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Sunday 14 October 2012

Fifty Shades Of Colour #35!

Sunday already?! Whats going on!! How is everyone? Hope you are all well!

Todays look is a blue and grey combination. I used my MUA Immaculate palette, am loving this palette! I used a dark blue for the inner part of my eyelid, then smudged around the rest of my lid and lower lash line I used a matte grey. A long flick of gel liner and mascara complete this look.

A xx


  1. hey dear thanks for sharing the link of your cute blog with me via twitter! Hope you check and like mine as well!! :) XOXO


    MayT Essentials

    1. Hey!! Thanks for looking at my blog :) will def check yours out! Xxx

  2. Your eyes look so lovely! Definitely wish I had bigger eyes xx


    1. Ah thanks :) find the lids difficult to work with as the skin folds, if that makes sense! Lol! Xx


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