies were so lovely and showed us a demonstration on the new palettes "World Famous Neutrals!" They are so pretty, each beautifully packaged box contains four matte eyeshadows and two cream eyeshadows. The box also has a mirror and how to style fold out leaflet! They come in three various shades "Easiest nudes ever soft flattering eyeshadows", "Sexiest nudes ever dramatic, daring eyeshadows" and "Most glamorous nudes ever, rich, illuminating eyeshadows". They are well pigmented and are such pretty shades that would look great day or night. Each palette kit is £23.50.

We then had a quiz, where I learnt that Benetit was the first product launched because a lady who was a dancer wanted colour for her nipples!we won a lipgloss each, I won Coralista! A peachy shade. We then had a raffle where Sasha won a bag of treats and then were treated to a nose around Boots! I loved this event, it was laid back, informative and exciting!! Thanks for the invite ladies!

Coralista Swatch

A xx


  1. I had a great evening, look forward to the next one!xx

  2. Ah this looks fun, gutted i couldnt make it :( xx

  3. This is so cool, what a great opportunity!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. Was really fun! Looking forward to more xx

  4. Seems like you had a great time! :)
    I would love to see more blogger events in my country, the very first one was organized last week but just for beauty bloggers. I believe it's a great feeling to meet and talk to faces you see on your PC every day

    1. Ah where do you live? It is fun meeting people in reality xx

  5. Sounds brilliant! Another reason to adore Benefit!


  6. I was at a benefit event this week too! it was so much fun! <3


    1. Ah fab!! Was it the fakeup ? Im going to that at the end of the month xxx


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