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Tuesday 2 October 2012

So Susan Wide Awake Palette Review

Hello lovely readers! Today I am doing a review on the So Susan Wide Awake Palette I recieved in my Joliebox.

This palette has the prettiest packaging, vintage style, dusky colours and a lace trim print. This appealed to me instantly, I loved it, so I hoped I would be happy with the product...BUT.....

The palette. This palette has three good sized sections. An illuminating cream base for dark circles, a highlighter for the cheek bones and an eyebrow sculptor. It has a clear large mirror, with some tweezers and a brush applicator. 10/10.

Illuminating cream base- this cream as a soft smooth texture that has a light peachy sheen. It applies smoothly and covers quite well, not as good as my MAC cover up, I would probably use this combined with another under eye concealer, not alone. I want to try this for contouring, I think it would be a good product for that. The swatch on my hand in the picture below shows the illuminator as the first line. 6/10.

Highlighter- this is a light cream base, but a lot of application is needed. I was disapointed with this, it didnt create much of a highlight so not something I would repurchase. On my hand the highlighter is the bottom swatch. 1/10.

Eyebrow sculptor-this is a powder with three shades. A dark purple/brown, a green shade and grey. These are unusual shades to have, I wasnt sure whether each shade was meant to be used in a particular way, if you know please comment as I would love to know. I used the purple shade which filled in my brows well and lasted. Was pleased with this result. 4/10.

Tweezers and brush applicator- the tweezers were so disapointing, they didnt seem to work! Were difficult to work with, they didnt catch the hairs very well, in the end I gave up. The brush was good and applied my brow sculptor well filling what was needed. It was soft and did the job. 2/10.


I love the packaging so much!!! So pretty so am saddened that the product wasnt great, not something I would purchase. The illuminator didnt cover my dark circles as well as hoped, the highlighter didnt highlight my cheek area, I couldnt tell the difference from not having any on. The eyebrow sculptor was a good product which did last and appeared natural. The tweezers are difficult to use. I really wanted this product to work for me as I am a sucker for packaging, but unfortunately the product is not for me.

5/10 overall score.



  1. Aww what a shame! this looked amazing!

    great review xx

    1. Thanks hun! Yea it was so annoying as the packaging would look lush on my dressing table! Ah well!! If you know of any pretty packaging with makeup that ia fab let me know!! Xxx

  2. I was so disappointed with it too!



    1. Gutted!! As it was so pretty!! I had a fight with the tweezers and im not a violent person!!

      Loving your pic hun! So pretty!! Xxx


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