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Thursday 18 October 2012

Airelle product reviews!

Hello Beauties! So today I am going to do a review on some samples I was sent by a company called Airelle. This company is named after a french term for "blueberry" which was developed by a Los Angeles dermatology professional, who wanted to create "a natural and effective anti-ageing skin care system using some of the worlds most powerful antioxidents and phytonutrients". They use a secret ingredient derived from unique plant extracts from blueberry plants which is named Berrimatrix. All products are natural and organic with no parabens, sulfates or fragrances. No harsh chemicals and are not tested on animals. So lets have a look at what they are like.

Berrimatrix Firming Gel with seaweed and blueberry.

This liquid can be applied all over the face morning and night. It was quite watery and not the consistency I expected. I could definately smell the seaweed! I applied this and noticed that after a few applications my face felt taut and smooth. I enjoyed this product! It comes in a spray bottle which I think would be mich easier to use then the sample I was given.

Would I purchase this?

It is $90 for a 25ml bottle! I wouldnt pay this much for it. But it has so much goodness and as with all the products all natural and organic ingredients, so if you have the money give it a go!

Berrimatrix Age Defying Facial Serum.

This serum states it is "desugned to tighten, firm and smooth the skin". The serum smells of honey and lemon, a lovely combination that is fresh and light. I applied it morning and night and my skin felt smooth and soft, it didnt feel particularly tightened or appeared that way but it was a lovelly silky consistency that made my skin very soft.

Would I purchase this?

Its again too expensive for me at $125.00 for a 25ml bottle but would recommend this to other people.

Papaya exfoliating polisha with calcium and papain.

This exfoliator is not like others I have tried. It is very subtle, not grainy or harsh to the skin. It has a lovely smell of cinnamon and is a watery consistency. I used this and it felt luxurious! It was cooling on my face and my skin felt smooth and conditioned, as it states it is designed to "gently exfoliate dead skin, absord oil and brighten tired dull skin."

Would I purchase?

I really liked this product and would purchase this. It felt lovely and luxurious. $62.00 for 59ml.

Berritmatrix antioxidant hydra gel with COQ10&vitamin A.

This gel is provides "light daily moisture along with rich vitamins to help nourish the skin". Its a light formula which is not as thick as a lot of gels I have tried. I used this twice daily as a treatment, at the time I had a break out and this cleared it! It contains witch hazel which is also the scent of this product, was really pleased with this. It really did help my skin feel and look brighter!

Would I purchase?

Yes I would. Its a fresh scented gel that made my skin feel and look brighter.

Last but not least my favourite!

Berrimatrix eye&lip treatment with hyaluronic acid.

This was my favourite product that i loved! It is "designed to firm and smolth the delicate area" with "fine lines and puffiness improved". Easy to apply roller ball applicator with a nutty scent. I used this daily and couldnt get enough of it! It tightened my skin, leaving it cool and soft! I even made my mama try it! My eye area felt so much better, as a mama to a young baby where I dont get much sleep this treatment woke me up in the mornings!

Would I purchase this?

Absolutely! I highly recommend this! My favourite product out of all the Airelle products! $68.00 for 8.8ml.

Airelle is a well respected company with an ethical view, it has organic natural ingredients to provide a great selection for any age.

A xx


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